Peak(s):  Grizzly Pk D  -  13,427 feet
Sniktau, Mt  -  13,234 feet
"Cupid"  -  13,117 feet
Date Posted:  01/11/2016
Date Climbed:   01/05/2016
Author:  goingup
 A Winter Day on the Divide   

I really like climbing mountains in the winter. Click below.

Grizz D, Snik, Cupid

Comments or Questions
Winter wonders...
01/11/2016 13:04
"I will gladly suffer all the suffers so I can feel all the feels."

I couldn't agree more. Nice one, Kay...

Enjoyed this one
01/11/2016 13:06
Going up,
Congrats on a nice day, I enjoyed reading this.

Hey, on the fluids issue, have you ever tried a bottle parka attached to your pack's hip belt? That's what I do, makes drinking pretty convenient and a pack-on activity. It'll work well except in a full day at really, really cold temps. At the end of such a sub zero day (like yesterday for me, fwiw) your fluid will get slushy and can eventually freeze, but that takes a long time and when I'm tired the slush still works. A Platypus bladder (no hose, 2L) in your pack close to your back also works; ultralight and takes up way less room than bottles. I've never had one freeze but of course with low enough temps and enough time I suppose it's possible. Just some ideas.

Anyway, great report, really enjoyed the mid day read.


Great Pictures!
01/11/2016 16:26
Justin's Peanut Butter cups are awesome hiking food, I always bring them. I also bring their squeeze packs and tend to pound those pretty frequently while hiking. As for water, I have gravitated towards bringing warm water in insulated canteens. I know it is heavy, but the warm water is appetizing to me when it is cold so I actually want to drink it so the weight penalty is ok with me.

Good read!
01/11/2016 20:22
I enjoyed reading this as well. I recently started doing what tompierce suggested. If water is in my pack I don't drink since I don't feel like going through the hassle. And as you said no luck with the camelbak not freezing. I got a set up from the fortybelow website. Used it on my last 2 hikes and love it. I attach it to my belt loops on side of my hip and it doesn't swing around at all.

01/11/2016 21:00
BoulderBarb and/or TomPierce can you guys link me or private message me exactly what you use??? I would love to give it a shot!

Jay ~

Turboprop ~ I do the warm water thing, it's more that I hate going into my pack. I get cold very easy and tend to want to always be moving.

01/11/2016 21:36
PM sent w/ link.

01/12/2016 08:17
I like this TR because I knew what mountain it was about after the 1st picture and it's not about Bierstadt. Edwards from Loveland Pass, out n back. Put it on the summer schedule. And now back to the grind. PS I have a snapchat follower. Nice report K!

01/12/2016 09:13
Pm sent!

Simple Solution to Freeze of Fluids
01/12/2016 17:57
For any winter hike, I leave a Camelbak fluid bag home. Instead, I use a Stanley ultra vacuum bottle filled with a warm or hot tea and put it in my CamelPak backpack. It serves me great. The bottle will keep the tea up to 24 hours. No more problem! The bottle holds 1.3 liter of fluid.

Thanks for posting!
01/13/2016 11:06
Like Jay, I really like your comment, "I will gladly suffer all the suffers so I can feel all the feels" Nice!

Winter hiking is a whole 'nother animal! Good call to leave Torrey's/Grays for another day. It's easy to make an excessive enthusiasm error, harder to know where your limits are and sometimes harder still to make that call to turn around, downsize/rightsize the objectives!

Great pics & report. That ridge does have a lot of ups/downs. Uffda!

Carry on!

my solution
02/01/2016 19:12
I've filled my hydration bladder with hot water at home, then put it in a cooler to keep it hot until I get to the trailhead. As long as I take a sip every 10 minutes or so, the hose hasn't frozen on me yet. And its time in the cold hose actually lowers it to normal drinking temperature.

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