Peak(s):  Red Pk B  -  13,189 feet
"Silverthorne, Mt"  -  13,357 feet
"East Thorn"  -  13,333 feet
Date Posted:  08/19/2013
Date Climbed:   08/17/2013
Author:  jbchalk
 Zodiac Ridge   

I know its a lengthy trip report, but I wanted to include a lot of information and pictures on this traverse as there is really not much documentation or anything out there (at least that I can find!). I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed being on the ridge. Definitely a classic in my mind. Sorry for those who do not like links to personal websites, but c'est la vie.

Here is my trip report on traversing the Zodiac Spires: Zodiac Ridge

Thanks for reading!


Comments or Questions

08/20/2013 02:57
Thanks for a detailed account of what looks like an incredible ridge in what is quickly becoming my favorite range as well. Sounds like it took a lot of vision, planning, and skill to pull this one off. Nice work Brandon!

I'm now looking forward to the day I have a roaring fire, burritos, and JD waiting for me when I return to camp. That sounds sweet .


I was thinking of this too
08/20/2013 03:36
But the weather called 50% rain today. Nice climbing guys! This is probably the 1st TR I have ever read on this ridge. So you met JK? He is Mr Gore! I saw that ridge in '91 when I did Willow BM (aka Mt Silverthorne) from the southface, those spires are just so photogenic. If I ever get up there, I'll toast the Recen Brothers at the campfire with a cup of Jack, Jimmy Beam held high in the heavens of the Zodiac!
Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulet! (let the good times roll)


Nice Brandon
08/20/2013 04:26
Its about time someone put up this group. I've seen that ridge prominently from Willow Lakes and from afar on Snow, but that view from Zodiac View is unreal. Hell of an outing, so many underrated ops in some of those southern Gore drainages. Looks like Rainier is still kickin around, nice! Think he still has some couloir climbs up Peak C in him?


08/20/2013 14:57
Nice bit of history re: the spires in the opening. I wish the CMC would digitize their entire run of T&T. I'd buy a full set if I could find one. We should know the histories of the mountains we climb.

You are a lucky man to have the gore and HCW a mere stones throw away. I had a good run going for a while but the I-70 prostrate exam has temporarily defeated me. But I will be back.

I saw the spires from Silverthorne last fall and was blown away. That ridge cannot see a whole lot of traffic. Congrats on another solid outing...


Amazing Traverse
08/20/2013 15:51
You guys have been kicking around this for a while on these forums. Congrats on a great climb. Another piece of Helmut's Eagles Nest > Buffalo project documented.


Thanks, fellas
08/20/2013 15:52
Ben - Appreciate the comments. Yes, plan your basecamp crew appropriately and you shall receive your fire, burrito, & JD.

Boudreaux - Definitely let the good times roll. Hope you get up there soon.

Brian - You are right in that it is about time someone put up some info on these guys. The Zodiac View is unreal, man. So amazing up there. We're all lucky folks in that we have a range close to home that we love so much. Rainie is still doing well. I think she may have a C climb in her yet!

Pap - It is so helpful knowing the history of the mountains we love and climb. I like that term - ”I-70 prostrate exam”. Hilarious. I am sure you will definitely be back. No doubt in my mind.

Chicago Transplant

Nice Ridge
08/20/2013 16:07
Hey! You were supposed to invite me

Glad you got this one, I obviously still need to get back and play on this ridge.


Thanks for comments
08/20/2013 16:22
Floyd - Yes, been kickin' it around and was time to take action. It may be a bit more difficult to go north to south. Helmut may just need to settle with going from Buffalo to EN.

Mike - I know, man. I'm sorry. I would honestly think 3 or more climbers would make for a much slower traverse with all the rope work and whatnot. Next time, dude. Hope you are well.

Chicago Transplant

Next time
08/20/2013 17:09
Okay, you are off the hook, but we need to get a Gore adventure in together this year for sure! I'll be in touch


You got it, Mike
08/20/2013 18:06
Let's do a late fall trip in the Gores. Be in touch for sure.


Nice preparation.
08/20/2013 19:54
You guys obviously did a lot of prep work for this trip and exhibited some great route finding. This one has got to feel good.


08/21/2013 04:00
I was wondering how hard these spires went and now I know. Thanks for the report.


08/21/2013 04:33
Nice work, Brandon. I'm drooling. Perhaps next year. Do you have any other named Gore traverses or ridges left? Valhalla has that Nordic ridge with a few techy spires on it - Loki, Thor, Freya, Odin, etc.


Thanks, Derek & Ryan
08/21/2013 14:11
Derek - heck of a Grand Traverse up in this Tetons you did. Congrats! Those peaks hold a special place in my heart - that's where I fell in love with mountains back in 8th & 9th grade when my father took our family out there every summer for 2 weeks and stayed at Dornan's Spur Ranch Cabins in Moose.

Ryan - Always more Gore ridges, bud. That Valhalla ridge you mention sounds great - love the spire names! We'll get out soon.


Awesome ridge run
08/21/2013 18:19
Man, I love vicarious living...

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