Peak(s):  Mt. Harvard  -  14,420 feet
Date Posted:  01/06/2011
Date Climbed:   09/28/2010
Author:  14ologyst

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Hello good friends and fellow 14er enthusiasts!
I want to share a video with you of one of my favorite places here in my home state of Colorado. In 1980 I was 15 years old. Mount Harvard was my first 14er attempt. I climbed with a group of friends. We camped near some neat old cabins. The location is Pine Creek. A gentle flow of wonderful crisp mountain water that runs between Mount Harvard and Mount Oxford. I never got that cabin out of my mind. I would think about the dude that built the two cabins and dug a mine, then would go out and hunt mountain lion. So 30 years later I go back to that old cabin. I see, for the first time a true mountain lion. He looked at me and vanished into the thick woods. Fantastic animal, a real blessing to finally see one and return to talk about it.
Also in 1980 the KUBRICK masterpiece "THE SHINING" was released. with that in mind I hope you like my tribute to a great film and a delightful cabin known as "LittleJohn's cabin.


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Cool cool cool
01/07/2011 17:14
Love the video. Great job putting that together. How far up the Pine Creek Trail is the cabin? Is it past Bedrock Falls? Did you hike all the way up into the Missouri Basin? In the future I may have some detail questions for you because I plan, not this year, but maybe next, to do a four or five day trip up PC into MB in order to hit Mizzou, Bel, Ox, Iowa, Emerald, and, if it is doable, Harvard. Would you be able to help with any beta?


To Kovar ...
01/07/2011 23:31
A few answers to your questions (as we've spent much time in that drainage in the past):
1) The cabin is about 5 miles from where you park.
2) It is before Bedrock Falls.

Hiking all the way up that basin to below Iowa/Emerald/Missouri is a beautiful hike ... not too much elevation gain ... and provides a great basecamp location for all of those that you mention (we did Iowa, Emerald, Missouri and Unnamed 13,762 from that secluded camp). You will not see many people in that drainage. We also climbed Oxford and Belford from a camp near Little Johns.

I've always wanted to do Harvard from that drainage (and have read more than one trip report of said route).

As far as 4 or 5 days ... you'd want one day to backpack in all the way. Iowa, Emerald and Missouri can be done in one day. If you wanted to keep that camp, you could go up via Elkhead Pass and do Oxford and Belford (that would be a day). However, another option would be to move your camp back down the trail near Little Johns ... and do Oxford and Belford from there (no trail, but the bushwhack is really not that difficult). And, Harvard would be done from that lower camp. Just some random thoughts.

Happy trails!


Word of Caution..
07/14/2014 05:18
I've done Harvard from Littlejohn's Cabin, and I've done Belford by hiking all the way back in, as mentioned. I attempted Oxford from the Cabin, and its a lot more than ”not too hard” bushwacking. I found a somewhat noticeable trail through the brush. The harder issue is that the trail is less than 2 miles from Cabin to summit, and its over 4000' of elevation. There are long stretches where you're climing nearly vertical pitches. Not to say it isn't worth trying, but I don't want people getting into this without knowing what theyre getting into.

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