Peak(s):  Mt. Massive  -  14,421 feet
Date Posted:  03/24/2008
Modified:  05/28/2011
Date Climbed:   03/23/2008
Author:  Jcwhite
 A damn fine Mount Massive Ski Descent

 Comments or Questions

Awesome Pictures
02/05/2011 00:22
Awesome pictures. I am in the market for a new camera for my future expeditions. I have been asking many this question, but what camera did you use? The clarity is great and what I am looking for. Looks like you had a good time and a good day.

Also, I guess I met your yellow lab on Quandary on 03/22/08 along with Horton (with Bill and skiing partner). Nice report and some great photos.


Pretty Sweet tracks
03/25/2008 03:06
Sorry you didn‘t feel well; but maybe you needed that to remind yourself how we mortals feel when climbing mountains.How many unique 14er ski descents do you have?


Hey thanks man,
03/25/2008 03:09
I‘ve just been using the canon sd1000. Its like the size of my wallet.

Yeah that was my pooch up there on quandary. Not sure he is in quite as good of shape as Horton


03/25/2008 03:15
Thanks Sg, That one put me at 27 including conundrum.


03/25/2008 14:30
Great job Jordan.. Looks like a great day..


Nice TR, J
11/30/2010 17:28
A lot of those photos were also taken with my camera, a canon a640. 10megapixels, and a really good continuous shooting mode, which is really nice for ski photos. Not quite an SLR, but you can buy other lenses for it, just like an SLR.

Halfway, eh? This year might be a good, long one to get some done. Now, if only Long's would hold some snow...


Wiping up the rear
03/25/2008 14:16
Ha! jcwhite, how does it feel to be chasing other skiers up hill?

Great job guys!


Demon Slayed
03/25/2008 03:47
Nice gettin out with ya again Jordan, quality write up.

My legs are still angry with me. It was interesting trying to rip down that vert in 15 mins with you and Frank after sitting on my ass for 3 months. Feels so good to be back after it.

Hope that windy SOB Longs fills in for you Frank, even if you were an hour late yesterday


03/25/2008 04:03
One of the coolest trip reports I have seen!


Don‘t mean to hijack
03/25/2008 04:19
Hey GB,

Where your pictures in your Evan TR taken with the A640? Just checking.


Once again, this TR was awesome.


03/25/2008 05:20
dcbates, yeah, the photos on my Evans TR were from the a640. Most of my 14er Tr‘s that you can find on my blog were also shot with the same camera. Highly recommended.


Damn Jordan
03/25/2008 19:47
I‘d never thought you‘d ever be bringing up the rear but a cold is a cold and it sucks to try and overcome, specially on a climb in the snow. Way to fight through it and solid TR.


03/25/2008 21:54
still feeling crappy i went to the doc today...Walking pneumonia


11/30/2010 17:28
Walking pneumonia is all that it took to get you to slog behind? I'm lucky if I can keep you in sight when I am totally healthy. Just wait until you're in your 40's!
Get better!


Great Report...
03/26/2008 00:46
Sure would of been nice to have a snowmobile last Friday for Columbia. Awesome report as usual. Congrats.



Flying Lung
03/26/2008 03:15
From Wiki

Symptoms of walking pneumonia include (but may not be limited to): deep bronchial coughing, sharp headache pains in conjunction with coughing, and shortness of breath. A potentially serious result is a reduction in oxygen blood levels that can occasionally result in dizziness or loss of consciousness. Persons with this disease need to avoid driving unless approved by a physician.

Good thing I drove home eh buddy. Damn man, reduction in oxygen blood levels? So did it feel like climbing a 16er?


lets just say...
03/26/2008 03:20
I have felt MUCH much better in the mountains in my life.


This is illness sucks
03/26/2008 23:20
Jordan good to see you are human after all. I hope you don‘t end up with what I had, they diagnosed me with walking pneumonia in January. I ended up having to take off most of February because I was coughing up a lung. Get better because I still want a chance to redeem myself on the Crestones in the not to distant future.


03/30/2008 17:53
Loved the TR Get Well Soon!


Canon SD1000 settings
04/02/2008 20:12
hey JC...nice report. I just got a SD1000 this year, and I haven‘t used it yet on a mountain. What settings did you use?
S: fine, superfine?
size: L, M1, M2?

I usually keep mine set on Manual and ISO:Auto, and then adjust my (+/-)0 for lighting.


Hey, it depends
04/02/2008 20:17
If Shooting action shots, then it is in manual, continuous shooting, but for scenics and what not it is usually in manual. Always superfine, if you are using a 2 gb card then it is still hard to use the whole thing. I don‘t think I messed with the size.


I own
04/04/2008 16:57
one too, always on superfine, always on manual and if you use some of the vivid colors (red for Utah, green for CO and blue for wherever), it really does make a difference. Since I don‘t know what ISO is, I keep it auto too.


route ski descent rating
05/13/2009 19:51
what D rating would you give this route? or resort (blue/black/double black/extreme) would you give it?



Ski Route
05/13/2009 19:55
D6 maybe. The majority of the route is no more difficult than a easy black run at a resort.

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