Peak(s):  Pigeon Pk  -  13,972 feet
Jupiter Mtn  -  13,830 feet
Grizzly Pk C  -  13,700 feet
Animas Mtn  -  13,786 feet
Fifteen, Pk  -  13,700 feet
Monitor Pk  -  13,695 feet
Turret Pk A  -  13,835 feet
Twelve, Pk  -  13,140 feet
McCauley Pk  -  13,554 feet
Thirteen, Pk  -  13,705 feet
Date Posted:  09/19/2012
Modified:  12/08/2015
Date Climbed:   09/01/2012
Author:  benners
Additional Members:   Zambo, markjfun, Timmay_37, mtnfiend, lordhelmut, Matt
 Laboring in the Weminuche: Ruby to Chicago 13ers   

The monarchs of Ruby Basin: Peaks Sixteen, Fifteen, Turret and Pigeon (L to R), taken from Peak Twelve, September 3rd. Photo by Brian.

Partners in Crime:

Brian (lordhelmut)
Matt (Matt)
Rick (mtnfiend)
David (Zambo)
Ben (benners)
Mark and Tim (markjfun and Timmay_37)

The Fruits of our Labor (climbed by):

Pigeon Peak/Turret Peak A (All)
Monitor Peak/Peak Thirteen/Animas Mountain (Ben, David, Rick)
Peak Twelve (All)
Peak Fifteen (Ben, Brian)
Jupiter Mountain (Ben, Brian, Mark, Matt, Tim)
Grizzly Peak C (Ben)
McCauley Peak (Ben, Brian)

TR here:

Comments or Questions

Stress Free!
09/20/2012 04:20
I'm sure the TR had a whole lot more stress than the trip itself. But nonetheless, this one is epic my friend. Great work compiling so many moving pieces into this report. Hopefully the memories are well preserved now.

And to the other guys, thanks agin for getting out there. As Ben said, the Weminuche is an old friend that is always waiting and happy to see you - provided you put in the effort of course. The only thing that makes it better is the company you keep when going into it.

Great trip guys, and awesome report Benny!


09/20/2012 05:12
Great report - loved the photos and the good beta on some interesting peaks in the amazing Weminuche. My Labor Day outing was much shorter, but on 9/2,I found myself gazing southward over a fantastic panorama that included Pigeon, Turret, Sunlight and Jagged. I knew nothing of Peak 15 before this report. Thanks!


Good times
09/20/2012 06:08
The Weminuche delivers again, and hopefully for many years to come. Nice way to tell the tale Ben.

Don't forget about people in Montrose and their preferred mode of transportation when frequenting Denny's

Also, after 6 days in the woods, its been determined that Braveheart is the worst edited film in Hollywood.


Pretty amazing!
09/20/2012 13:07
what an awesome trip. Great photos!


09/20/2012 14:44
Now that looks like an unbelievable adventure. Glad to see the weather cooperated and that everyone achieved their goals!

Well done.


If Only...
09/20/2012 15:00
We could end every summer with a Weminuche excursion. Life would be very free of stress. Awesome trip Guys, performed in true style.

BTW, that was the same campsite that I had in Ruby 4 years ago. And that log in the creek... well that was the result of me trying to hang 30 pounds of food on a dead/leaning tree. Glad it is being put to good use. Thanks for the reference on Grizzly, that Columbine Lake area is simply amazing.

Ben... Have fun with the madness this weekend and it's time to clear your schedule the following weekend. There's a party a brewin'.


09/20/2012 15:37
Wow, this really brings back some wonderful memories. Having taken many trips to the area, one time we did ascend Pigeon from our camp in the Ruby basin and descended down North Pigeon creek to intersect the Ruby Creek trail and hiked back up to our camp (an enjoyable circuitous route). Had a great time on the Animas/Peak 13/Monitor combo ... I remember the Man said that Peak 13 reminded him of a ”kitty litter maze”. We thought the traverse to Twin Thumbs Pass (we did it from No Name) was cool (didn't have a lot of beta at the time and were sort of flying by the seats of our pants if you know what I mean) ... that high small lake below Peak 12 would be a stellar campsite. We did do Grizzly from Hazel Lake ... interesting climb using a neat ramp ... I got accosted by a large mamma goat and her large son ... he was so close to me that I could hear him breathing through his nostrils trying to smell me (luckily for me, it was all caught on videotape by the Man in case I was attacked, so he could make lots of money on the subsequent video ). We did McCauley by mistake ... thought we were climbing Grizzly (this was before we actually took a trip up there and finally summitted Grizzly). Didn't have a map with us at the time, but were glad we got a ranked 13er nonetheless ... sometimes that just how it happens. Nice beer selection. Love the turd shot (the Man won a game of scrabble one time with that word). Great water sports there, Brian! Thanks for posting. Happy trails!


