Peak(s):  Panorama Point  - 5,424 feet
Date Posted:  04/11/2008
Date Climbed:   11/18/2007
Author:  DHatfield

 Nebraska State Highpoint  

Panorama Point (5,424')
Partner: Susanjoypaul

We did this back in November, and didn't think at the time that anyone would really be interested in a trip report, but due to current mountain conditions I thought it might be a good idea to offer up a safe alternative for those looking to put another checkmark on their list over the next few weeks.

This day was like that – too much snow – so we decided to knock off another state high point. We each had only two under our belts – both of us had done Elbert and I had Mauna Kea, Susan had Rainer – so there were a lot left.

For training, we started walking to the mailbox each day, then hiked one block, then two… and so on. After a couple of weeks we thought we were ready to tackle the highpoint of Nebraska located approximately 15 miles south and east of Pine Bluffs, WY.

To get there we drove through the small town of Pine Bluffs and headed south on RD 164 to RD 203, then east on RD 203 to RD 6 where we continued to go east to RD 5 where a sign pointed south and noted "Nebraska Highpoint – 2 miles."

We must be on the right track….


Heading south on RD 5 for two miles we finally arrived near the Nebraska Highpoint although we had to stop briefly to pay the $3.00 entrance fee before entering.

This must be it!!


Before coming here we thought about hiking up the road to the actual highpoint since driving to a highpoint - even if it is a drive-up - just seemed wrong to me. However there was a sign posted: "Warning Bison Area NO HIKING NO BIKING" - well there went that idea.

Thee warning sign…


I considered disobeying the sign, however I do remember bison can actually run pretty quickly for their size so we just motored on up to the highpoint while dodging some small rocks in the road and narrowly avoiding all the bison biscuits. Those things are everywhere!

Me on the summit of Panorama Point, okay so I am a little overdressed, but hey you could never be over prepared… or can you?


Next I belayed Susan to the summit. She was dressed more appropriately for Nebraska – barefoot and in coveralls. Watch your step Susan – those aren't Ring Dings!


After enjoying the views of the plains and signing the register we felt it was time to return back to the good old Rocky Mountains. On the way home we stopped in Denver to check out the new Denver Contemporary Art Museum, and then walked over to The Tattered Cover in LoDo. In the Mountaineering Section, Susan found a little CMC book named Colorado Roadless Trails; on page 64 there was the nice write-up that Susan did on Blodgett Peak – along with my photos, way cool!! Seeing that in the bookstore was the highlight of the trip, now if she would just sign my copy…

All silliness aside – if you're looking for a safe outing in these days of considerable avalanche danger, consider expanding your list. We've been able to hit a number of lower peaks this season, and I believe the mighty Black Mesa – high point of Oklahoma – is calling our names this weekend! Like Susan always says: "it's on the Lists of John – it counts!"

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 Comments or Questions

02/05/2011 00:22
Great trip report! I especially like the training section. No oxygen mask or down climbing suit?


04/11/2008 21:41
Down climbing suit on the second climber is what I was going for.


Thanks Doug!
04/11/2008 22:35
Another great trip. I‘ve been training hard for Black Mesa - I think I‘m ready. I may need to borrow your suit...

Kevin Baker

nice one
04/12/2008 02:35
So you finally hit your home state‘s highpoint, Doug! I see you had to rope up for that tricky summit block. Thanks for promoting the state highpoints. Are you both members of the club? Each one takes you places you wouldn‘t visit otherwise!


04/12/2008 02:46
Susan - Is it really going to be that cold this weekend? If you need it sure you can borrow it!!

Kevin - Yep, it has been some time now. That summit block is the toughest I have ever done.... being I am an armchair climber. There is a club for the highpointers? I wonder what that club is called. I know Susan is part of it and someday she will have be convinced on a reason to join the club. The reason we plan on doing State HP is the reason you just stated I will go places I never would have otherwise, like everything east of Colorado


Oh yeah...
04/12/2008 03:05
...I‘m a member. Funny thing, one of the Officers and Directors of Highpointers is named Kevin Baker. Any relation?

Seriously - they do a great job with their liasons and all the timely info on conditions and red tape with hiking outside Colorado. Heck, they even sent me a cool magnet for my fridge!


”WOW” No Oxygen?
04/12/2008 18:30
You should be careful up there with out bottled oxygen! Whats next Iowa?


04/12/2008 22:25
Did you get a panorama from the summit? If so, Bill can label all the peaks visible from there!

Kevin Baker

Yeah, I‘m on the Board
04/13/2008 03:51

Yes, I‘m the treasurer of the state hp club. It‘s a pretty easy job. I like to see the club promoted. Better make sure Doug signs up!


11/30/2010 17:28
TheKanes - Iowa's on the list. I need to recover from Oklahoma first though (did that yesterday). After spending the last six months nestled in my oh-so-supportive but heavy-as-hell La Sportiva Glaciers, my feet rejoiced at the opportunity to play in my lighter-than-air, broken-down Keen summer hikers. And now I'm paying the price - sore feet! A trip to the boot store is in order... can you recommend a good mountaineering shop in Iowa?

Doug - The pressure's on dude - stop blowing all your money on Hannah Montana posters (she's too young for you anyway) and cough up the 20 bucks for an HPers membership. Until you join, those peaks don't count - so you're going to have to go back and repeat them all!


04/13/2008 17:11
Well now that you put it that way....... you know I don‘t repeat ANY peaks so I guess I better join the Highpointers. I will just skip a few meals to pay for it since I can‘t give up on Hannah Montana.

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