Peak(s):  "Pk H"  -  13,100 feet
Date Posted:  04/24/2017
Date Climbed:   04/15/2017
Author:  jbchalk
Additional Members:   benners, lordhelmut
 The Straight Arrow Couloir   

One of my best ski days in the Gore so thought I'd share mostly pics. Highlight of this season no doubt. It was awesome to ski a couloir we had looked upon so many times from so many vantage points in the Gore. Hope you enjoy.

The Straight Arrow Couloir on Peak H

Also, Mr. Miller's always entertaining report:

A Righteous Couloir

Thanks for reading.






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Comments or Questions

Worth it
04/24/2017 18:51
Looks like all the effort paid dividends for you all. Way to get after it!

gore galore
Peak H
04/25/2017 00:23
A marvelous line whether skiing from your approach or climbing from the long haul up the south fork Black Creek as I did many years ago. I remember distinctly seeing this couloir in the early 1980's from some of the Slate Creek peaks. It brought to mind the legend of William Tell who shot a straight arrow from his crossbow and split an apple in half atop his son's head thereby saving their lives to the likeness of that geological straight upward couloir that splits Peak H in half. And so I named it the Straight Arrow Couloir. A great peak and surroundings as said way back in the Gore.


enjoyed report
04/25/2017 11:00
as usual, you guys can really get the miles and vert in, read Brian's report also, very good, thanks


Thanks, fellas
04/26/2017 10:55
Lodgling: Yep, was worth it in the end. Always worth the effort for us in the Gore.

Galore: So cool to get the history from you on this couloir! We all appreciate so much your history & knowledge. I don't know why it never occurred to me that you would have been the one to name this couloir, but it should have! Love the William Tell story. Cheers to you!

Piper: Many thanks for the comment.


The Spider
04/26/2017 12:29
Wow, excellent report(s). That's a big day. After climbing the Fly/Spider a couple times in summer, I never would have thought you could ski an aesthetic line down it. But that picture sure makes it look doable (and compelling!) in a big year.

I'm curious as to your naming of the Booth Passes. I've always assumed they were directionally named, East Booth being to the east (what you were on), West Booth between Booth Mtn and The Fly. Maybe I've had it wrong all along (as I often do in the Gore)!

Thanks for the good read.


My mistake on the Booth passes...
04/26/2017 12:42
...yes, East Booth Pass is the saddle between West Partner and The Fly and West Booth Pass between The Fly & Booth Mtn. I guess since East Booth Pass is adjacent West Partner, I just called it West Booth Pass All semantics, but yes the pass names correspond to the directions relative to the others. Thanks for reading the TRs, SkiBum!


04/26/2017 12:51
On reading Helmut's report, I saw the West Partner/Fly saddle reference and thought, "Wow, that makes good sense too", so I can see how either works. Hope someone posts a report of the Spider when you guys go back and ski it!


Top notch baby, never coming less...
04/27/2017 10:37
Good stuff as always with a real strong team. I love those graveyard starts too, those 3rd shift approaches... On a side note, I have trouble with your site on mobile (iOS). Not sure what the deal is. Everything is too zoomed. Could be Tim Effing Cook though. Be safe.


Thanks, kev
04/27/2017 10:56
Miss seeing you man. Yeah, everything is zoomed in on my phone too. No clue brother. Hey, I didn't already but wanted to pass along my congrats to you and Sarah on Pyramid the day after us that last winter weekend in March!


Thanks, Brandon
04/27/2017 11:04
I thought there would be a slight chance we'd see you and J coming out but we didn't want to get to T-Lazy too early and figured you'd be quick. I was talking to some of the fellas about getting the Slate Lake crew together again for something this summer in the gore or HCW. Would be pretty sweet. If you need anything in Denver, don't hesitate to ask. Hope the family is doing well.


Let's do it, Kev!
04/27/2017 11:12
Get the crew and do a trip. I know we'd all be down (J and I). Wish we could have seen ya on the way out on Pyramid, but we had to skidaddle home so Kristine could rock over to Aspen that evening to do a trip the next day.


Love it.
04/29/2017 18:42
Still haven't been to the Gores. Someday. Nice work guys.


Thanks, Hardtack
05/04/2017 12:17
I'm sure you'd enjoy yourself in there.

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