Peak(s):  Huron Peak  -  14,003 feet
Date Posted:  01/19/2011
Modified:  09/04/2012
Date Climbed:   06/26/2010
Author:  huffy13
Additional Members:   RJ_Denver
 Better late than never...Huron in June!  

Sorry this is late. I just got these pictures from our hiking partners on this trip...I forgot my camera in the tent and before I realized I forgot it we had just finished driving up the rough road to the Huron Peak trailhead. It took us over 20 minutes to drive the 2.5 mile road. It was pretty rough and because there was some possible storm activity forecasted for that afternoon we didn't want to drive all the way back to the Winfield campground and then get started almost an hour later. So anyways, it's a late report, but hopefully anyone that may be considering a hike of Huron Peak in the early-mid Summer time frame can still get some useful information and insights from this report.

We started our trip by heading from Borger the morning of June 24 about 8 am so we could get a good campsite at Winfield so we could relax and spend most of the day getting acclimated. We then spent the 25th on Mt. Sherman and in Leadville. Here's a link to that report, .

RJ_Denver, Jamie and Bob were on their way from Denver to join us at Winfield when we got back to camp from Leadville. They arrived at about 8 pm and set up their tent and we all turned in around 10 pm so we could get an early start. About 5 am we were all up and getting our packs ready and we went ahead and had a quick breakfast of instant oatmeal, a banana and some juice, and the were loaded up in the Pathfinder on our way down the 2.5 mile road to the official TH.

Like I said earlier, it was a rough road. It took a little over 20 mins. to get ot the end from Winfield....I would not recommend taking anything that does not have good clearance. The 4WD was nice to have, but we did see some other vehicles that were not 4WD at the TH.

At about 6 am we were at the end of the road.
Getting ready for the day!

After a quick photo-op of the group, we were hitting the trail at 6:20 am.
The whole crew.

The vistas from the TH give just a hint of what is to come later on.
Views from the trailhead are awesome!

Some more great scenery.

Almost immediately the switchbacks start...if you aren't a fan of switchbacks then you are really not going to like this part of the hike, but they are worth it. The hike through the forest is nice and not too hard at all. Just steady up with a small stream that you must cross once or twice.
I'll actually be in more shots since I wasn't the photographer.

Heading up one of the many switchbacks.

Small stream that you cross a couple of times early in the hike.

Somewhere around 11,500 ft. there is a nice clearing that gives you your first good look at the Three Apostles. This is a great place to take a break for some hydration and a photo-op.
Looking towards the Three Apostles

In a nice clearing, looking at the Three Apostles

Once at treeline your goal is clearly visible, looming over and looking down on you for the rest of the hike. It is an amazing vantage point of what I consider to be an under-appreciated peak.
A nice glimpse of our goal from right around 11,900 ft.

Taking a breather at treeline.

Quick photo break with our goal in the background!!

It is a pretty steady slope up until just a couple hundred feet above treeline. At this point the terrain eases up for a while and you get to hike across a relatively flat expanse where there is a pond and a stream. This area is pretty marshy and the ground is pretty soft this time of year due to snow melt and such, but it was never so bad that our boots got wet or anything like that. Just a little mud. The rest of the hike above treeline, just as it is below, is very well defined. With a great, well defined trail, the path up is easy to follow and really never gets extremely steep or difficult. The next several shots are of the remaining hike once we got out of the trees.
Looking back down the trail from about 12,200 ft.

The slope eases for a bit not long after treeline.

Typical trail conditions.

TJ with the ridge over to Brown's Peak. (I think.)


Our group had gotten a little spread out...RJ_Denver is a trailblazer, TJ was right behind him with Jamie. RJ made the summit at about 9:15 am, with TJ and Jamie about 5 mins behind him. This was Bob's first 14er but he still only finished a few minutes after TJ and Jamie and then of course Claire and myself finished up about 3 minutes after Bob. I will be the first to tell you that I am slow as molasses on a winter day. But speed isn't ever my goal. I still love to take in the views and enjoy the fresh mountain air. I really think bad weather may be the only thing that will ever force me to take an uncomfortable pace.

Once on the summit the views are fantastic.
TJ getting to the top!!!

Claire and I dragging up the rear! As usual.

The Three Apostles from Huron's summit.

Looking down in the general direction of the TH from the summit

LaPlata, Elbert and Massive from Huron's summit.

more scenery from the summit

Looking NNE from the summit

After being on Sherman's large summit the day before, Huron's summit seemed tiny. There was six in our group and then another couple summited just after us and it already began to feel a little too crowded for us. The exposure on the summit is actually the most intense of the whole hike and it is by far the smallest summit I have been on so far. We stuck around on the summit for about 20 minutes and then we took off after getting our summit photos.
Our obligatory family summit shot.

and now a summit shot of our whole group for the day!

Last shot of Huron reflecting off the alpine lake.

