Peak(s):  Mt. Sherman  -  14,036 feet
Date Posted:  03/18/2008
Modified:  05/14/2009
Date Climbed:   03/09/2008
Author:  GREENSon14s
 Sherman Ski Attempt   

We attempted to skin, summit and ski Sherman in great snow conditions. A Naxo failure around 12,000 feet turned us around.

This was originally posted on TGR:

Plans were to stop by a friend‘s house in CSpings to wish him happy birthday, then continue on to spend the night at the trail head. Well I don‘t know if any of you have ever tried this miracle liquid but I am not alone in worshiping the nectar of the gods- it was voted BEST BEER in the entire USofA in 1893 and awarded a blue ribbon. So we decided to spend the night because drinking and driving, not cool kiddos.

First of all, thanks to Wes for lending us the gear we needed to get out for a great tour. Second of all, our touring set-ups were far from ideal.
Robbie=169 Karmas+Alpine Trekkers.
My brother Joe borrowed Wes‘s 169 Karmas+Naxo‘s (the ultimate downfall).
As for me, Wes‘s Alpine Trekkers+179 Seths=heavy. I felt like I had Cartman on my feet.

Didn‘t take long for the A4 to start making 1st tracks up the road towards Sherman

1st embossed shirtless, trailhead, Beam-chugging stoke to grace TGR

The Leavick metro area

Horseshoe Bowl and some of the area‘s mining operations. Everything running smooth at this point as we stripped off layers to enjoy the beautiful bluebird day.

Uh oh, Joe ejecting

Slight adjustment and we‘re back on the road. Sherman is the uneventful lump of a 14er on the right

Iam‘s snack

Robbie gaining elevation

We‘re working up a ridge in the basin, one at a time, when WHAMMY! the toe piece of the Naxo‘s blows an attachment screw.

Joe found the stripped screw and set it back in place.

That didn‘t hold for long.

This picture pretty much sums up our collective worthlessness at this point. Joe messing with a broken binding, Robbie being introduced to the snow by his Trekkers and skins and Fia running wrecklessly through exposed pillows.

Sponsor shout out

If you can‘t duct it, fuct it

Fuct it.

That lasted almost 20 steps. At this point, it was obvious that the Naxo‘s were incapable of anymore uphill travel. Serious thought about ditching my bro and charging the summit with Robbie crept into my mind as we were over 12,000 and less than 2 miles from the summit. But we are a team and if I was ever the one with a drawback, I‘d hope my partners would act selflessly and do what needs to be done for the overall well-being of our group.
We all threw our skis on our backs and began slowly and inefficiently boot-packing up rocky ridges.

About 4pm, weather moved in, our sun and visibility disappeared, winds and snow increased and the temp plummeted. We hit a target ridge and called it good.

Joe de-skinning with Sheridan, the saddle‘s huge cornice and old mines in the socked-in background

This was Fia‘s longest snow tour and although Four-Mile Creek into Sherman is all very mellow terrain and the snow we traveled on was solid all day, it was her first time in terrain requiring constant avy awareness and evaluation. Hard to believe but she loves snow more than any of us! She did amazing on the hike, definitely tired her out but she ran circles around us all day. But, had we been in a more exposed area, she would have posed a serious risk.
Extremely sobering report from Cordova, sounds like we lost a good one and signs seem to point to the K9s triggering it.

This will surely weigh on my future backcountry decisions. His life and death has many lessons and I will never hesitate to leave Fia at home again.

Here‘s to getting shut down by a green run, lump of an easy, boring, blah mountain.

Down we go

Next time we‘re going to leave the Trekkers and just take the rope tow

Crazy gully/terrain trap capped by HUGE cornice.

ate ad spassing

Jim right where we left him in the snow bank.

Shermie hasn‘t seen the last of us. Next time, no Naxo‘s.

I had been 18/18 on 14er attempts, having hiked, soloed, scrambled, climbed (the Diamond), biked, snowshoed, snowboarded, and skied (19/19 to include driving Evans) to successful summits. I have been blessed with good weather, great friends, amazing views, gas money and enough time to get out and explore some of Colorado‘s tallest peaks.

However, today the score board ended something like this.
Mount Sherman +1, Naxo -4, Tips^Up Robbie and Joe -1, Fia +10 (damn that dog loves snow!), big skis with Trekkers on the ascent -1, big skis with alpine bindings on the descent +1, humbling but sound decision-making +1, recognizing dog‘s potential threat +1.
Final score= mountain 1, us 0.

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Duct tape and Pabst Blue Ribbon....
03/22/2008 05:52
Nobody can ever accuse you of going into the mountains unprepared. Looks like a beautiful day. Thanks for the TR and photos.

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