Peak(s):  Culebra Peak  -  14,047 feet
Date Posted:  03/10/2019
Date Climbed:   03/10/2019
Author:  SpringsDuke
Additional Members:   HikesInGeologicTime, climbingcue
 #38 Culebra Peak   

#38 Culebra Peak with climbingcue and HikesInGeologicTime. climbingcue was on a splitboard while HikesInGeologicTime and I were on snowshoes. I may have to change that to ski skins though as you will be able to get down in 1 hour compared to my 3 1/2 hours. Needless to say climbingcue had a much quicker day than us summiting and snowboarding down to checkout a little after 1pm. My checkout was at 5pm. Daylight Savings Time had us all lose an hour but I personalyy did not feel any negative effect. However the ranch did open almost an hour late at 645 am, maybe someone there forgot DST? HikesInGeologicTime was not able to summit because of lack of time but I suspect he will be back on his skis soon enough to exact revenge.

Winter trailhead down the road on Cielo Vista Ranch. Easy to get scheduled, pay, and even reschedule when needed. You will be greeted at the gates drive to the ranch building to check in and be off quickly. Check out just go back onto the office sign and get the lockbox code so you can open and then lock the gate behind you as you leave.

7 am start time from the ranch hq. In snowshoes after the first 2 miles and then they never came off the rest of the day.

One other very fast climber using snowshoes and three others on skis lead the way for myself and HikesinGeologicalTime in our snowshoes

Hiking through the meadows on the would be 2wd road

Hiking through the meadows

At the summer trailhead called The Four Way. You can see the sign barely sticking up from the snow.

Gaining the ridge past the upper 4wd summer trailhead. Today I could not find that trailhead in the snow.

Looking back down the trailhead we just came up.

Gaining the ridge I went to the left and then cut back right. Most others just went right up the summer route instead. It was a more pick your line today like it is known to be in summer conditions. The snow was good for snowshoe on any route you really wanted to take.

Gaining the ridge cutting back to the right to make the ridge closer to where Culebra ridge starts. Was good snow all around for my snowshoes.

First sight of Culebra FALSE summit. The real peak is behind.

Temperature and wind above tree line picked up a lot but on the ridge is where winds are whipping fast and colder as I head up to the false summit.

On top of the false summit now Culebra comes into view

On Culebra Peaks true summit looking back at the false summit we just came from.

Summit views of Spanish Peaks

Summit views

Summit views of 13er Red Mountain

Summit views

Summit views

Summit selfie. .
Going back down we must go around the entire ridge. Thats why Culebra means Serpent in Spanish cause its ridge is long and curvy.

The famous super cairn of Culebra passing on the way down

Going back down to the trail in the trees you can see below. Sorry finger got in this photos. It was hard to take more photos from the cold and also the time restraints to make it back to the ranch before 6pm.

Back down hiking in the beautiful meadows again on the way back after a long day.

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Comments or Questions
Enjoyed Much!
03/11/2019 00:31
Thank you.


Also summited 3/10/19
03/11/2019 12:34
It was a good day, I am super happy with my decision to use the splitboard. I would not have wanted to hike or snowshoe back down. It was nice to meet you, also happy you were able to get the summit.



Red Mtn.
03/11/2019 19:53
Was anyone able to tag Red Mountain? It looks like probably not enough time, but I was still wondering.


03/11/2019 20:12
And what a bluebird day for the hike!

Red Mtn.
03/11/2019 20:20
No one went for Red Mtn. The first snowshoe guy was super fast he could have had time and the skiers could have as well with the extra time they had. I would have had no chance time or energy wise.


You’re right about the skis!
03/12/2019 09:08
Iâm booked for this Sunday. Hopefully my legs will have recovered enough by then that I can push up past Four Way without them turning into total mush.

Beautiful pictures, and congratulations again! Iâll be happy to do Maroon with you when it warms up!

03/12/2019 18:21
Nice, right back at it you animal! Let us know how it goes and if you need anything when your passing the Springs feel free to reach out, whether you need a nap on the way back or anything at all let me know.


Thank you kindly!
03/12/2019 18:36
Will do, and same if you ever need to make the trip up to Denver for any reason!

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