The trip back to the TH was uneventful and we got back to the camp at Winfield right at 1 pm. It was a great day and a great trip having bagged two 14ers in two days. We packed up camp, had an Odells Levity Amber to celebrate...Mountain Dew for the kids, and then we were back on the road to our 3000 ft above sea level hometown.

A few thoughts on this hike for those who may be considering it.....this is a very straightforward and simple hike for the most part. The trail is very well maintained and defined and the exposure is minimal. The most exposure you see is on the summit itself. It is a small summit compared to the likes of Elbert, Sherman, Bross and the like. But don't let that deter you, it is worth the hike and I honestly think hikers of all ages can enjoy this one. I would still get an early start, especially if you are going to hike in from Winfield. My friends GPS actually showed the hike from the TH to be closer to 8 miles and we were able to somewhat confirm this with another hikers GPS at the TH. Ours showed just over 8 miles and his showed 7.9, so hiking in from Winfield will add at least 4 miles. The road to the TH from Winfield is very rough and any low clearance vehicle will have issues with it. 4WD would be nice and if there is any snow or if it is very wet, 4WD would probably be a necessity. At no point of this hike was falling rock an issue, so a helmet would probably not be needed. Anyway, I hope this report at least gives a general idea of what this hike is like and what is to be expected.

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 Comments or Questions
Craig Cook

Very nice!
05/18/2011 03:02
Great trip report - this is one I hope to do in the near future (if the wife's and my plans work out, and we move to Colorado, even sooner!). Quick question: when you say 8 miles, is that each way or round-trip? If its round-trip, I'll be tempted to hike the four miles up the road too.


01/20/2011 04:18
Thanks for a great post.

So...that's what it looks like in summer! (I can see I missed out this season chasing ”new” 14ers - will have to give this a shot next summer.)

Great to see the kids in on it, too.

Congrats on getting the summit of a wonderful mountain, and for posting some cool summertime photos!



Nice pics!
01/20/2011 13:50
This is one of my favorite Sawatch hikes, nice TR!


Thanks for the comments.
01/20/2011 16:42
Dances, it is a great Summer hike. Really gives me the itch to head back that way. I think we are going to try for LaPlata from the Winfield side because of how much we loved camping in that area. You will love the hike. JA_son, it is an above average for a Sawatch, in my opinion. Thanks again for the comments!


Great job, guys!
01/22/2011 04:31
Don't apologize for giving a late report on a beautiful climb last season! Always nice to read a new report this time of year when things are slow, and gives me more anticipation for the upcoming climbing season! You can really see the excitement and thrill in the eyes of your young climbers! It is a great experience! Happy climbing!


Thanks MtnHub!
01/22/2011 05:00
The kids sure do love it. We were talking the other day about how my son and daughter have more summits in their first 3 years of hiking than I had my first 35 years of life! I am glad it is something they enjoy doing and it always helps to have that extra time with them. Looking forward to many more summits with them. My youngest daughter joins us this year for an attempt of Quandary this if I can just convince the wife to give it a shot too, then we can have an entire family photo on a summit. That would be too cool!


Longing for summer
06/02/2011 14:57
That's what this report does to me. Huron is one of my favorites so far. What a beautiful day you and the crew had! Congratulations.


Me too, me too....
01/23/2011 18:21
Yeah bjohnson, I am longing for the summer too. It was a perfect day to hike too. I have been pretty lucky so far in that we have only been on one trip that ended up without the summit...that was our attempt of Huron back in Sept.22, 2009. We got to about 13,000 ft and in came the whiteout conditions. We managed to get back to the truck and to the Win-Mar cabins at Twin Lakes without issue, and then 2 hours later the sun was out again. Oh well, better safe than sorry.


8 Miles......
05/18/2011 06:17
Both of the GPSs we looked at measured right at 8 miles from the trailhead. If you wanted to hike in from Winfield it would add another 4 miles to the roundtrip distance. 2 in an 2 out for a grand total of about 12 miles. The first attempt my kids and I tried back in 2009 was from Winfield and It is actually a pretty easy road, relatively flat for the most part. If you are a hiker with decent speed you wouldn't have any trouble adding the road to the hike.

Craig Cook

05/18/2011 20:07
Yeah, at this point, my wife and I both have 2WD vehicles, so I would rather hike the extra four miles than have issues with the car trying to make it up a little further.


Good call....
05/18/2011 21:18
I know I wouldn't feel comfortable taking my truck up there just because of the undercarriage issues alone. You will love the hike in anyways, it's beautiful.


06/30/2011 04:37
It was a picture perfect day.


Nice going!
09/22/2011 19:06
Great TR and pics. I'm with you - I take it nice and slow when I hike and try to enjoy the moment and the scenery. It's not how fast a journey you take, but how you get there that counts. Nice to see the younger members of your party participating, too. Just did my 1st 14er at almost 60 yrs of age. They got me beat by a bunch! LOL.


To flatlander51.....
09/23/2011 20:11
They have me beat by a bunch too! I wish I would have taken advantage of being only a few short hours away back when I was younger. But I am glad my kids enjoy it and enjoy camping with me...they will be out on their own before I know it.

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