Peak(s):  White, Mt  -  13,667 feet
Date Posted:  08/29/2016
Date Climbed:   08/21/2016
Author:  Jay521
 Tour de White   

The long way around


Trailhead: Browns Creek
Route: Up via Browns Creek, Down via Little Browns Creek
Length: Approx 14 miles
Vertical: About 4700 feet
Partners: Solo

I had read several reports on Mt. White where Little Browns Creek was used to access the mountain and was also an alternate route for Antero. I had even tried the route in May but late Spring season conditions limited me to making the saddle between White and Antero before softening snow forced me to turn around (that was one of those days where going down took longer than going up.) I spent a little more time looking at maps and thought that perhaps one could go up Browns Creek, hit Mt. White and go down Little Browns. Being a fan of loop hikes, that suited me fine.

I'm not gonna lie - this was a tiring hike. For "mountain machines" like Furthermore, Monster5, Goingup, Senadr, CPA Sarnelli, Bergsteigen, SnowAlien, the Chalks, Blazintoes and Teresa Gergen (are we mere mortals even allowed to write her name?), this would be an easy morning jaunt. But this old guy was pretty tuckered out by the time he got back to the TH. And, I think I was awake at least most of my drive back to Parker

But, for all my complaining, this was a fun, fun hike.

Jones, White, Antero (l to r) on the drive in.

Signs lead the way.


And a good trail with a cattle gate.
A cattle gate

And the trail just gets better and better.
Like a highway

And bridges... Lots of bridges.



And the bridges also get better and better.

Until finally, you cross this!

The first person who can correctly identify this bridge will get the IPA of their choice or an escorted hike up Mount Bierstadt.
(PLEASE pick the IPA!)

Go see the falls. I'm tellin' ya. Go see the falls.


While the trail was wide and relatively flat to the falls, it was apparent that most people turned around at that point as the trail narrowed some and got steeper the rest of the way to the lake.
Narrower trail

But the views just got better and better.
Browns Creek

North face of Jones Peak

I wonder why it's named Mt. White?

Cliffs on the south face of Mt. White.


Browns Lake is just beyond this spot.

Browns Lake - Thank you, Mr. Beaver.

Just past Browns Lake, the trail ends and it becomes an 4X4 & ATV road. I hiked it for a while and then decided to turn north and work my way up Mt. White. Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of the spot where I turned north but it was at a rise where the 4X4 trail started downhill and looked like it just went all the way to just shy of Cronin. I wasn't eager to add those miles going in the opposite direction so I just picked a chute and started going up.

This first shot is partway up the chute, looking back at the road. The road is level at the point in the center and starts a long downhill run off to the right (hidden by the tree branches.

And more shots as I work my way up.

Looking back down

Nearing the shoulder

Grassy ramp above the shoulder - summit not visible yet.

As there were some miners on a line between me and the summit, I opted to circle left (to the north) to work my way to the summit. It is never pleasant side hilling on loose rock but it seemed the prudent thing to do.

Summit pictures...
On the false summit looking at the true summit.

On the true summit looking back at the false summit.


The Arkansas Valley


Summit vid

I met a nice couple near the start of the hike - Brandy and Erik - and they chose to go up via Little Browns Creek. They hit the summit just after I did.
Brandy & Erik (PM me and I'll send you other pics I have of you.)

And this old guy was up there too...

As is my habit, I didn't stay long on the summit, opting to head down before eating any lunch. Lightning scares me more than anything in the mountains...

Erik & Brandy had found a nice vegetation path coming up and I chose their route going down as I was a little tired of the talus by that time.

Further down - almost to Little Browns Creek trail

Stopped here for lunch on the way out.

A good sized cairn!

Another couple I met on the way down - A father/daughter team and I didn't get their names.

As I don't carry a GPS, this is an approximation of the route I took.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and please be careful out there!

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Comments or Questions

Nice job, Jay!
08/29/2016 19:36
Great report, Jay! ... and is that the bridge over the River Kwai?


