Peak(s):  Mt. Sherman  -  14,036 feet
Date Posted:  11/09/2008
Date Climbed:   08/03/2008
Author:  Spam

 Proud Poppa on Sherman  

Should have done this weeks ago, but, has been an incredibly busy summer and fall. I wanted to share my favorite climbing experience yet and that is taking my oldest son Chasyn up his first 14er. He is eight years old and 3 years ago he had major surgery to remove a bone cyst in his leg just below the knee which was found after he had great pain and eventually his leg broke. He received the "all clear" from his surgeon in the winter and it was time to take to the hills. This would signal his being 100% again and finding myself my favorite new climbing partner. Chase talked year about he and I doing our first mountain together and was truly excited.

I chose Sherman due to the obvious advantages of less elevation gain potential and distance that would help me gauge his abilities. We slept in the back of my truck by the gate to prepare for an early morning departure. I love this pic as I see the excitement in his eyes for just being in the mountains and for doing his first "14er"

Everyone here has climbed Sherman so I don't need to provide the well known details. Chase amazed me with how much he was seeing and the questions about history he was bringing up while at the old mine.

We moved along well, I was very happy with the pace he had set for us and his ability to route find among the cairn. I had told him what to look for and route finding basics and he did a fantastic job.
We made it to the top in 2 ˝ hours and Chase called his mother from the summit. (I am still upset at verizon that I could get better reception form the top of Sherman than I get standing outside of my office near mile high stadium). He was very proud and many people on the summit congratulated him which made him even prouder. There was a gentleman who took our picture who he has climbed 100 total 14ers (including the 54) and Chase just thought that was "cool". We took the obligatory pictures including one to send to his surgeon to show he is back
Coming down Chase started to feel the mountain and was growing increasingly tired. He loved crossing the snowfield and he did great with his balance coming down. As we got to the mine he began to need more encouragement and had a couple tears as his feet hurt.
We got back to the car and were once again very happy and after some nutritional re supply and getting his boots off, he told his mother later he is anxious to do another. I am thinking Mt. Evans from the lake for his next and take my 6 year old up that one so his mother can meet us to take provide another option.

Very proud day for me as a dad, especially knowing Chase was again 100% and I hopefully have many years of climbing ahead of me with my sons. Thanks for letting me indulge in a different kind of trip report.

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 Comments or Questions

Very Cool
11/10/2008 01:32
My son did his first 14er at eight and I can empathize as a proud father. Your pictures bring back memories (especially the fourth one) of him leading the way uphill. Reminds me of my son on Grays all the way down to the stance.

Great report and keep him in the mountains. Noticed you have not done Huron. I will not do in 2008, but plan to do in 2009 with my son if you are interested. Would be a good one with two fathers and sons???


11/10/2008 03:28
Wow, Thanks for posting this trip report. It‘s always wonderful to see people overcome their adversity...especially little people! CONGRATULATIONS Chasyn on your spectacular accomplishment! I you guys have lots of great times in the high country!


Me too
11/10/2008 04:03
I did Sherman as my first 14er at age 8 too! I remember how tough it was and saying I couldn‘t go any further. Then after that Iwanted to climb more and more and here I am with 25 under my belt. Keep him going!


11/10/2008 04:16
Thansk for the great comments! We had a great weekend together, anxious to get my younger one up and have even more adventures with them both.

dcbates I may have to take you up on the Huron climb! We will have to keep in touch.


11/10/2008 04:25
Great TR and congrats on your son‘s first 14er!! I have a 1-1/2 yr old daughter, and I‘m DYING to take her climbing as soon as she‘s a little older! Thanks for the great info!


11/10/2008 15:30
My sons did Sherman as their first 14er climb this past summer. If your little guy ever needs partners maybe he can inspire my guys to do another next year. Good job to the little big guy!


Well Done!
11/10/2008 16:26
Great job on the successful climb!
He‘s even a Colorado Rapids fan! That is probably the best form of ”training” kids that age can get for getting up a 14er. Definetly better than a Wii or X-box.

Mel McKinney

Yay Chase!
11/10/2008 18:33
Thanks for sharing the trip report of Chasyn‘s first 14er. A great and inspiring read!
Congrats to you both on reaching Sherman‘s summit.


Wow, Chase!
11/12/2008 16:56
All of ue at are proud of you!. You did a great job.What did you think of all those cool old mines? Would you have liked living and working up there in the olden days? Did you visit South Park City in Fairplay? If not, go there next summer when you and your Dad go back to do Mt. Democrat! It‘s pretty cool.

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