Peak(s):  Cameron Cone - 10,707 feet
Date Posted:  12/15/2013
Date Climbed:   12/14/2013
Author:  piper14er
 Cameron Cone the last peak of 2013  

Cameron Cone - 10,707 from the parking lot for the Barr Trail in Manitou Springs ($5 credit/debit card).

Starting elevation approximately 6600 feet, distance ?? thanks to KentonB for the gpx track (I also used Ihikelikeagirl's trip report less the extra house hunting activity). I followed KentonB's track fairly closely, only deviating slightly a few times. One time in the rocks at about 7600 to 8000 feet where I had to extricate myself from large rock formations, but generally along the same route. I followed the trail down past this section on the way back down.

My gps told me six miles when I was finished, KentonB's had 7.6 miles and Ihikelikeagirl mentioned something about 3.5 miles one way. I can't explain it.

Thanks to Jim Davies, Hoot and mtgirl for responding to my forum post also.

2013 - circumspective (personal ramblings)

The last few months have been trying in terms of my hiking goals with 2013 being the best of times and the worst of times. I was able to complete all the Sangre de Cristo 13ers back in July (if I can remember correctly) after having taken a fall resulting in a few staples in my head just a week or so before.

After that I decided I needed to finish the Sawatch 13ers this year to but a kidney stone (most pain you will have) slowed me down a week or so, I was chased off of a few 13ers by Independence Pass late September and early October by blizzards, then we sold our house and moved in mid October/November which resulted in a lost six weeks with only time for a few 8ers and 9ers by Rampart Range road.

Moving was not good and by the time I had picked up, moved, setup, built and fenced my right arm (torn tendon from a long Pika hike in 2012) was in more pain than usual and I had developed "tennis elbow" in my left arm. I did not quite make all the Sawatch 13ers needing 40 or so when I started in July and falling a handful short and out of time for this year.

Doctor visits for the arm problems led to wrist splints, steroid shots, vascular surgeons and a scheduled surgery (this coming Thursday the 19th) for rotator cuff/tendon repair resulting in what will most likely be six more weeks for recovery.

I had to get out one last time before the surgery, something close to home but with some challenge to it, so that I would feel like I was accomplishing something more than a stroll through the woods.

Cameron Cone was on the list of peaks in the area I wanted to get. Mary's and Sheep were the others but they would have required a bit of bushwhacking, up and down. Cameron Cone is six to seven and one half miles (??) with a nice 4100-4200 feet of gain. Route finding, steep finish and nice views of the Springs, Pikes Peak and the Garden of the Gods can be had on this hike.

I followed Ihikelikeagirl's directions up Ruxton, past the left gate, over the two bridges and up the trail. I popped up shortly on the north side of the Cog tracks, crossed over and found the trail within 20 feet.



Cog and dog.


The same rock in the report at the trail. It was up and parallel to the Cog for a while, zigzags and a moderate climb. There was some slippery side slopes (with the snow) and narrow spots. The trail up and back is on the shady side of the mountain most of the way with the exception of the Gog/Magog stretch and the summit.

Gog (I think) and dog looking back.

Magog looking back (I am so confused) and dog.

Magog without dog on the way up.

The Cog and washed out Pikes Peak.

Climb this rock below Magog.

I followed the trail across the Gog area to a road. I followed the road to this marker at approximately 8840 elevation, where there was a trucked parked (roads everywhere I suppose). If you go farther along the road you would find, I am guessing, Ihikelikeagirl's house. I did see the house on the return route from up and above.

Turn there and follow the trail as it heads to the peak.

Meander through the forest until you find a cairn and the pink flagging. The cairns became larger and more elaborate.

There are some sewer markers too.

The trail is generally easy to follow but gets much steeper and with the snow much more slippery past the cairn. There are other cairns to follow and pink flagging, sometimes red and green flagging too.

The summit and a fine cairn.

I am not sure this is the highest point so I checked out the other end of the top where there is a large rock with a pile of small rocks on top (behind Billie Jean).




I hung out for a while on the summit, pondering Sheep Mountain, which I decided against and headed back down.

A little over four hours up and 2 and one half hours down of hiking time on a nice day in December.

ps hopefully back to peaks high and low in six weeks

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 Comments or Questions

12/16/2013 13:32
Al, good luck with your surgery and recovery. I hope to see some reports from you when you return! And good luck on your goal to finish the Sawatch!

I still need to get up Cameron Cone someday....


Moving AND surgery?
12/16/2013 17:13
Ugh. Can't be fun at all.

I always enjoy your reports as you focus on peaks that are off the radar. Thanks for posting this one - I'll have to put it on my list.


Wishing you a speedy recovery!
12/16/2013 20:58
Hope the surgery and ensuing PT goes well. I will miss your TRs until then!


12/16/2013 21:35
Good luck with surgery ! I had shoulder surgery 11 months ago (torn rotator cuff, torn labrum, and torn bicep tendon) from Dr. Weinstein in the Springs. Do your PT, and you'll be back at it in no time ! I started hiking two weeks after surgery and doing Incline workouts - immobilizer sling and all.


@ mtgirl
12/16/2013 23:07
I think my shoulder doc is a partner with Weinstein (I had Walden).

I was on the incline within 5 days of surgery in one of those immobilizers too, in winter! I got down to the parking lot and who do I see? Dr. Walden! He asked me if I thought my doctor would approve!

Yeah Al, you'll be able to be mobile after surgery. With limits of course.


12/16/2013 23:21
Thank you all for the comments. I appreciate the encouragement and recovery info. I was a bit depressed about this but it sounds as if it be possible to at least get in some easy hiking.


Great Report
12/26/2013 09:18
I climbed the Cone last December around this time. I really enjoyed climbing, because I look at it everyday from the Springs. My friends and I did not have a GPS track, so we ended up bushwacking up the slope to Magog Gog without knowing there was a trail that led up from the Cog. We only discovered the trail on our descent. How easy is it to find the beginning of the trail on the south side of the tracks?


Thanks cascade
12/26/2013 22:07
That seems to be the story, finding the trail,

luckily I had good reports to use so it made it easy for me.

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