Peak(s):  Crestone Peak  -  14,294 feet
Date Posted:  07/27/2009
Modified:  08/19/2010
Date Climbed:   07/25/2009
Author:  bergsteigen
 We‘re too sexy for the Crestones - Gurlz Hike P1   

Crestone Peak

The Magnificent Seven: Moon Stalker, superdawg gatorchick, Birdie, bergsteigen, Michaela & Jenjay
TH: South Colony Lakes 4WD
Route: Red Gully
Mileage: ~8
Elevation Gain: ~4,600'
Start: 3:20am
End: ~3pm

Day 1: Crestone Peak
Day 2: Crestone Needle

The approach/dress rehearsal:
Amazingly, 3 vehicles approach the lower 2WD TH within 5 minutes of each other at around ~5:30pm on Friday. Great timing! So the 5 of us pile into two awesome rock-hoppin' Toyota Tacoma's to ascend the rather rough road. Having done it once in the dark last year, it was a bit different in daylight. It may be more rough than last fall, but still in the do-able category. We meet gatorchick and superdawg at the upper 4WD TH 20-40 min later, all stoked for the climb ahead. Michaela, classing things up in a skirt, our 'Top Model'. Once daylight fades, we all settle down for an early rise.

The runway/climb:
We don our headlamps and depart camp at 3:20, the multiple pools of light dancing on the ground, illuminating our way. We pass by slumbering teams in their tents, chatting away. Stirring others to get up with our eager excitement to get onto Broken Hand Pass for daybreak. (Sorry Kansas )

As we get closer to the pass, someone exclaims "That's not a rock, that's snow!". Just the first of many memorable quotes for the day. (Or maybe it's just the altitude making us giddy) There are 2 small snowfields to cross along the way, but with trekking poles and careful steps, we all make it across safely. In the dark, we strut up the pass, making the necessary moves with ease.

We wait for a short time before making the final moves to the pass:

photo credit: gatorchick

On the pass we take a break and settle down for the rising of the sun. We meet 2 other groups on the pass, on their way to the Peak.

A Glorious sun rise:

photo credit: Moon stalker

The Needle, with the first rays of sun:

After soaking in the first sun of the day, we make our way down the pass to cottonwood lake:

photo credit: gatorchick

Reflections in Cottonwood lake in the early morn:

Looking up at our route to come:

Photo credit: gatorchick

Michaela looking up, surrounded by the lush wild flowers:

Approaching the end of the flat runway:

Looking at the backside of the Needle

Moon Stalker getting in some early scrambling:

The start of the gully:

Photo credit: Moon Stalker

Passing by the first snowfields to the left:

Photo credit: Moon Stalker

photo credit: gatorchick

photo credit: gatorchick

superdawg looking happy:

photo credit: gatorchick

Glad I put the Avery sticker on my boring white helmet. Now I can always tell who I am

Photo credit: Moon Stalker

Jenjay lookin' back:

Photo credit: Moon Stalker

Good view of the first part of the gully:

Photo credit: Moon Stalker

Michaela with an amazing backdrop:

Birdie keeping her hands warm from the cool rock.

How many animals can you count in this photo, and what type?

"No vertical exaggeration" - superdawg

(Photo lost... help superdawg!)
Photo credit: superdawg

Climbin'.. or as superdawg sayz "conga line of badass ladies"

Photo credit: gatorchick

We couldn't avoid the upper snowfield. So those of us with ice axes got prepared. Otherwise short trekking poles were used. Some were nervous about the snow, but Jenjay made sure the steps kicked in by previous climbers were good.

Gurlz snow climbin'

Photo credit: superdawg

Going up:

Since Michaela has not been on snow much, Moon Stalker graciously gave up her axe, so that she may be more comfortable. After a bit of proper axe usage ( I helped by modeling the moves), Michaela was ready to strut her stuff on the snow catwalk. Moon Stalker followed behind for guidance.


Congrats to Michaela on an awesome job!

Once above the last snowfield, we were almost to the saddle.

Photo credit: Moon Stalker

Strutting the high exposed runway to the summit

Photo credit: Moon Stalker

Vogue! Strike a pose...

Photo credit: superdawg


Photo credit: gatorchick

On the summit, we were greeting by Kansas and his napping party of 2, very happy to be sharing the summit with 7 sexy ladies. The highlight of his trip, so I hear

Here's Kansas and his napping group. I think he's trying to come up with a good excuse for why he crashed the gurlz hike. (It looks like he's thinking really hard) Did you really plan this trip for a while? Ha ha, we believe you

Photo credit: superdawg

I think Kansas was a bit too excited to see us, since after getting comfortable with my big fancy camera, the lens is all fogged up.

The magnificent seven on the summit!

Kansas getting us to 'work it' for the camera:

Ok, a non steamed-up camera lens shot of our group

Photo Credit: kansas (gatorchick's camera)

Amazing views! Some of the best I've seen from any summit. Glad we got up so early so we could have the best weather possible.

Kit Carson and Challenger:

The Blanca group with the Sand Dunes:


The Needle...

So after some sunbathing to improve our tan lines, we head off the summit and down the loose red gully.

gatorchick making short work of the snow field:

Here's me demonstrating the use of ones gluteus maximus in down climbing. It's like a 5th point of contact!

(Photo lost... help superdawg!)
Photo Credit: superdawg

What seemed so easy on the way up (we all practically raced up it), proved to be a bit more difficult on the way down. The gully is pretty loose and down climbing Class 3 was slower for some. At the base of the gully we again sunbathed and rested our legs for the slog back up the pass, yuk! Michaela, ever the Top Model, changed into her running skirt, while the rest of us zipped off our pant legs. Too bad I was slow with my camera, as the surely the skirt + helmet combo would make any calender edition!

