Peak(s):  PT 13,158  -  13,158 feet
PT 13,106  -  13,106 feet
PT 13,091  -  13,091 feet
Crystal Peak - 12933
Date Posted:  10/14/2010
Date Climbed:   10/07/2010
Author:  Furthermore
 Uncompahgre's Less Climbed Friends   

Point 13,158
Point 13,106
Point 13,091
Crystal Peak 12,933

October 7, 2010
~12,4 Miles, ~3,900 Gain.
Starting Trailhead:
Nellie Creek Trailhead, Same as for Uncompahgre.
Ending Trailhead: ~10,580 on the Nellie Creek 4WD road.

When I got back to the car after my Wetterhorn 13eners, my wife and I packed up camp and moved to a nice campsite near the Uncompahgre trailhead. It was a colder night with major electrical storms and a lot of rain. My early alarm didn't pay off as it was still raining. Eventually, I woke up and the rain had stopped and my wife dropped me off at the Uncompahgre trail and I was hiking by 7:45 AM.

Uncompahgre in the morning.

I followed the Uncompahgre trail until ~12,300 and then left the trail heading south towards the 12,932-13,158 saddle. As I worked my way to the saddle, I enjoyed a fresh layer of snow and the last 100 feet to the saddle was loose arduous talus climbing due to the fresh snow. At the saddle, I ditched my pack and climbed southeast toward the summit. The ridge crest looked difficult so I stayed on the southwest side of the ridge (class 2) and arrived at the summit at 9:00 AM.

13,158 from the Uncomaphgre trail.

Heading towards 13,158.

West ridge of 13,158. I stayed to the right.

Summit views of 13,158 looking toward Crystal Peak

13,106, 13,091 and Crystal Peak from 13,158.

Uncompahgre from 13,158.

Wetterhorn, Matterhorn, and Coxcomb from 13,158.

Broken Peak from 13,158.

Uncompahgre looked impressive from the summit and after a short break, I headed back toward the saddle and my pack. Fromm the saddle, I headed back north towards the Uncompahgre tail and aimed for the Uncompahgre-13,106 saddle. There was a nice trail that took me up the steep slopes to the saddle. From the Uncompahgre-13,106 saddle, I headed directly east toward the summit of 13,106. The wind was brutal as I made my way toward the summit where I arrived on the summit at 10:45 AM. My break was short on the summit due to the wind and I continued onward.

West ridge of 13,106.

Looking down the snowy west slopes of 13,106.

Uncompahgre from 13,106.

13,158 from 13,106.

From the summit of 13,106, I hiked east on a blocky ridge until I reached some grassy slopes but before I could reach the 13,106-13,091 saddle, I encountered a cliff band. To bypass the cliff band, I had to hike south then northeast to gain the saddle. Since the wind had died down at the saddle, I took a break and absorbed the views.

The climb to 13,091 from the 13,106-13,091 saddle was easy but long. The summit didn't seem to get closer as I hiked of a mile across a flat area towards the summit. I arrived on the summit of 13,091 at noon. 13,158 looked far away and the views of Uncompahgre still took my breath away.

Uncompahgre from 13,091 with 13,158 in the foreground.

Now for my last peak of the day; Crystal Peak. I bypassed a short 15 foot cliff band off of the summit of 13,091 and worked my way toward Point 12,812. The talus off of the south slopes of 13,091 were loose and slick from the melting snow so I took my time. Once I was past 12,812, it was a grassy hike to the summit of Crystal Peak where I arrived at 1:00 PM. I was surprised at the number of signatures in the register for a 12er. It must be a good hike from Lake City and without a doubt the views were excellent.

Heading towards Crystal Peak.

Looking back on 13,091 from the Crystal-13,091 saddle.

Uncompahgre and Wetterhorn from the summit of Crystal.

After my summit stay, I headed north to the saddle marked 12,575 and then west to intercept an old mining road. Once I intercepted the old mining road, I hiked back to my car which was located at ~10,580 at 2:15 PM. Great views all around of Uncompahgre and nevertheless, there were still some lone aspens showing their color.

Uncompahgre and Wetterhorn from the summit of Crystal.

Neat cliffs hiking down from Crystal.

Lone aspen.

I figured I would avoid the snow in a different range. Clear of snow the night prior and overnight this dumped. Bad weather didn't allow a summit. 10/8/10.

Snow in the Sawatch.

Route Map.

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Comments or Questions

slow down
10/14/2010 15:31
If you don't slow down you are going to run out of peaks. I'd hate to see you wear out.


I agree wtih piper14er ...
10/14/2010 16:29
8) Nuff said.


You're really knocking them down.
10/14/2010 16:51
Thanks for the snow report on the San Juans. I may need to change my plans and try to get down there.


keep it up
10/14/2010 16:57
nice trip report!


Another great combo.
10/14/2010 19:37
Those are all great peaks. I love the rock outcroppings on the ridge between 13,091 and Crystal, and yes you are right, the hike up Crystal from town is awesome. I also like doing a loop run/hike up the Crystal Trail and back down the Larson Trail. Both share the same trailhead near town.

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