Peak(s):  High Point, NJ - 1,803 feet
Date Posted:  08/12/2008
Modified:  08/13/2008
Date Climbed:   08/03/2008
Author:  Bresch
 Jersey Represent - For Talus Monkey  

High Point, New Jersey 1,803'
56' Elevation Gain, on the paved Trail
500' distance from the parking lot
1,712' from the Hudson River in Albany
209 Miles to the base of the summit

Team Bresch - Bresch & She Brett

On August 3rd the Mrs. and I decided to hit the high point for the Great State of New Jersey, High Point. We started our trip from Manchester Vermont en route to my home town of East Brunswick. We decided to stop at Orange County Choppers at the corner of the New York State Thruway (Route 87) and Route 84. After drooling over some awesome rides we headed west on 84 to Port Jervis NY. On this "route" we saw some "heavy" traffic

Here we are entering the State park

The trail was very well maintained

I began my ascent in some normal attire, my Colorado Rockies Hockey Jersey, however the bulky jeans and Sketchers were new to me.

Wouldn't you beleive it, 200 feet up this road, a heavy rain storm came from the north and sent me back to the car, typical 14er story, where we waited it out, because it was pouring

Note the Jersey kid screaming and crying over getting wet, I thought us Jersey Boys were tougher than that.

I began my 2nd assault on this summit, with greater determination, believe that!

I knew David saw this effort, crunched in a packed trip home, and gave us a Heavenly thank you, as we got to the summit, this Rainbow brillantly appeared to the south, over NJ

She Brett holds up our small dedication..............

Then it is my turn..............................

And together we celebrate the "Summit Soda" of the day, David's Nectar of the Gods, The Dew

Looking towards Pennsylvania.................

North toward New York

And towards the northeast, the NY/NJ state line

A huge Monument that closed 2 hours prior to our arrival is the beacon for miles around, and I'm sure going up to the top provides some amazing views. I guess the rule for getting to the summit before noon applies here...well at least 1530 when it closes.

The plaque

A parting shot............... Even though my wife is from Colorado, her first high point was in my great state of New Jersey. I was glad to find out that after being out here for 8 years in Colorado that the high point for the Garden State was not a landfill!!!

That being said, I wish I had climbed with David, but my skills are kind of basic and stopped me from PM'ing him. However we know that he was with us for this journey with the Rainbow, and another state has been completed on behalf of the Great Talus Monkey, for his family and friends, he is missed...........................................

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 Comments or Questions

Nice Tribute to David !
02/05/2011 00:22
Wow, Highpoint, NJ surely brings back memories for me. I grew up in Port Jervis, NY (my family still lives there), and we visited the lake at Highpoint many times to swim. I can remember climbing up that monument as a child and thinking it was a HUGE feat !


08/13/2008 14:13
Always good to see Jersey in trip reports. I am actually originally from Milltown (right next to East Brunswick). Sounds like you had a great day and thanks for the blast from the past.

Mel McKinney

Way to go!
08/13/2008 21:14
Great tribute to TM! Glad you persevered through the rain and whiny kids!


Nice job, Harry!
08/13/2008 22:40
That summit fever took over and carried you through the hurricane like conditions. Well done! And I like the sweet throwback Rockies jersey, the REAL Colorado Rockies.
No pictures of the OCC showroom? Could you hear Senior yelling in the back somewhere?


08/14/2008 17:42
the patroleum tanks?? Jersey looks a little different when you branch away from the Turnpike.

Cool report, always good to see the nicer parts of the Eastern Seaboard.


Thank you!!!
11/30/2010 17:28
Mt Girl, I hear you. When I was 12 years old I climbed Prospect Rock in Manchester Vermont, my 1st summit. I went back on August 1st and climbed it again. It was 1.59 miles and 1000 feet. I was shocked how easy it was under an hour without pushing myself like a 14er!!!!

E-Dovrs - I was a Milltown Police dispatcher from 1993-2000!!! and I live in Golden, small world. New Jersey, only the strong survive, I say only the smart get out!!!!!

Mel - Thank you very much!!! I would be joing the Antero hike, but I have to work Sunday 6am otherwise I would have been in. Sorry Chad and I got to Sherman late

Keith - That is my token Jersey, it comes with me on every hike, I will retire it when I climb 1,000,000 verticle feet. And Paul Sr. was screaming his "idears" were a hell of a lot better than Paul Jr's, Mikey was out campaigning for President.

lord Helmut - May the Schwartz be with you. Yes, New Jersey is not one gigantic oil refinery/ landfill. I am proud to be a Jersey Boy. I video taped a lot to prove to people that back east is a hell of a lot greener vegetation wise than Colorado and there were a hell of lot more bugs too!!!!!


56‘ of elevation gain?!
08/15/2008 21:22
Sounds like my kind of hike! Kidding. Seriously though, thanks for doing that for David and carrying his spirit on. I‘m sure he is thrilled that you chose to honor him, Harry.

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