Photo credit: superdawg

Walking by cottonwood lake on the return to Broken Hand Pass:

Pretty flowers:

Up, up up:

Almost there...

Looking down the pass:

Photo credit: Moon Stalker

The decent of the pass is really loose and pretty yucky. Many exclaimed that they were happy that we went up it in the dark, so they didn't have to see how sketchy certain sections are.

With rumblings of thunder and bunches of people on the pass, loose rock showered from above, as we made our descent. No one was injured through the carelessness and haste of others, but may it be a warning for future travelers! Helmets in use for Broken Hand Pass

Photo credit: Moon Stalker

Crossing the last snow field before the trail workers fly down the pass: (Awesome job they are doing, btw)

Photo credit: Moon Stalker

Photo credit: gatorchick

After all the loose rock, the lower trail is like a dream. We could even wear high heels if our feet weren't so tired.

As we approach our camp, the weather that has been threatening since our ascent of the pass, finally broke. Hail pounded us, and some made a run for the vehicles. I jump in the back of my truck with little grace, as the hail pellets get bigger. Everyone jumps into vehicles and naps, eats and rests through the hour long storm. sexy it hurts...
Like the song goes, some of us were hurting. We had a sprained ankle and a few with just sore, aching knees and ankles. So with great regret, after such an incredible, awesome climb, 3 gurlz decided to go home. Another left in the morning. So what was 7, will be 3 for the Needle on Sunday.

The Magnificent Seven reprise:
In our diverse group that spanned from a 14er finisher to those with 10's of climbs looking to do harder routes, hikers, rock &/ snow climbers, we all helped each other out along the way to make the summit together (and safely back down again too). We all grew as climbers, and we did it together in a positive way. I look forward to climbing with everyone again!!!

The Quotes section: - edit as I get them -
"This rock wasn't very comfortable" - while massaging gluteus maximus

"You'd better pull those pants up" - Mike to Michaela

"I almost head-butted you... literally"

"Catch it with your cheeks!"

Here's where I'm gonna need some help. I barely remember what I say 3 seconds after I say it. So those who remember the funny things that were said, that had us laughing so hard our sides hurt, please comment away!

Day 2: Crestone Needle

(Edit: to add in missing photos)

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Comments or Questions

Had a blast, y‘all!
07/27/2009 20:29
Though I do think I may need a new agent, as I look like total $%^& in all of my ”portfolio” pics! Thanks again Kelly for sharing your time and skills. I have a long way to go, but the veil has been lifted, and I am now quite eager to learn all I can about navigating on/through snow!

Otina, the pants remark was from your buddy, Mike, from BV, and it was more along the lines of ”You‘d better pull those pants up,” LOL.

I adore each and every one of you gals for different reasons, and hope to see you all again!


Fogged up
07/27/2009 20:54
I‘m sorry, but it‘s not every day 7 hot climbing chics appear on the summit. It sounds like I should have stuck around a little longer, the scenery might have gotten even better . Gatorchick has a fog free summit shot, apparently her camera wasn‘t too complicated for me.

I don‘t think I‘ve ever seen a happier group of climbers!


07/27/2009 23:35
Thanks for your pictures, Kansas! Have fun next weekend in Chicago Basin. That area is just as neat as the Crestones.


Awesome report!
07/27/2009 23:40
I was going to post a TR of my own but there is no way I can top this!

I had SUCH a great time hiking with you all this weekend!! We MUST do it again!!!

MUni Rider

Good times.
07/28/2009 00:49
Glad you all had a great climb and with such good weather. I spent most of my climb of the peak the next day in the fog. It was nice to meet you up there. Great pics too, btw.


Fantastic Trip!
07/28/2009 04:02
This weekend was awesome. That one picture of me going up the gully is repulsive though. Uff. WTF was I doing? We do all look pretty hot on the summit though!

The only other quote I can think of now is: ”Catch it with your cheeks!


Perfectly ”Peak”ed!
07/28/2009 10:36
Great climb ladies! Nothing more encouraging to a guy like me to see 7 lovely ladies who all love climbing and the outdoors! Great TR, bergenstein! I‘m really looking forward to heading down to the Crestones in a few weeks!


07/28/2009 18:01
Probably the best climbing weekend ever!!! Can‘t wait to do this again, a must in fact. Thanx everyone for making it such an enjoyable experience. It‘s the climbing partners that make the trip!

kansas: Don‘t worry about the fogged lens. Maybe I fogged it up?

MUni Rider: Too bad it was so foggy, that red gully is very pretty. Glad to meet you at camp.

COmedic04: Have a great climb, it‘s such an awesome area!

moon stalker

Frickin Awesome trip and report!
07/28/2009 19:07
Bergsteigen, awesome trip report. And to the other ladies on the trip, great climb, it was a lot of fun. And yes, we have to do it again. And we should target another challanging peak, helping each other through it is part of why it was so fun! Too bad we couldn‘t wiggle some beers out of the guys we ran into, maybe next time. I can‘t remember any of the quotes either but I do remember laughing so hard my stomach hurt and leaning over on my poles just to keep standing from all the laughing. We sure had a good time of it.

Kansas: Nice meeting you, and thanks for the heckling at the bottom of the trail. Thanks for taking the pics, even if you did fog up the lens.

MUni Rider: You‘re just goign to have to go back! The red gully is really unique, you have to see it, and not through fog. Sorry you missed it.

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