Stellar TR, Worth the Wait
09/20/2012 15:39
And certainly worthy of a phenomenal trip for each of us.
This one goes in the memory banks as one of the best ever.
Thanks for being part of my two best CO trips this summer, Ben.
Your last couple days make me wish I'd had more time off work, but Twin Thumbs with a full pack was tough enough after just Peak 12, let alone doing a monster like Peak 15. Props to you two. The vapor cave is a just reward. I miss that place.

BTW, I concur with Floyd. Clear your schedule, man.


Pretty awesome shenanigans, Ben!
09/20/2012 15:59
Loved the TR! Your TRs are always a treat to read and I look forward to them all. I especially love your ”stress free approach” to the whole expedition. Its as it always should be. Good for you guys in making it a multi-day escape from work and all of life's ”stressful” obligations. Cheers!


Chicago Transplant

Great Trip
09/20/2012 18:05
Got up some of favorites in that area: Pigeon, the Animas Group, and Grizzly were all a lot of fun. The good news is I get to go back for 15 someday, and you can bet there will be some repeats involved. Definitely a basin worthy of repeat visits.


Many thanks!
09/20/2012 18:47
Thank you for the entertainment and the great beta I can use for my trip to Ruby next year...certainly need to keep it stress free!


The Weminuche
09/20/2012 19:12
is such an amazing place.

09/20/2012 20:35
Great trip, guys. Congrats. Photos and beta excellent.
I plan on borrowing this in building my itinerary for some of my 2013 Centennial attempts, if that is ok.
Nice way to wrap up a summer.

Does Denny sell feed? Who picks up the poop?

Wow, excellent!
09/20/2012 23:31
Great report as always, Ben, really glad to see you're gettin' after it. Your photos brought back some memories, I spent a few days in Ruby with Steve G trying for Little Finger. I still need to get back there for Peak 15 and your report is a nice bundle of beta. Great job, hope all is well!


Report of the Week!
09/21/2012 01:24
Or maybe the month. The gapers can't even come close to touching this one....

Fine report Ben, well written and fantastic photos!
Congrats to everyone on the trip as well!

Thanks for the honorable mention. Furthermore's tr and Brian Shultz' tr helped us.
Your report will carry on the beta for others to use. Thanks for giving back!


Fun weekend indeed!!
09/21/2012 01:43
All I can say is that must have been one healthy goat.....

Excellent report Ben, and thanks for the great weekend guys!!


Damn Fine!
09/21/2012 15:58
Yep that sums it up. Damn good tr and pics.


Great TR
09/21/2012 18:16
Fantastic photos. Top notch!


Very nice.
09/22/2012 05:41
Great report, Ben. Sounds like a wonderful Fall trip in one of the most remarkable areas.

Beautiful photos, too.

Arizona Bill
Fine Trip and report.
09/23/2012 05:28
Great job on so many peaks. Particularly Peak 15.

Ridge runner

Nice photoshop pic
09/24/2012 23:20
Enjoyed your whole trip report. I completely agree with your comment about trying to make it a stress-free trip. I think that's part of the reason I now rarely venture down to Denver and sit in traffic friday nights fighting my way to the mountains, only to go through it again sunday evening. Congrats on making the trip stress-free, yet getting out on some challenging mountains. Peak 12 has to be one of my favorites still, perhaps because I took a nap on it.

There was one tricky 4th class move that I remember on Pigeon, but on our way down we met another guy who came up a different way and said it wasn't any harder than 2+. Somehow we missed that climbers trail, but the way we went was pretty fun.


09/25/2012 14:17
Ben, sweet report about an even sweeter trip! Great to see you out there and to meet Lordhelmut finally.


Thank you!
09/27/2012 20:05
I appreciate the comments from everyone. For those who've been into Ruby before me, thank you for the beta and for the inspiration, for those who haven't, I hope this report only adds to the existing beta and accurately represents the potential of the area. It is a sweet place!

Cheers and thanks for reading,

12/15/2012 06:21
sick trip report!!! CAN'T WAIT TO FO THERE!!!

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