Peak(s):  Mt. Bierstadt  -  14,060 feet
Date Posted:  09/13/2010
Date Climbed:   09/11/2010
Author:  womanhiker

 EPIC 14ER FINISH!!!!!!  


I have known Sean (aka. doggler) for seven years now. After climbing some of the 14ers with my fiancée over the past few summers, I realized what a crazy animal he is.

We got the invite over the 4th of July weekend to hike Sean's final 14er with him. From the beginning he said this would be a party no one would forget and everyone would want to join in. I found this statement a little hard to believe at the time. Sure, you can have a party on the summit, but I NEVER expected anything like this!!!

It was a brisk morning as the group began to gather around 7:00am at the trailhead. I was first met by two pirates, a mormon, and a pimp with a red radio flyer wagon. Shortly after that I was greeted by a robot, a hotdog, a lumberjack (axe included), some ladies in nice dresses with sparklies, a fisherman, some cheerleaders, a guy in a pink running skirt, and a Hawaiian Santa. WOW! Maybe this would be a party no one would forget. As we posed for a before hike picture our group total had reached almost 40!!

The group started hiking around 7:30am. Mr. Pimp (doggler) led the way, pulling his radio flyer behind him. The wagon held two frozen beers which started to explode after going over a few rocks and bridges. Not to mention it was very loud. The hike was full of laughs, stories, and readings from the "Book 'O Mormon" mid-stride. The book was actually a book about beer with a hand-made Mormon book cover.

Before reaching the saddle, radio flyer had to be carried on doggler's back the rest of the way to the summit. As our group started to assemble on the summit, things seemed pretty mellow. Oh how quickly things can change!! The pirates handed out jell-o shots, the hot dog got out twister, and someone started passing around a decent sized cake. And there were more readings from the "Book 'O Mormon". The party was going strong and then some guy (crossfitter, I believe) pulled out a 62 pound keg from his back pack! Are you kidding me?!?!?!?!? This was followed by another guy stripping down to his speedo!!

Due to a prior commitment we could not stay on the summit as long as some did. It is my understanding some people in the group stayed on the summit for about three hours, doing keg stands, before starting the journey down.

Some of you might think this party would be an obnoxious thing to find on top of a mountain. But it was so obnoxious that anyone remotely close had no choice but to join in on the fun. Random strangers were enjoying the beer, cake, and good times.

It was an absolutely beautiful day and exactly how Sean wanted his finale of the 14ers to be.

Congratulations Sean!!


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 Comments or Questions
Joe W

Wilderness Regulations
03/12/2011 16:56
The Mt Evans Wilderness regulations state a party size no bigger than 15,also no wagons.


Could use beta on Guanella Pass, otherwise
09/14/2010 04:28
Helluva TR! Congrats Sean on your accomplishment and for getting a group together to help you commemorate in such a way! This will set the bar for future finish parties - and watch them fall sadly short!

Womanhiker, thanks for capturing it and reporting!


09/14/2010 13:38
That picture of Bender walking through the willows is priceless. What a great way to finish up!


09/14/2010 14:13
way awesome! Congrats Sean!

Doctor No

Best Bierstadt TR ever?
09/14/2010 15:33
The list of truly awesome Bierstadt trip reports may be about as long as the list of truly awesome I-70 traffic jams.

Hopefully this trip report will start a new trend!


Pass conditions
09/14/2010 15:56
Guanella Pass is still closed from the Georgetown side. No problems getting there from the Grant side. Sorry, I didn't even think of adding conditions in this trip report.


09/14/2010 17:34
Looks like just a typical day on Bierstadt to me. Just kidding. Seriously, congrats to Sean! Emcee Smith noticed you passing us on your way up to the Capitol Creek TH as we were leaving on Saturday. (Yes, we were leaving that late.)


09/14/2010 18:13
The costumes just seem so wrong on a 14er! But I am laughing my ass off!

Mel McKinney

This is why I love climbing these peaks!
09/14/2010 19:15
And the people you meet on the peaks and on this website! Thanks for posting. I needed the giggle today! Congratulations!!


09/14/2010 20:45
One of my favorite TRs this year. Great stuff!!!!


SOO Much fun
09/14/2010 21:06
Thanks for the trip report!! I had a blast on the mountain and would do it all again for Sean! He is an animal and a great guy!And hiking in a hot dog costume is great, kept me warm
Some of the quotes:
”Last call for Beer”
”I heard there was a keg on the summit, the hot dog told me”
”I heard you say beer, but I didn't really believe you”
”Is that robot with you?”
”Whats up with the costumes? Is this a circus?”

SOOO Much fun!!!

Jon Frohlich

A lot warmer...
09/14/2010 21:17
None of us on Monday 9/6 when I finished would have been trying any of that. Wind chill had to be in the teens that morning as most of us had numb hands and the wind was blowing past 40 mph. Nice finish!


Since you left early...
09/14/2010 21:47
I wrote up the events you weren't privy to on my webpage, along with my photos: My TR/Photos

Oh, and here's a collage of keg stands

Brian C

09/15/2010 00:22
Rock on. One of the best TRs I've seen.

Easy Rider

09/15/2010 05:15
That's the way you do it


09/15/2010 13:28
Probably one of the best, most hiarious trip erports I've ever read. The picture of Bender carrying the handle of vodka up the mountain is classic. Congrats Doggler!


09/16/2010 18:36
Congrats! That is awesome.

Chicago Transplant

Good times
09/17/2010 15:32
After seeing some of Doggler's TRs over the years, I wouldn't have expected any less than this wild and crazy celebration!
Congrats on finishing Sean!

Oso Blanco

Beer on Bierstadt
09/30/2010 01:23
Oh hell yea, I was there that morning and wondered who these people were as I passed them in the parking lot. A while later at about midway up, this entourage of costumed partiers pass me up and disappeared up the trail to the summit. Full-blown party at the top, stayed up there for a while, perfect day, perfect company. Thanks guys for a great hike.

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