Peak(s):  Mt. Antero  -  14,269 feet
Date Posted:  07/07/2013
Date Climbed:   06/29/2013
Author:  magoh
 Summitted but not HIKED  

I had no idea there were roads on 14ers. Until we did Antero. I mean, Roach's book mentions that people can drive up the road, but I didn't think my little 4runner would make it all the way up above 13,000 feet, let alone the GMC pickups and surburbans and ford excursion I saw up there! It's a great 4WD road from Baldwin Gulch- we found a good camp site about .2 miles off of CTY RD 162. There was a LOT of jeep traffic grinding up and down the road. We set up camp on Friday night and loaded up the 4Runner at 6am on Saturday. I had 4 hiking friends with me including my 9-year-old son Benjamin. We figured we drive up the road a ways before we started hiking. But as far as I could drive I was happy to keep on driving. The road was surprisingly passable with my 4runner and we drove all the way up to the saddle at about 12,000 feet. Image
at 12,000 feet
We could have driven further, but decided we wanted some hiking time. Image
Heading up the road.
It was easy going all the way up the the end of the road above 13,000. It was not too bad from there either. Once you get off the road there's a little bouldering, but we ended up picking our own way up the ridge since the trail was totally covered over with a huge snow field. We made the summit without much trouble at all. Image
At the summit with my son Ben

We hiked back down to the truck and then drove over to Mt. White to try to bag it as well. There was another road up pretty high where we parked. There was a dude up there that said "this whole mountain is under claim" like six times. We were like, dude can we hike the mountain or what? Finally when he was convinced we weren't going to rob him of his quartz and stuff we hiked to the summit of White. It isn't much more than a pile of rocks, and none too pleasant to hike. There's really no good trail up there and there's a lot of loose rocks and tons of excavations sites where people are prospecting. We gained the summit and had some nice views of Antero. Image
A view of Antero from neighboring Mt. White

This was my 27th 14er and I found it a bit anticlimactic- simply because of the roads. I'm not used to being able to drive my truck up that high, much less every other 4WD enthusiast bombing around up there too. At one point some chick in a GMC truck with no topper came bombing around the corner at full speed- I was worried we were gonna get blown off the road!! So if it's solitude and the enjoyment of a little seclusion at the top of a mountain, Antero is not your ticket. But if you like driving your 4WD truck on high-elevation roads then it's a blast!

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Those Miners can be a little Crazy
07/08/2013 11:00
Everyone is up there trying to find some Aquamarine riches. Ran into a friendly Texan miner a couple weeks ago saying how the hordes would be descending on the mountain soon. Guess they get a little nervous when some hikers come waltzing through their claims. Unless you carry a pick and shovel, why all the scrutiny? You got a dilemma, either go back and redo or just let it ride. I would love to drive up Antero! Congrats on getting White!


07/08/2013 16:43
Thinking of driving up Antero this week - was the snowfield still covering the road up high?


07/08/2013 22:04
summitbri- the snowfield was up close to the summit and was only covering the hiking trail- the roads are clear all the way up!


07/09/2013 16:23
Awesome, thanks for the intel!


Summit Roads
07/10/2013 22:47
Nothing is as satisfying as getting to the top under your own power, only to find people that drove there. This is why I haven't ever made an effort to hike Mt. Evans or Pikes Peak.

I biked Evans, so maybe that's what I'll do for Pikes (though there are only a couple days a year when that's legal). I figure as long as you get there using only your legs that it still counts 8)


Pikes & Evans
07/10/2013 23:02
craftymatt, Pikes is America's Mountain and totally worth hiking! Barr Trail is a really really good hike. I've done the Pikes Peak Ascent 5 times and love it. I don't think you'd be disappointed to hike it.

And last year I hiked Bierstadt and Evans and the Sawtooth ridge between. Even though there were a bunch of schmucks who drove up Evans, that hike was really cool and I was glad I did it!


09/21/2013 13:45
yea for evans the sawtooth is the way to go! I've done it twice now and its a blast!

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