Peak(s):  Gladstone Ridge  -  13,209 feet
Date Posted:  05/09/2017
Date Climbed:   05/07/2017
Author:  Jay521
 Don't be sad, be glad!   

Glad I dodged the weather


Trailhead: Denny Creek
Route: Up... Just go up...
Length: Maybe 6 miles?
Vertical: 3300 feet?
Partners: Solo

My friends GreenhouseGuy and SenadR did Gladstone Ridge the day before I did and I thought "What a chance to poach a nice trench!". Unfortunately, I didn't know what their ascent route was and had no luck finding their trail so I ended up earning the peak the hard way by busting my own trail. That builds character, right?

I parked at the Denny Creek TH and was surprised that there were only two other vehicles there - obviously a light day on Yale. I headed across the road hopeful that I would find an easy way across Cottonwood Creek. My lucky charm must have worked as this is what I found...

No need for water shoes today!

After crossing this nice little bridge, I thought perhaps I had entered a nursery rhyme as this is what followed...
I need one of these signs at work...

Somebody is not a dog lover?







OK - now that I have passed through the dog free zone, it's time to start up the mountain.

I wandered around a bit looking for GreenhouseGuy's track but had no luck so I just started up.

This looks like it might have been a trail?

the Gladstone mine?

And a path around the base?

An old boiler

And then I came across a more recently built cabin that looked open to the public. Anyone know anything about this one? Or the one by the creek?



From here on, I was on my own. I followed a drainage up the mountain (as is indicated in the topo map at the end of the report) and initially, the bushwhacking was a little difficult (heavily forested) but then I managed to find a much wider path and the only issue was breaking trail in mashed potato snow and gaining elevation.

Looking back down


The drainage opened up some

And got better and better

The views of Yale and Mascot were the eye candy I needed on the way up (and a good excuse to stop, turn around and catch my breath - which I find I need more frequently as I get older! )


Yale and Mascot looking good!

Once I broke out of the trees, while I could not see the summit, it was obvious I needed to make the ridge and go from there.

Nearing the ridge, looking back down

And looking to the ridge crest.

Weather moving in and covering Yale

My first view of Gladstone Ridge summit

Getting closer...

It was at this point that I heard a thunderclap. Although it was in the distance, it made me stop in my tracks. I waited for probably 10 minutes then started back down. After going almost back to the top of the ridge, I heard one more but much farther away. I stopped again and watched the clouds moving away (and Yale getting hit hard). I realized that I had a window where I could make the summit and get back down before any more weather moved in so I turned back around and hoofed it to the summit.

Summit pics.





And a short summit vid

The weather started moving in again so I hustled back down. When I stopped to put on my snowshoes, I took the following pic.

Weather is looking worse.

Naturally, after getting back in the trees, the sky cleared and the sun was beating down and I took the following picture of Yale when I stopped to eat lunch.

Yale looking sweet.

The sun managed to soften the snow considerably which made the trip down a little more work than I thought it would be. But that builds character, right?

And, as I don't carry a GPS, this is an approximation of my route.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and please be careful out there!

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Comments or Questions

05/09/2017 13:59
I had orphaned that 13er when doing the Emma Burr Group, thanks for giving me a blueprint on how to fix that. Though I do have many questions about those cabins you past...


05/09/2017 18:52
You must have a ton of character after plowing through all that white stuff! Good job, Jay!


Orphans and character...
05/09/2017 19:27
Shawn - It's a relatively easy one from the Denny creek side. Although in summer conditions, the bushwhack in the trees could be a bit tougher?

Doug - I think it's pretty well certain that I need a LOT of character so this one was a good start...


Good Job!
05/09/2017 23:16
We followed the ridge that was on your left on the way up, believing that the gully you followed would have been a terrain trap in the current wet slide conditions. The sides are steep down low, but they mellow out higher up. I saw some very small slides on the slope above you, but nothing of consequence. It looks like an interesting alternative route. The snow and the scenery were beautiful - the weather, not so much. That has to be the best vantage point for Yale and "Mascot."


Route choice
05/10/2017 09:37
Brian - Yeah, I saw from what you posted on the FB page that it looked like you went up the ridge. The only place that was the least bit iffy slide-wise was just breaking treeline to the ridge. I stayed pretty far left where the snow was pretty thin. Ended up just taking off the snowshoes and going on the dirt. The scenery really was gorgeous - my pictures never do it justice.


05/10/2017 09:41
Yes views are really great, court seat to watch Mt. Yale!


Timely Beta!
05/10/2017 09:56
This trip report plus the photos on the fb page provided some nice beta for this one. Think I will do it while down there for the Spring Gathering this weekend. Thanks all!


Poaching beta...
05/11/2017 07:28
Yup, Senad - I woulda poached your trench in a heartbeat. Next time, please leave me some breadcrumbs (or beers) to lead me to your trail, OK?

And Andrew - You will have fun going up Gladstone Ridge and investigating the cabins and mine ruins. Let me know how it goes for you.

All - thanks for the positive comments and likes - it makes doing these TR's very worthwhile...


Great report
05/11/2017 12:25
Thanks for the great report and pics as usualy, Jay. I'm eyeing this one for the 25th of this month now. Thanks for reminding me of another orphan that can be handled in the shoulder seasons!


05/11/2017 13:40
Thanks, Aaron! Always nice to hear from you. You obviously have come back from your injury with flying colors! Gladstone Ridge will be an easy one for you, I'm sure.


Nice report and photos
05/17/2017 10:15
I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who has to stop and catch my breath!


05/30/2017 09:44
Yup - the older I get, the more necessary the stops become. Thanks for your kind words.

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