Peak(s):  Huron Peak  -  14,006 feet
Browns Peak  -  13,523 feet
Unnamed 13462  -  13,462 feet
Date Posted:  10/06/2010
Date Climbed:   10/03/2010
Author:  bergsteigen
 Gurlz Rule Day 2: Huron with a 13er traverse   

Huron Peak (Browns Peak & Pt 13,462)
Route: std East Ridge
Mileage: 5.5 (8.5 for traverse)
Elevation Gain: 3,500' (3,744' for traverse)
Hardcore Seven: guser, Laurabelle, tundratif, JMo, moon stalker, waller19 & me

After a night of keeping warm by the fire and camping out, the second morning dawned just as cold as the previous day. We were also moving just that little bit slower than normal. So after all piling into moon stalker's truck, we made our way to the trailhead, to meet the one gal that had stayed in a hostel. We were quite jealous of her shower, as we were all campfire smoke infused.

007 Gurlz!

The hike through the forest was quite pleasant, and as pretty as I remember it from a decade ago. It was much easier today to keep track of only 7 gurlz, on the numerous switchbacks up the trail, so we could stay in a more cohesive group. Though Laurabelle needed to move at a faster pace, as her La Plata + Missouri of the day before, had her muscles tightening in the cool morning air. So we saw her again on the way down, a few hundred feet below the summit.

The sunrise lighting on the surrounding peaks was quite beautiful, and had us stopping periodically for photos. There was even a bit of fall color in a few trees and along the ground by the trail.

Start of trail

Fall colorful ground covering

Shadow of Huron


Once above treeline, we got the uncluttered view, that makes this one of the more pretty 14er hikes in the area. It's a huge reason why I chose this peak as an option. Many a photo was taken as the sun began to rise behind Huron.


Good morning La Plata!

The morning pano

Sunrise behind Huron

After some delayering, we only had a couple more bumps to hike up, and the sky was still clear.

The flat spot along the trail


Lone flower, does it know that it's fall now?

There were a few more groups hiking the trail this morning, including a couple of boys, who I think tossed some rocks off of a cliff.

It was good that the peak choice today was short and sweet, the majority of gurlz on today's hike had never done 2 peaks 2 days in a row! Yet another great accomplishment! I think all of us were feeling it on that final summit push up the numerous switchbacks. Laurabelle came down from the summit here, warning us of the wind and cold that she couldn't wait through any longer.

On the way up moon stalker and I were spying ways to traverse over to Brown's Peak and Pt 13,462. We wanted to make sure we had a few descent options in case we had to bail or if we were to do a loop.


Up the numerous switchbacks

13ers for later

The remaining push

Up, up, up...

We straggled to the summit, and were happy to be there, despite the growing clouds around us. The sun wasn't warming us as well as yesterday, so we spent only a short time on the summit with a few other hardy souls. Food and photos, were eaten and taken, before everyone wanted to go down and home.

Yay for summit!

6 Gurlz on the summit

With the traverse to do, moon stalker and I take off the summit at a brisk pace. The hardest part of the way over to Brown's Peak, was skirting the first rocky bump on the ridge. Though there are trail segments here and there to help find the best giant rock hopping way through it.

On way to Brown's Peak

Looking back to Huron from Brown's saddle

We were on the summit of Brown's Peak, as the majority of our crew had made it down to the upper saddle. After a quick photo or two on this unranked 13er, we head over to the ranked, yet unnamed Pt 13,462. Funny, as every other 13er bump on the ridge is named, but the ranked one. Once down Brown's, we wouldn't see the other gurlz until the campsite.

On Brown's Peak - what a great view!

The way over to Pt 13,462 is pleasant, easy and fast. On the summit we take a bit more time to enjoy it, as the view of Huron is spectacular.

On the way to 13,462

The view was worth the extra affort!

View from 13,462

There is no distinct trail down to the 4WD mining road below, but we find the best way possible. The scree gully we descend was of the good plunge step quality. After a couple willow-bush wacking events, we were finally on the road, with only numerous switchbacks left to go. Amazingly, we were only 30-40 minutes behind the other gurlz arriving at the campsite. A good thing too, since one forgot her keys in moon stalker's truck at the trailhead!


Our scree gully descent to road

A good view

Still some color out there

My photos

Day 1: La Plata Peak

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Comments or Questions
10/06/2010 20:26
Now I'm sorry I missed day #2 ! Looks like another great day !

Very nice ...
10/06/2010 20:45
Good shots of Mt. Ervin and Mt. Blaurock in those last couple of photos. Good on ya getting the summit (and you two who did ”extra credit” ). That's my kind of day for sure. Thanks for posting, Otina. Happy trails!

10/06/2010 20:48
Damn. I missed the Gurlz hike by one week!
I hiked Huron the Sunday before. I don't think I'll ever tire of that peak, especially in the fall.
I've done your loop twice before, but in reverse order.
Nice pics as always Otina.
Congratulations to all of the girlz on your weekend!

Me, too!
10/07/2010 01:00
I'm bummed I missed day 2 on Huron!
That's a gorgeous hike.
Another great TR!

REALLY wish I could have made it!!!
10/07/2010 01:32
Glad everyone had a good time, and that the weather cooperated.

moon stalker
That traverse was fun!
10/07/2010 03:16
Thanks Otina for the idea on the traverse. Since I repeated Huron two years ago, it was a great way to do something different. Great photos as always, and great TR. Great job to all that summited, especially both days.

Congrats on a grand adventure!
10/07/2010 04:31
Yours was a well planned and well executed ascent. Great choice of Browns in combination with Huron's North Ridge. It's a beautiful route with great views. And a marvelous time was had by all. Way to go, you mean mountain mommas!

10/11/2010 13:59
I read your report the day before we hiked Huron which was only 6 days after your adventure and what a transformation! Thanks for a great read and lovely pictures.

Thanks for the motivation!
10/12/2010 02:05
I planned on hiking Huron peak today and your trip report (combined with great weather) motivated me to do the traverse of the three 13ers. Thanks for the great trip report and motivation!

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