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Peak(s):  "Animas Forks Mountain"  -  13,740 feet
Wood Mountain  -  13,682 feet
Seigal Mountain  -  13,281 feet
Cinnamon Mountain  -  13,336 feet
Unnamed 13549  -  13,549 feet
Unnamed 13715  -  13,715 feet
Date Posted:  07/10/2013
Modified:  10/24/2013
Date Climbed:   07/04/2013
Author:  bergsteigen
 Cinnamon Pass 13ers - 4x4 Love Part I   

Wood Mountain A, Pt 13,709, Seigal Mountain, Animas Forks Mountain, Cinnamon Mountain, Pt 13,535

Trailhead: Cinnamon Pass
Road: Cinnamon Pass 4wd Road
Mileage: 10.16
Elevation Gain: 4,322'
Partner: solo

With the weather being less than ideal, my plan for a backpack into the Weminuche went out the window. So what's the next best plan in the San Juans? Hit up the 4x4 roads near Silverton for some 13er mini golf! Coordinated plans with the Finncutters and Valerie for part of the long weekend, packed up my truck with food and gear, and I was off on Wednesday for a quick ski and the long drive to Silverton and Cinnamon Pass.

On the "trail" at 4am, heading north along the pass/ridge line until I come across a convenient mining road that heads to a saddle with Wood Mtn that avoids some ridge annoyances. Got to the summit around 5am, greeted by first light on the surrounding peaks. Looks like sunrise will be pretty in a little while! I had originally thought to add on Pt 13,688 later in the day, but on my way to Pt 13,709 I was greeted to the sounds of a waterfall of rocks that came from somewhere along the ridge. Spooky. So I kept on walking on the nice talus ridge to the next point.

First light behind Wetterhorn and Uncompahgre

Looking over to Pt 13,688

Sunrise behind ridge to Pt 13,688

Rosey skies to the south

I arrive on the summit of the unranked Pt 13,709 for a beautiful sunrise. It's mornings like these in the mountains, that I know why I do this. The beauty and peace that surrounds me is amazing! A small bit of quiet and calm in a chaotic and crazy world.

With the nature of the peaks and the chosen route, I would have to summit/skirt this unranked peak 3 times...

Sunrise #1 behind Pt 13,688

First light on Animas Forks Mountain

Summit of Pt 13,709

Day #1 view of Grenadiers

It was a quick stroll over to Seigal Mountain on a faint but consistent trail, where I got a nice view of the road into California Gulch and the peaks for the next day.

Seigal Mountain

Hanson, California, Hurricane, Houghton and Tuttle, peaks for Friday

The ridge over to Animas Forks Mountain looked like it could be interesting, but it never exceeded class 2+

Ridge to Animas Forks Mountain

Pano of route on north side of pass

On my return to the saddle with Wood Mtn, I noticed that there was a talus trail just to the south of the ridge proper for the entirely of the ridge. So you can either take that or the ridge line, both go. At the saddle I had a look at the ridge to Pt 13,688 in full daylight. While Furthermore may have done this, I wasn't quite comfortable today, and figured it would be better from the Matterhorn side anyway. After the rockfall concert I got at day break, I didn't want to mess with loose rock and exposure solo.

Ridge to Pt 13,688

I decided to drop from the saddle to an old mining road below, that would take me back to the pass, and the other two peaks for the day.

Some pretty flowers to brighten my day

The route up Cinnamon Mountain follows a decent talus trail to the ridge. Once above the talus, it will be tundra walking for all but the summits themselves. So nice on the feet at the end of the day!

Cinnamon Mountain from pass

Looking at Cinnamon Pass, from Cinnamon Mountain

Tundra walk to next peak

Looking back at Cinnamon

Ridge up to Pt 13,535 - had hoped it was scrambly, but nope

Handies from Pt 13,535 - looks quite different than the last time I was here in April!

Once back at my truck, I drive back down the very empty west side of Cinnamon Pass and to the Animas Forks townsite for some lunch and a stroll around the ruins in my flip flops. There I found all the 4x4'ers gearing up for their day of driving around. Glad I got over the couple of rocky narrow sections before the traffic!

Animas Forks townsite

Animas Forks Mill

Day 2: California & Placer Gulch 13ers - 4x4 Love Part II
Day 3: Stony Pass 13ers - By Bob
Day 4: Kendall Mountain Group - 4x4 Love Part IV

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Comments or Questions
What Natalie said...
7/10/2013 8:27pm
...GREAT photos!

Great work!
7/11/2013 4:32pm
After reading this, I am more motivated to return to the San Juans! Great pictures! I hope you had a great day, it looks like you did

7/11/2013 8:58pm
That traverse is garbage to 13,688. I came from Hurricane Basin for 13,688, climbed to the Woods-13,688 saddle and then up. I remember scary, chossy and hard terrain.

Good call on not combining those.

I concur with Furthermore ...
7/11/2013 10:17pm
On that ridge. We did Woods from Cinnamon Pass, then dropped down a bit between Woods and 13,708, and climbed up to 13,688 via a really chossy, crappy Class 3/4 gully separating the two, and then over to Gravel, descended down to Hurricane Basin and climbed back up to the saddle between Woods and 13,708. Rained from the basin all the way back to camp below Cinnamon Pass. Brings back memories ... thanks for posting. Happy trails!

Easy to photograph the SJ's!
7/11/2013 11:08pm
Natalie & Jay521 - How can I go wrong with sunrise + SJ's?

anasarca76 - I had a wonderful day! There are tons of peaks to explore down there, and the majority have great views!

Furthermore - I didn't remember how you combined those peaks, but when I was up there, I figured that it may not have been easy!

Presto - I thought about doing what you did, then thought better of it. With the weather, I knew I had only a couple hours left, and I didn't think wasting it on choss was going to a fun plan!

Love the photography
4/2/2015 7:45pm
Looks like a beautiful area. You can't go wrong - it is the San Juans!

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