Peak(s):  Aconcagua - 22,841 feet
Date Posted:  01/16/2013
Date Climbed:   01/09/2013
Author:  jbchalk
 The Stone Sentinel  

Just a brief description with some of my favorite pics of our recent climb of Aconcagua can be found here on our website:

Aconcagua - The Stone Sentinel

Sorry to those who don't care for links to personal blogs. Hope you enjoy!


Aconcagua's north summit towering 13,000' above me on the approach to Casa de Piedra refugio

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 Comments or Questions

Your ”Readers Digest” version...
01/16/2013 18:53
... is great and I can't wait for Kristine's full report. What a fantastic trip and climb and HUGE congrats to the both of you for pulling it off...


Many thanks Jay...
01/16/2013 22:52
I'm looking forward to Kristine's full report as well. After all, she's the writer in the family...I'm an engineer.

Dave B

01/16/2013 23:15
Hiking out from Plaza Argentina in a day sounds like hell. Nice report and good luck on you future climbs!

I look forward to reading those reports, too!


Thanks, Dave
01/16/2013 23:35
That hike out was indeed hell most definitely


01/16/2013 23:43
To both of you. What were the summit temps like? Seems much drier than I expected.

Good luck getting Vinson!


Thanks, Ryan...
01/16/2013 23:44
That day was a beauty. Essentially zero winds on the summit around 11am when we were up there and likely air temps of 10 deg or so. The sun made it feel much warmer than that.


01/17/2013 01:38
Hey Brandon, you guys are firing on all cylinders! Congrats to you and Kristine on a fine job. Can't wait for her report!!


01/17/2013 02:16
I dig your hair on the N summit. Reminds me of Kramer's! Nice work.


01/17/2013 03:42
Hey Brandon! This is Amy, we met on the mountain -- good to see that Wednesday worked out for you! Thanks again for all the advice and weather beta up there


Thanks guys...
01/17/2013 04:02
Jim, you are firing on every cylinder too, buddy!

Darin, yep, the hair was and still is krameresq. I think I will keep it.

Amy! Great to hear from you! A hearty congratulations to you as well up there! Well done! Great to meet you up on the Big A. Hope all is well.


Cosmo K on top of SA
01/17/2013 05:07
Ha Ha. Kramer has ”hand” over Aconcagua. (sorry, i just heard this Seinfeld reference the other day and found it useful here).

Site looks pretty sharp Brandon, almost as sharp as the hair. Keep it up and goodluck on finishing this project out. After all this world travelling nonsense, where do the Gores stack up? Choose your words wisely......


Good reference, Helmut
01/17/2013 14:41
Thanks for the well wishes on finishing this project out. Getting close now. Kristine & I were saying the other day that while its been wonderful, it is wearing on the mind & body and we really look forward to sticking local for awhile. Meaning, yes, the Gores. And, yes, the answer is ”nothing stacks up to the Gores”. Looking forward to getting some Gore trips in with ya this Spring/Summer.


Nice write-up
01/17/2013 23:03
and pictures!! I summitted on the EXACT same day (the 9th) with my buddy Doug Hatfield. In fact, we are still in Mendoza as I write this, fattening up on steaks and wine! You are DEFINITELY right, this mountain is no walk-up!! Talked to two other 14er members that day from Denver, believe one said his handle was ĘthinksnowĘ Anyway, congrats and looking forward to the report from Kristine! P.S. what happened to the summit cross?!!! and P.S.S. We met an American doctor on the mountain, who had just done Vinson Massif in Antarctica about three weeks ago...said it was an awesome climb! So, go get that last fabled summit!!


Hey kman!
01/17/2013 23:49
Great to hear from you! So happy to hear you are still in Mendoza reveling in massive amounts of Malbec & beef! Yum! I wish Kristine & I had had more time there after the mountain, but alas we had to catch a plane! Cest la vie. At least we got a heeping amount of dulce de leche ice cream before we headed to the airport. A huge congratulations to you & Doug on a monster accomplishment! So very awesome! Yep, no more cross there apparently. I remember the old cross from 7 yrs ago, but never saw the newer one. What crew were you with? Just you & Doug? Yep, we met the other nice fellows Tom & Eric from Denver. They were camped at the base of the Polish Glacier with us as well. That was a big summit day in terms of quantity of climbers for sure. Anyway, thanks for the well wishes. We're going to try our damndest to make Vinson happen this December! Keep in touch!


01/17/2013 23:51
The dogs decided to sit this one out?


Doggie permits....
01/17/2013 23:53
Just too damn expensive these days, Vonmackle Plus, quarantine crap. Otherwise, they'd be there!


Dulce de leche
01/18/2013 14:29
ice cream is a daily treat for us!!! That stuff is like crack!! Lol!! Doug and I did a successful un-guided climb of Denali last year, so we opted to just take the ”snow-free” normal route through the Horcones Valley and up the mountain this time. We were partially supported (mules to Base Camp, and a few meals at Base Camp) by Inka Expeditions. I thought they did a great job, and was very satisfied with them. It was kinda cool taking a shower at their facility in Base Camp at over 14,000 feet!! The double-carries by us above Base Camp sucked! And, as you stated in your write-up, this mountain is NO walk-up no matter which route you do!! Thanks for your congratulatory remarks, we worked hard for that summit! That was definitely Tom and Eric that we met! I remember the names now! Said they were coming from the Polish Glacier. And yes, there must have been 150 people on the summit that day!!! Well Brandon, back to the 95 degree temps of the austral summer here and the fine steaks and wine!!!!!! I'm pretty lazy about trip reports, but I┤ll try to write one upon my return to the States. Larry (kman)


01/18/2013 15:37
of your plentiful amounts of time, dulce de leche, malbec, and Argentina beef! Ha! Enjoy, Larry! You guys earned it! Keep in touch upon your safe return to good ole CO!


Great Job Brandon and Kristine!
01/21/2013 20:41
That is one strong 5 day push! Good insight about this peak deserving respect. It seems as though its difficulty and grueling nature gets downplayed in many reports. Great job sticking with it and getting to the top. I'll be looking forward to reading about number 7 (or 8?)!!


Much appreciated, Ben!
01/21/2013 22:11
Thanks for the nice comments, man. Yes, the grueling nature sure does get downplayed in many reports no doubt. Hope to give you a #7 report sooner than later! Going to try and make Vinson happen this December come hell or high water! Take care, man. Look forward to some Gore action with you & Helmut this summer.


Small world
02/02/2013 00:32
Congrats on your success! I was part of Amy's party, you stopped me for a chat just a few minutes above camp one as I was headed down. At the time I didnt realize we are both ME's in the same industry, small world. Good luck on Vinson!


Very small world, Brian...
02/03/2013 18:06
...especially, the mountaineering/climbing world. Congrats on your summit as well! So very awesome. Very funny we are MEs together. Seems to me many engineers are climbers. Guess the problem solving goes hand in hand with each. Thanks for the wishes on Vinson. Going to try and make it happen this December. We'll see I guess

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