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Peak(s):  Mt. Parnassus  -  13,580 feet
Unnamed 13645  -  13,645 feet
Date Posted:  06/25/2019
Date Climbed:   06/20/2019
Author:  bergsteigen
Additional Members:   eskermo, TakeMeToYourSummit
 Guidebook classics and local favorites   

Brumley Peak (Pt 13,660 B)

  • mileage: 3.84
  • elevation gain: 2,969'
  • trailhead: First switchback on Inde Pass, east side
  • partners: Brad & Nick
  • June 15

With bad weather forecasted after noon, and a FibArk festival to attend, we needed a quick and easy peak to ski. As a rare weekend trip, I tried to get all my 'weekend only' partners on board. Thankfully Brad suggested Brumley, as everything I wanted just wouldn't work with the time available, or one or both had already skied it. This would be a "new" peak for me and Nick, even if it's unranked ;) It's in the Dawson ski guide, so it was on the radar for a ski at some point!

When I arrived at our trailhead (the main one is still buried under avalanche debris), I wasn't quite liking what I saw. The lower chute was obliterated by an earlier avalanche and looked dirty and thin. But Brad said the upper pitch was good, so that would be the money turns. Nick checked out the snow bridge as well, and said that would hold us - hopefully. There were a few bridges, so at least one should work.

Approaching the snow bridge

Once across the snow bridge, it was a steep up through the gully. The boarders were thinking they could ride the lower section, I was not liking it with my brand new planks. But that was an issue for later.

Stream is in play!
Hello waterfall

Once to the top of the avalanche damage, we turned right, to scout a continuous descent to this point.

Pano from the top of the avy debris

Once above the debris, it was an easy booter to the summit! The sun came to join us, and we could start to feel the snow warm up. No clouds, so we had time to make the summit and wait for the snow to corn up! Score!

Lounge break
Grizzly! Choose your line!
Summit selfie

Pano east

Pano west

After a nice summit stay, shooting the breeze, we geared up and started just below the blocky summit. The more solar snow was pretty baked already, but once we got onto our line, it was pretty perfect corn to shred!

Somebody's excited!
On to our line

Brad ripping down the start of the face

Brad shredding with a view

Nick McSmiley
Nick laying one over

Nick shredding with a view

Our turns, and me skiing down Photo Credit: Nick

Brad coming in hot and close
Nick riding the second pitch

Always lounge time with boarders
Warren Miller time!

After dropping the glorious west face, we had to traverse back north to our exit line. I was skeptical how far I would take me skis down it. Hmmm let's see...

Traversing back to our exit line
Shredding debris

Back into the debris was some interesting skiing. The boarders were able to blast through it, but my double planks had to be careful. Especially when I had to ride switch through some nasty willows!

Every skiers favorite part... willow skiing
More lounging, as they wait for the slow skier

Debris time
Bumpy but still skiable

Aaaaaaand I'm done, but they aren't!
Even the boarders booted through here

Lower slope riding
Approaching the snow bridge

We drove up to the next switchback above us, to admire our line, drink a celebratory beer, and enjoy each others company! Hope to get out with these guys again on another peak some day!

Our line

Mt Parnassus

  • mileage: 6.46
  • elevation gain: 3,360'
  • trailhead: Urad Mine
  • partner: solo
  • June 20

I had attempted to ski a peak the day before, but when I woke up in a cloud at 4am with some rain/snow/sleet precipitation, I decided it probably didn't freeze. Stepping on the mashed potatoes, confirmed my fears. So it was nap time and plan B. A lap at Loveland.

Next night was warmer, but clearer, so I figured I had a shot. I wanted to ski the east face, but would settle for a north facing line if need be. I would go up the backup plan, since it was the shorter approach, and I figured the east face was a low probability line anyway.

Driving in to my campsite, I was able to get a view of the face from the main road. Convenient! I could tell the Drainpipe was a bit rough, so hopefully I had some other options!

Started booting up from the gate around 4am, and encountered first snow around 10.5K and continuous around 10.8K. Boots on, then fairly soon afterwards, skins on. There was a section of avalanche debris to cross, but that was a simple dodge right then left to get back onto the road.

Sunrise glimpse through the trees

The sun cups in the trees were a bit punchy, so I hoped once I exited and got into the clearing, the snow would become more solid. Once beyond the willows, the snow became rock hard and slippery, so on went the spikes, since skinning any further would be futile.

I decided that I would ski the line to the west of the drainpipe, which had already flushed some cornice debris through it, and climb the line just west of that. Anywhere the snow was thin around rocks, was not very supportive.

Moonset behind my lines


Backside of Bard - Maybe not a ski line

Booting up started firm and got progressively smooshier. Getting up an hour earlier would have been best, but at least I had a safe exit planned.

Ski left, up center/right
Woods is no longer continuous

After meeting up with the ridge, it was just a short tundra walk to the summit.

Evans and Bierstadt
G & T

Pano east

Pano west

Summit snow!

Even with summitting about 9am, I didn't take much time on the summit. The entrance onto the east face looked problematic to the north, and rough right below me. That will be a line for another day. So I clicked in and skied the summit edge around to near the top of my line. I had a 50' break in the snow, as Parnassus west ridge gets hammered by wind all season long.

I skied as far to the safe edge of the cornice as I could. Didn't want to tempt fate. Turns were ok, but better than walking!

Top of the cornice line

Careful cornice skiing

Quite happy to reach the top of my northern ski line. Top part was nice and wide, then went into a choke before the exit to the basin willow below.

Top of my line
My upper sloppy turns

The upper snow was certainly warmer than I like it, but still supportive.

The line through the choke was the steepest of the day.

Looking down the choke and to the exit
My turns through the choke

Once I got down to the willows, I was able to take a break and breath easy, that I had just snuck one in with a marginal freeze!

Late morning sun on my line

The exit out wasn't as bad as I had expected. The snow held up fairly well, until the patchy sections. Then it was mashed potatoes. Below the main stream crossing the snow got patchy. Lots of on off with the skis, until I was just to tired for that, and began plowing through the banks with my ski boots. Last mile was a quick boot out, where I could drive a bit out and admire my line!

Parnassus north face from road

Another 'roadside classic' done. Pretty easy access, so I'll be back to Ruby basin for other objectives!

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Comments or Questions
Great pics...
6/27/2019 6:58am
...as always. I had blast with you two on Brumley. Let's ski some more soon!

Summer skiing
6/28/2019 10:56am
Nick - hopefully we get a couple more freezes to get in a few more lines! Otherwise it€„¢s going to be such a long wait for Chet€„¢s To start spinning again!

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