Peak(s):  Mt. Elbert  -  14,433 feet
Date Posted:  06/13/2012
Date Climbed:   06/08/2012
Author:  Peezy167

 Mt. Elbert NE Ridge  

Well, sorry for the late trip report, but after a full day of hiking and a weekend full of Denver, today is the first day i've had a chance to post. It all started this past Friday morning after waking up late. Since there was a zero percent chance of showers, i wasn't too mad, and my friend Landon and I got to the trail head by 9 a.m. i believe. The first part of the trail, which is the Colorado Trail, is very clear, and you have some awesome views already of the surrounding area before you hit the actual Mt. Elbert trail.
From the begging of the Elbert trail, everything is completely clear to the false treeline. You will see a few patches of about 3' snow located off the trail about 10'. Image
false tree line

This next picture is just above treeline, with my hiking buddy in the backround. The views up to 1300' which is supposed to be the hardest part of the trail, were just getting better and better!!!! I found ths part to be the most exciting! I'm used to straight up climbs like this, but i did feel bad for leaving my friend behind. I remember starting the climb at 13300' and yelling down to Landon at around 12,500'. I said i had to move on, and i'd see him at the top. I for one cannot climb slow, being i am a smoker, i'm very proud of my health! Everybody at the top was amazed with me smoking ciggarettes. I replied, "that's how i roll." lol
But from 13,300, you look up and say, god damn son!!!! From here i believe you see the second to last false peak. At this time I ran into another hiker coming down from the summit, and he said "once you see snow, you are there buddy! Congratulations, almost there!" After i heard this, i did not stop til i reached the summit! Although i had a bad pain near my waist, i pushed on ignoring it, thanks to a few beers. I was not about to quit at this time. Image
Looking up at the beginning of 1300'
From 13,300' it is very strenous up until the peak i'd say. But after 13,900' I'd say it is easily back to hiking from above treeline. Pretty easy. Just after this 600' gain, you straight up are exhausted, especially if you do not stop for a break. But once you pass that last false peak, you see the final peak!!!!!!!!!!! From this point, you are determined, and ready to go for it! This is where you will finally see snow, and like old post reports, it is easily avoidable if you step to your right a foot. Image
This is when you see the peak.
But, hey, there should be a lot more snow in June, so walk through it!!!! Just dont step off too far, or else you will sink up to your waist into melting snow, If you are 5'7"... Thank god when this happened to me, i was alone on the Summit. From this point you are at the peak!!!!
The rest of the pictures are from on top of the summit, and are really cool i think!!!! For all you future Elbert hikers, I reccomend starting early, so you're not back to the trailhead at 6:30. Once i left my friend at 1300' i waited for him at the peak for 45 minutes. After we met, we stayed for another hour. All together in Colorado, i had a great time w bagging the second highest peak in the lower 48, and going to some more Rockies games!!! I will be living in CO soon to bag the rest of the peaks!!!! I did shavano last year, and i am officially addicted!!! See ya soon CO!!!! Image
Landon and I bagging the peak!
Image Image

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 Comments or Questions

some pics didnt show up in the report, but are btm
06/13/2012 06:20
Soory everybody, I guess my pics were to big for the regular report.


i hope
06/13/2012 14:31
you picked up your cigarette butts. I was there the following day and picked up at least half a dozen of them along the ne ridge route


i did
06/13/2012 16:54
I had a bottle full of water for them. I always keep my trash on me.


06/14/2012 00:17
My son and I are planning to bag Elbert (our 1st 14er) in July. Nice to see a recent report and pics so we know what we are getting into.


Your welcome sir
06/14/2012 02:35
I was looking for a recent trip report and hadn't seen one in awhile. It's a very fun hike!!! Glad I had one person who enjoyed the report! Thanks again, and good luck to you and your son!!!


Solar alex
06/14/2012 03:29
I finally unpacked. Want a picture of my cigarette bottle??? I'll be glad to post a pic!!! Before you subtlety accuse me check your facts fool. I live in the forest in nm, and enjoy my backyard! You know a good 100 other people climbed the Mtn. That weekend right?


06/14/2012 05:34
Did Alex accuse you of dropping cig butts on the trail? No, he did not. Take the time to actually ”listen” to what a poster is saying, instead of getting immediately defensive and calling everyone names.

Would recommend on future climbs that you have better etiquitte on the mountain. Those ”good 100 other people” probably didn't care to hear you shouting 800' down the mountain to a partner you abandoned apparently because of your ego. The other people on the mountain probably didn't care to smell your cigarette smoke when being out in the fresh air is apart of what makes climbing these mountains so appealing. They were probably more annoyed than ”amazed.”

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