Peak(s):  Canby Mtn  -  13,478 feet
Galena Mtn A  -  13,300 feet
Hanson Pk  -  13,454 feet
California Mtn A  -  13,220 feet
PT 13,069  -  13,069 feet
Date Posted:  07/30/2012
Date Climbed:   07/14/2012
Author:  mennoguy
 Donald Trump's Hairpiece is a Marmot  

Stats for entire trip
~200 miles 75000 feet
47 summits 41 ranked
Partner: tdawg

Day 1: July 12 Evening Hike of Trico and "T 10", Uncovering the Marmot's Plot

"T 10" 13,477
Trico Peak 13,321
5 miles 2700 feet

We were so young, so innocent in those days, when we set off from Red Mountain Pass towards Black Bear Pass. Little did we know that we would learn of a plot for world domination by our rodent brethren. All was fine and dandy walking up the road in the late afternoon sun and showers. It all changed when we reached Black Bear Pass. On the pass we overheard a marmot talking about how they had implanted one of their own on Donald Trump's bloated head in a quest to stop Obama's anti-marmot legislation. For you see, Obama actually prefers the cuteness of the pika to that of the marmot. I ran after this marmot to try and pry more information from his buck-toothed mouth. He darted under a rock. I would have to wait to learn more.


intimidating the marmot for more info (photo by tdawg)

With that heavy on our minds we proceeded up Trico, one of the few peaks occupying three counties. The weather was still holding so we headed over to the twin summited "T 10", It was an unpleasant slog up steep scree and talus to the north summit. There was some class 3 scrambling just below the east side of the ridge crest. It was mostly solid with some junk on a few of the ledges. We descended the east ridge into the basin, it was mostly class 2 and before we knew it we were back at the pass.

Ugly scree on "T 10" (Photo by tdawg)

Class 3 on "T 10" ridge (photo by tdawg)

tdawg climbing the class 3



Day 2: Gathering the Orphans part 1

Canby Mountain 13,478
Galena Mountain 13,300
Point 13,069
16 miles 5000 feet

I really wanted to hear more about the marmot plot, but that would have to wait until after the Hardrock 100, too many prying ears. I planned this day too pick up two summits which would normally be orphaned because they do not combine well with any other peaks. Up the Maggie Gulch road we went. We followed an old trail to a mine then up to near Crystal Lake. At the saddle we debated which way would be best to gain the summit ridge. There was a small cliff band blocking easy passage up the ridge but we decided to try it out. It was a steep grassy hike up to the base of the cliffs. We saw the cliffs could easily be bypassed to the east. However we both chose routes up the cliff directly. Tdawg took some grimy class 3 ledges while I climbed a loose class 4 chimney. The last handhold on the crux move almost gave way. I recommend not trying to climb these cliffs. From there it was all easy grass the rest of the day, Galena was about mile west of where we gained the ridge.


Grimy class 3

following the Hardrock (photo by tdawg)

Canby was another easy ridge walk. After we climbed Canby we followed the Hardrock trail down to the Maggie Gulch Aid station where we talked a bit with the radio guy before deciding the weather would hold for a climb of 13069. More grassy slopes were in order. There is a register on the sub-point 13053 which claims it is 13069, this is not correct. To change things up we descended Minnie Gulch. It started to rain when we hit treeline, other than that the walk back was uneventful.

Hardrock and Canby (photo by tdawg)

Taking supplies to aid station (photo by tdawg)

13069 is in background (photo by tdawg)


Day 3: Watching the Hardrock 100

Little Giant Peak 13,416
King Solomon Mountain 13,220 (Soft Ranked)
8 miles 3800 feet

To maximize our effort to watch the Hardrock we decided to climb Little Giant and King Solomon. I could only drive to 9600 feet on the road. We hiked up the steep road to the basin, where we started to see many more runners. The trail took us to the Little Giant Solomon saddle. From there it was a junky climb up Little Giant. Some runners tried to tell us we were off course. Of course we were off course, we were not runners in the race.




King Solomon is an easy addition to a climb of Little Giant. On our descent we met Joe Grant's (2nd place at Hardrock) mother. We chatted for a bit before she ran on down to Silverton.


Day 4: What will the weather do to us today?

Hanson Peak 13,454
California Mountain 13,220 (soft ranked)
Point 13075
Treasure Mountain 12,900 (unranked)

12 miles 3800 feet

I had thought the marmots might talk some more today with the Hardrock being over, however they were silent, in fact they seemed to be hiding. Soon I found out the answer. Marmots don't like redneck 4x4 drivers either. The marmots don't want the rednecks to know it is them who are telling Donald Trump that Obama might not be a U.S citizen.


checking out the real estate (photo by tdawg)

We started at the Burns Gulch TH and headed up Picayne Gulch. Treasure Mountain was a quick climb from the TH. 13075 went very quickly, I added a redneck's Crimson Tide hat to the summit cairn. I had heard the ridge to Hanson was rough and time consuming. The weather didn't look like it would hold that long. So we followed the road up to the basin SE of Hanson then up the steep grass. The final climb up Hanson was up steep scree.

East ridge of Treasure



The weather looked like it would hold for a climb of California. The descent to the saddle involved some scree skiing then it was a quick climb on a use trail. We had just enough time to sign the register before descending the steep grass to the jeep trail. It hailed for a while. When we arrived at the road we were greeted by rednecks, one asked me, "Y'all walk all this way". I said, "Yes, from all the way up there, from California" I pointed to California. Redneck kid, "Wow." I understood the marmots, they only wanted to use Trump to make the rednecks ignorant so they wouldn't help the pikas by not driving their 4x4.

Descent ridge on Hanson

Hurricane Peak

California Mountain


Sulphur mining was heavy in this area, we stopped to examine one of the mines on our way down the road.


Sulphur Mine


Now I must find my birth certificate just in case Donald Trump comes hunting for me.

Part 2 coming soon

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marmots are evil
07/30/2012 16:59
this sounds like a sweet trip and a great way to explore this great state! Looking to forward to the rest. job well done.

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