Peak(s):  Huron Peak  -  14,003 feet
Date Posted:  11/24/2008
Modified:  08/19/2009
Date Climbed:   11/23/2008
Author:  dcbates80911
 A 41 year span...and a first 14er summit.  

Hiking Group - Lostsheep5, Globreal, Weschun, Rainier1, DLCrow, Eatinhardtack, dcbates80911, Jamie, Julie (Jamie's friend), Brittney (Globreal's daughter), Kevin8020, Nebnative, and Hammerheart
Distance - ~ 10 miles (based on GPS tracking)
Trailhead - Winfield (thanks to a natural ice blockade)
Class - 2
Forum Link -

It started with "Looking at climbing La Plata or Huron next weekend......Any Interest?"

Well, apparently that is a YES. Interested parties began to reply immediately. As the weekend got closer, it looked like all the days were going to have good weather. However, some people could only go one of the two days. Therefore, we had two separate groups. This trip report represents the Sunday climb, with a 41 year difference between youngest and oldest.

The plan was for two groups to meet in their respective cities (Denver and Colorado Springs). From there, the entire group would meet at the Johnson Village truck stop, which we did. The drive north through BV and to Chafee County 390 was uneventful, except for Weschun's love tap to a crossing deer.

We arrived at Winfield and quickly encountered an ice slab blocking the trail. This added roughly two miles to the trailhead, but added to the fun. After gearing up and taking a group picture, we were on our way.

L - R: Top - Eric, Britt, Wes, Brett, Dave C, Zach, Jamie, Dave B, Julie, Bottom - Brittony, Kevin, Jodi, and John
Photo provided by Britt

Heading up the road

We reached the real trailhead and stopped to prepare for the actual climb.

Photo provided by Britt

Zach uses his "head" as he signs the log
Photo provided by Britt

Photo provided by Britt

View of Trail Conditions
Photo provided by Britt

Naturally, a group this large tends to separate, but our group consistently consolidated at different times. I have not been part of a group that worked so much like a team (actually, 1/4 of this team found and returned my trekking pole baskets). The first stop was right at tree-line, where we first met the wind. After everyone got a little rest, our group began to make our way across a relatively level trail section and up toward Huron's summit.

Tree-line refueling stop
Photo provided by Britt

Our Goal

The Three Apostles

Working hard for her first 14er

At 13,560 (Based on my GPS), our group's first members found a sheltered area around a rock formation. It was in the sun and blocked the wind. Great place. As Globreal and his daughter reached this shelter, we began to discuss summit activities. Due to wind conditions, we wanted to make a quick summit and decend back to this point. Everyone's determination can be summed up with Brittony's comment "I came here to summit" (paraphrased). Yea, that is the spirit.

Brown's Peak

Harvard to the East

The last section was hard for almost everyone. The wind and cold drained each and every one of us. Even the veteran winter climbers mentioned how hard this section seemed to be. We all reached the summit, took the standard pictures (including the group shot) and descended very quickly back to the sheltered area. Here we talked and ate before descending back to the TH and parking area.

Jodi lets her hair down...well, more to the left

A very proud dad and a very proud daughter...congrats on a well earned summit
Photo provided by Britt

Photo provided by Britt

A cold Summit Shot
Photo provided by Britt

Zach is chillin, literally

Brett, just moved here and loving it

Eric is on number 24, 10 more than his age

Triumphant group on descent...and still together as a team

Back at the TH, we met that ice obstacle one more time. I decided to bypass it by climbing along a dirt section to the west, and ended up being the only one to fall. Others just took a seat and slid down to the cars.

This is our Ice Barrier that added 4 miles
Photo provided by Britt

Some chose to go across the ice...for the record, I went to the left on the dirt and still fell on my butt
Photo provided by Britt
Eric brought his crampons so he wanted to at the least use them as Keven slides down the road

Overall, it turned into a very enjoyable day. We had a first time summit, and a fairly large group. Like most of the group trips I have experience, this one turned out to be great. Everyone helped encourage each other and we reached the summit as a team, despite the wind. Once again, an experience spent with a great group of people.

Thanks to all who went and contributed to this trip.

 Comments or Questions

Nice job everyone!
11/25/2008 03:04
Seems like Huron is a popular fall 14ers gathering hike!


11/25/2008 04:14
Looks like you had a wonderful time.
It‘s great the whole group was able to stay together like that.


11/25/2008 05:14
Holy smokes, ya‘ll put together a huge group. Nice coming together.


11/25/2008 05:21
Looked like a great day!


Very Nice!
11/25/2008 05:49
It‘s always great when a group can get together for a great day of hiking! Great report, glad everyone made it safely. Huron is one of the peaks on my to-do list next Summer


11/25/2008 21:49
Such a great family activity; we did Huron as a family hike, too (although in warmer weather). Glad everyone made it, and special congrats to Brittney.


Fun Day..
11/25/2008 23:19
Looks like a great day Dave.. we climbed Antero the day before and encountered sheets of ice on road. The 7 mile hike turned into a 12.5 mile hike day.. :sigh: So when‘s the next summit?


Great Hike!
06/26/2011 20:49
I, like Britt, was very happy to see the faster hikers waiting around the corner for us slower ones. I was really hoping we would all summit together. It was great to have everyone on the summit together! Congrats to Brittony on her first summit. I hope to join her and her dad for many more hikes.
Also nice to meet Mr Astrobassman, glad you joined us for the descent.



Had a great day.
11/26/2008 04:08
I had a great time on my second summit of Huron. Thanks to everyone who came. And I didn‘t hit a deer or have a flat tire this time!


11/26/2008 06:31
So cool to see a group that big hiking a 14er. Looks like it was a great day.


Thanks for the comments
11/29/2008 20:39
It was truly a fun day.

As for your question, Rachel, I don‘t know what is next. We will have to see what the weather and work schedules do.


12/01/2008 07:08
Dave, looks like you guys had a great trip! Lauren and I set out to do Elbert and Massive that Mon/Tues, but ended up just taking a leisurely vacation in BV & Aspen, and a morning hike on the N. Halfmoon Trail. Please let me know when you go again, it‘s been far too long since we hiked together!

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