You got it!
08/29/2016 21:05
It is that bridge. It would take someone in our age group to pick that one out, eh?


Enjoyable read
08/29/2016 21:06
Good write-up. You have a reputation as being one of our most positive forum members, evidenced by this TR.


Awesome Jay
08/29/2016 21:26
And yes agree with SoCool, I think you should win most loveable and most positive member


08/30/2016 08:56
@Kay and SoCool - Thanks you two - although my first wife might not agree with you!

And, seeing as how MtnHub got the bridge answer so quickly (and I don't think he drinks beer and hopefully does not want to drag me up Bierstadt), here is another bridge picture that will determine who gets the IPA or the Bierstadt tour


08/30/2016 09:51
Lucky guess. Yep, I'll pass on the beer, and the only way I'd hit Bierstadt again is by repeating the Tour d'Abyss.

I won't disclose where this other bridge is (were you stationed over there, Jay?)


Geez, Doug!
08/30/2016 10:12
Are you a closet bridge geek and I didn't know it? And yes, I was... But I'm holding out for the name and significance of the bridge from (hopefully) the under 60 crowd....


What Old Guy?
08/30/2016 13:15
For me, there seem to be two kinds of TRs worth reading on this site.
1. "Mountain Machine" reports that impress me with their sheer volume of peaks or strenuous accomplishment.
2. Reports that go beyond the stats to tell a story about the person hiking, giving details not only on the route, but the experience that was had.
Beta and entertainment can be found in each.Both reports have their place, IMO.
You've just brought us a renaissance of the latter kind. Thank you.
"Old" seems like a state of mind to me, one that doesn't seem to describe you at all.
I'd written off White as one that looked dull. Your route makes this peak look like I'd have a great time.


Thank you, Matt
08/30/2016 14:06
Yeah - most days I don't feel my age at all but then I try to keep up with some younger folks on the trail and know better. But I do sincerely appreciate your kind words. And I don't think you'll be bored by White. This is one of those mountains where most of the enjoyment is in the approach. At least that's my take on it.


08/30/2016 15:16
I've done Antero from little browns creek, thought it was pretty scenic. especially during aspen season

Brian Thomas

solid day
08/30/2016 18:18
Bringing some new perspective (as I've only hiked this together with Cronin from the other side) and as Matt said above a narrative that really brings the TR to life. It's cooling off enough now that it's LCW season again, hit me up when you want to daytrip something, I'll repeat anything you want to get. Enjoyed our foray up Sopris this summer!


More thanks...
08/31/2016 07:51
Thanks for your comments, Trotter! And Brian - I am always open to an LCW adventure. I've kinda had Windy Peak on my list for a while. I assume you've done it?


You just reminded me
08/31/2016 10:40
about one of my favorite 14er outings from Browns Creek. On the MTB I went via the CT, then Browns creek (yield to the many horses), up to the lake (yield to the many ATV's), stash the bike, bushwhack up to Tabeguache (that wasnt' much fun), back to the bike, push it for three years up to the Antero saddle, top Antero then blast down Baldwin Gulch and Chalk creek with big grin, pony tail blowing and the sun poking through the yellowing Aspens making all the hike-a-bike well worth it...wheeeee!


08/31/2016 12:09
That sounds like quite the trip Blazin! I just knew I was correct listing you as one of the Mountain Machines.


09/02/2016 07:39
hmm wonder what how one can get on the "machine" list, an "airy" plateau to reach, otherwise a "lofty" goal I suppose, but really we over 60's people are not that common in the machine world

thanks for the report


09/02/2016 10:43
Al - Some on the list are folks I've hiked/climbed with - or more accurately, they blew by me on the mountains. Others are those that I know I couldn't be on the same mountain with. But, I have to say that Billie Jean looks like a machine as she is almost always ahead of you looking back at you. Kinda like Senadr does with me when we go together....

Thanks for the kind words about my report.

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