Peak(s):  Grays Peak  -  14,270 feet
Date Posted:  06/14/2012
Date Climbed:   06/13/2012
Author:  emohr
 Grays and Torreys Combo  

ROUTE: Grays North Slopes - Torreys South Slopes
HIKE TIME: 4 Hours (2 hours to Grays Summit, .5 hours to Torreys, 1.5 hours for descent )
TRAIL CONDITIONS: All dry except for 1 or 2 small snow fields on the way down from Torreys into the basin. I did it in Chacos, so it's not a problem at all
WEATHER: 60 degrees with little wind the whole day. Gorgeous weather

There's no such thing as a good Wednesday unless it's spent on a mountain in Colorado. So we assembled another Mines Crew to go after Grays and Torreys.

We left at 6, and made it to the trailhead at 7:30

Mines Hiking Crew

We were all really excited about being out in the great 60 degree, sunny weather, so we were flying through the first couple miles of the hike. A little faster than 2MPH up to Grays

We did Grays first, so we took a left at the intersection on the face of Grays. Just to the left of the trail is this huge rock outcrop that looks over The Lost Rat Couloir. I rock climb a lot, but the view off this thing was terrifying. Definitely give you the adrenaline rush of a class 3 climb on a class 2 hike!

Lost Rat viewing area

Torreys is just a gorgeous peak

We made it to the Grays summit in just under 2 hours, which is the first time I've ever done a summit at 2MPH pace.

Holy Cross seen from the summit of Grays

Successful Summit

After having a quick bite to eat, we headed over on to Torreys to wrap up the day. On the way up Torreys from the saddle we ran into these 2 trouble makers.

The true hikers of the mountain


30 minutes after summiting Grays, we made it to the top of Torreys! We met some really cool people up there including an awesomely bearded teacher from New Mexico who just did the Kelso Ridge. There was no wind at the summit, and the 10 or so people that were up there were relaxing and just taking in the sun!

The gorgeous basin on the way to Grays and Torreys

He just wanted to make sure we knew it was his summit

After enjoying the view for a little less than half an hour, we started making our descent.

Tis wildflower season

Our last look at both peaks

The hills are just covered with flowers on the way up to the peaks

Quade Lusk is one of the hikers that went with us, but this was his first 14er. He kept up with us the whole time and did the whole 8.8 miles in 4 hours. For his first 14er, that's incredible! It was great to see how much he loved hiking and being on the summits. Nothing better than taking a 14er virgin to a summit!


Once we got back to the car, it was about 1 o'clock and we had been hiking for 4 hours exactly. That was the first entire hike I had done faster than 2MPH as well. It was just a great day for hiking!

Something to note: The day started off without a single cloud in the sky. This continued until we got to Torreys where we could see a few baby clouds form. But in the 1.5 hours it took us to descend, storm clouds were already forming above the Grays and Torreys saddle. We were lucky to see the speed of weather from the comfort of our cars luckily. Storms can come in waaaaaaay faster than I thought

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 Comments or Questions

Thanks for the report!
01/24/2013 16:52
Thanks for the trip report, I'm taking a group from work up Saturday, and had been worried about needing to bum some microspikes for the snow, but now I know I won't need to! Thanks!

P.S. I'm lucky to keep a 1mph pace going up, you must've been booking!


Thanks for checkin out the report!
06/14/2012 18:33
Yeah I wasn't really sure of the conditions either. I thought that it should be pretty bare this time of year, but there was even a guy skiing down the Dead Dog Couloir on Torreys!

I normally am used to a 1MPH pace up, but we were just so excited to get to the summit that our adrenaline blinded our pain haha


Snow fields?
01/24/2013 16:52
Hmm, besides the couloir, any good snow fields close to the trail to glissade down? I'd like to glissade some, if possible, but don't want to get too separated from the group I'm leading, and don't want to huck my ice axe up all the way if it won't be worth it.


Snow Fields
06/14/2012 22:51
Ya know if I had an ice axe and more glissading experience, I would have glissaded from the saddle of Grays and Torreys. I saw a guy up there with his ice axe and he was thinking about doing the same thing

It would be pretty nice with a group too, because the end of the longest snow field ends up in the valley right next to the standard trail

Tell me if you end up doing it! I'd love to see if anything up there is actually glissadable(?)

Craig Cook

06/15/2012 05:33
This is the 2nd great trip report I've read of yours in a row!

Absolutely stunningg scenery. Hope to grab Torreys in a fews weeks as well.

By the way, what type of camera (and zoom) did you use? I hiked Grays last year and didn't even catch a glimpse of Holy Cross.


06/15/2012 05:54
Thank you! I'm trying to get involved as I can in the community

It's just a simple Kodak Easy Share camera. I had done Grays and Torreys before and didn't even know you could see the Holy Cross. I just caught it while I was enjoying the view from Grays

I don't know much about photography, but the Kodak I have has a built in 26x lens lol


06/16/2012 01:01
Thanks for the great trip report! My brother and I are going to hike our first 14er next month and this got us really excited! I hope we get as good of weather.
I was also going to ask about your camera - the photos are wonderful!


06/16/2012 14:17
First 14er?! Oh man, you guys are going to have a blast. Do you know what one you'll be trying?

I use a Kodak Easy Share Z981. I'm in college right now and I saw how much cheaper it was than the $1000 Nikons, so I went with it. It's been with me on 15 14ers, so its done a great job so far!


First 14ers
06/17/2012 14:50
We're doing Quandary first and then the Grays/Torreys combo. We can't wait!

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