Peak(s):  Lizard Head  -  13,113 feet
Date Posted:  09/25/2012
Date Climbed:   09/22/2012
Author:  jbchalk
 Lizard Head  

Here is a link to my TR on Lizard Head from this past Saturday:

Brandon & Kristine Chalk - Lizard Head

I guess I didn't feel like writing and copying/pasting two different trip reports on 14ers and on our site. Call me lazy, I guess. The Lizard has definitely been on the to-do list for some time and it didn't disappoint. I guess the biggest piece of beta I can offer is that a 60m rope does work to rappel the first two pitches in one single rap.


The awesome Lizard Head

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 Comments or Questions

Very cool!
12/14/2012 15:49
Looks a great day Brandon. The website revamp looks great....


09/25/2012 18:40

Chicago Transplant

Cool Peak
09/25/2012 20:25
Still need to get back there and give this one another go, we got weathered off after 1 pitch the first try, so I can feel some of Kristine's pain on not getting up. Its quite the unique peak for Colorado, didn't even feel like a ”peak” when we were on the lower wall!


Thanks, fellas
09/25/2012 21:03
Jason, was a nice day up there. Nice to have a little better website than my old home grown piece. Hope you are well, buddy.

Ryan, thanks dude.

Mike, I remember reading your TR man and how you guys got weathered off at the Pitch 1 belay ledge. Youll be back to get it, I have no doubt. As will Kristine. It is a very unique peak...almost like you are going to the local crag yet much looser and you've just hiked for 2 hrs.


Nice Job
09/26/2012 17:45
Some sweet climbing trips you have posted this summer/fall. Nice write-up and some great pictures. I too hope to check this one off someday.


Thanks, Shawn
09/26/2012 18:03
Hope you are doing well. Is Denali coming together?

Kevin Baker

Nice work!
09/26/2012 18:41
Way to go, Brandon! Excellent TR for future reference. Good to see exactly where the route goes. I'm sure you will get your wife up next time. Very cool to have a wife to join you on such an awesome peak!


When you go back...
09/26/2012 19:32
I absolutely guarantee your wife would have a much easier time on the Ellingwood route. It's a stellar ascent up the summit tower on incredibly solid rock and it's always in the sun. No bulges or reachy moves, IMO a great route. We looked at your route but it was wet, sort of offwidthy etc. If you want more beta let me know. Anyway, great job and I hope she makes it next time.


Good Stuff Brandon
09/26/2012 19:42
Looks like an awesome climb! And you have a great excuse to head back too . I hope to follow in your steps someday on this one.


Thanks, dudes!
09/26/2012 21:14
Kevin, hopefully the TR can be of some use in the future though I know there are already several. Kristine is a trooper for sure. She'll get it next time - her strength just wasn't there that day. Hey, man, super awesome job on finishing the centennials! So very impressive. I hope I can knock off that list someday. Cheers!

Tom, thanks for your thoughts on the Ellingwood Arete (I think that's what you meant, correct?). I have yet to do that one, but, yes, from what I hear and have read, it seems totally solid, sunny, and enjoyable. I'll have to get Kristine to go with me up that. I may hit you up for beta as well - thanks!

Ben, it is a pretty awesome climb, man. I've been looking at it for 15 yrs - about time I get up it! Have fun on it whenever you decide to get the Lizard!


09/27/2012 00:35
Nice work, Brandon! Congrats!!


The Ellingwood Route
09/27/2012 02:40
No, sorry for the confusion. It's called the Ellingwood or Original Route on Lizard Head. When I did it we didn't even know about it, but didn't like the conditions on your route so we took off exploring and stumbled on the route. The route is a bouldery start, then up one ramp that intersects another ramp going in the opposite direction; we jokingly named it the Zorro Route for the distinctive ”Z” look of the ramps. There's a photo of the upper ramp on the LH page of mountainproject, entitled ”Zach coming up the last pitch” or something like that. If you expand the photo in your report where you label the pitches, the junction of the ramps is exactly where the number ”4” is. Trust me, take her up that route and she'll love it. I have a route sketch from Telluride Rock if you'd like to have it.


I read ya now, Tom!
09/27/2012 03:07
Makes perfect sense to me now...I have the Telluride Rocks book and see the ”Zorro” route. Good name. I see the ramps in my pic as well. Thanks for the clarification, Tom! Funny that you guys just stumbled upon it and in fact it was the original route.


The Spire...
09/27/2012 15:17
Jim, congrats to you on the Sunlight Spire! Hope to go back there next year for sure. Can't wait!

Boggy B

Single 60
09/13/2016 22:16

Thanks for the observation about a single 60 being sufficient! Summit to base in 2 raps with one 60m rope. The thing must be sinking, or maybe just the tat mess is sagging, because we touched down on the trail.



09/14/2016 11:41
For sure man! So glad you guys climbed it. You & Kylie?

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