Peak(s):  Capitol Peak  -  14,130 feet
Date Posted:  08/06/2010
Modified:  08/07/2010
Date Climbed:   08/03/2010
Author:  hansolo35
 The seduction of the fair maiden Capitol  

The seduction of the fair maiden Capitol

(disclaimer- won't let me download pictures greater than 12 megapixel-I shot summit day photos with a 14 megapixel. thus why there is no summit shots, which is disappointing to the telling of this story, as pictures tell a thousand words. so here is a link for the rest)

My ascent of Capitol Peak began much as you would courting a new potential lover. There might be some references in this TR that some might find questionable, but all verbage is meant to convey mountaineering terms on conquering a formidable objective. Any other interpretation is solely that of the reader.

I met and gradually became to know this fair maiden from her online profile. Her name was Capitol and I was enchanted by her exquisite beauty and the sexy curves of her body. Her magnificent form and splendor was nearly unmatched, and upon seeing her it became acutely obvious that I needed to mount this fair lady as soon as possible.

Our online flirtations with each other began in earnest a month ago. Ours was a long distance affair, with me being in Utah and she a state away. Thank goodness for the internet, connecting people and things from all points of the globe in a matter of seconds. I conducted research on her background to garner what I was getting myself into with this pursuit. The more I learned about her, the more my enchantment of this maiden grew. Once I left Salt Lake for our initial courtship, I knew that she would not be easily mounted. She had a reputation for guarding her slender curves well, revealing them only when she saw fit. She called the shots, and for me to penetrate the depths of her beauty, I would have to be a patient and steadfast suitor.

I left Salt Lake on Sunday night, driving to Grand Junction to spend the night. Hopefully it would be the last night I spent alone, as I had delicious plans to spend the next night with Capitol.
Capitol from the trailhead (as seen the day after the mounting)

The following day I drove to the trailhead, where my anticipation of seeing the one I wanted to mount was high. Unfortunately, my paramour didn't share my lusty dreams, and she neglected to reveal herself to my curious eyes. Was she being shy or just playing hard to get?
the fair maiden hides behind her robe of clouds

Not one to get easily discouraged, I began my march towards her lair just the same, hoping that she would learn of my good intentions and come out of her hiding place. Four hours of hiking later, I was at her namesake lake. She must've seen something she liked in me, for she started to slowly undress the gray cloud-like blouse that had been concealing her much-desired assets all day.
the maiden offers teasing glimpses of her sultry curves

The evening came and Capitol finally revealed herself in all her naked glory! Wow, she looked stunning! She even put on sexy red lipstick for our first actual face to face meeting as the sun went down, and I found this highly arousing. Her allure lured me to sleep, with heavy anticipation of what was to come the following day.
she put on red lipstick for our first date

a beautiful maiden she surely is

Our 2nd date took place bright and early the next day at 6am. I departed the lake and began my explorations of her body. I worked my way up her shoulder to the pass between her and Daly. I then dropped down one of her enticing crevices and before fingering my way to the base of her long slender neck just after K2. From this vantage point, I was wondering if I was going to get lucky. Her plunging neckline, nicknamed the "knife edge" by past suitors, was indeed intimidating.

Image #7 (not yet uploaded)

But my courage never wavered- I was like a drunk college frat boy at a bar, pursuing shamelessly the hottie in the room, despite the insults and put-downs she and her friends threw at me. I massaged my way across her neck finally and it was then that the fair maiden called Capitol gave in to my pursuit and gave herself to me. She was indeed a mighty and worthy gal and as I mounted her curves for the first time, it was an altogether good feeling. I was almost swept up in ecstasy before the reality of the moment came crashing down. Capitol had let me taste her, but then as she has done to all the others, she pushed me from off the top of her, forcing me down from whence I came.
me at Cap Lake

There she stood once more, alone, casting her sultry charms to others who had come to partake of her exquisite beauty. But I left feeling satisfied and satiated, having drunk from her silver goblet of sweetness. She may not have turned out to be my girlfriend, but the one night and day we spent together will live in my memory forever.
i was glad to have mounted her

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 Comments or Questions

08/06/2010 19:31
Just... wow... creative, I guess. And freaking hilarious

Jon Frohlich

Well then....
08/06/2010 19:45
That has to be one of the most unique reports I've ever read. I feel slightly dirty after reading that.


Uhm ...
08/06/2010 19:47
I think I need a cigarette.


Perseverance pays off.
08/06/2010 19:50
Will-played sir. I'm guessing you slept well that night.


08/06/2010 20:41
I think I need shots.


Interesting read
08/06/2010 22:17
Maybe it's for the best that the summit shots weren't included. This is a family friendly site.


07/17/2012 13:18
very creative (EDIT: susanjoypaul even better!)


Gives a whole new meaning
08/06/2010 23:04 the phrase ”summit shot.” You're probably the only guy who did the standard route on Capitol, and probaby should have used protection. She's been with a LOT of guys, dude.


Dirty girl!
08/07/2010 04:34
I felt the same way two days later. Boy, does she get around....I feel so used


Yes, a novel approach
08/08/2010 07:53
Interesting, and strangely accurate...but perhaps you need a homo sapiens girlfriend... Still, nice and it's a pity there aren't a few more photos. Hoping to repeat your ”conquest” soon...


These comments ...
08/09/2010 18:50
Are truly classics! I can only add one more annotation to the already consistent theme of this report ...
por-nog-ra-phy (definition): n. 1. writings, pictures, etc. intended to arouse sexual desire; 2. the production of such writing, pictures, etc. Hmmm ...
Happy tales!


Better than Massive!
07/03/2011 00:02
Hey- I met you and turbocat on top of Massive yesterday. I remember reading this report way back when and laughing my butt off- too funny! Your glissade on Massive looked like fun for both you and your dog!

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