Peak(s):  Tijeras Pk  -  13,604 feet
Date Posted:  05/10/2012
Modified:  07/12/2013
Date Climbed:   05/06/2012
Author:  d_baker
Additional Members:   wooderson, kimo, Alpen Girl, Papillon, sgladbach, Dad Mike
 Making the Cut: A Bicentennial Finisher   

Making the Cut: A Bicentennial Finisher

Featuring....Tijeras Peak

(Photo by Kimo)

Starring: Carson Black

Cast of Characters: Steve Gladbach, Darin Baker, Carson Black, Terri Horvath, Marlyn Peet, Sarah (a.k.a, Wooderson or sometimes, Woody), Kevin (a.k.a., Papillon or sometimes, Papi), and Kimo

Special Guest Appearance By: (Mad) Mike & Dani Silvestro

Tijeras Peak (13,604')
Sangre de Cristo Range

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Views to the S/SE from the summit of Tijeras Peak

Trailhead: Music Pass
*We were able to drive within ~1/2 mile of summer-time TH, and car-camped in the meadow along the road

Route: NW couloir to gain N slopes -> NW ridge

Distance: ~9mi's RT (round trip)

*Elevation Gain: ~3750' (per my "route tool" on TOPO!)
*doesn't count the ~570' regain of Music Pass on the way out

Difficulty: moderate class 3 scrambling on NW ridge with some minor yet short class 4 moves if desired, couloir is moderate to almost steep snow (? high 30 degree range ?)
Note: snow conditions vary, and our conditions consisted of soft snow, boot deep; thus making the couloir not feel as steep. In my opinion, hard snow will make most climbs feel steeper.

(Photo by Papperson)

Gear: daypack w/Essentials, helmet, crampons, ice axe, snowshoes for some

Resources Used For Trip Planning: NOAA weather forecast, Dave Cooper's Colorado Scrambles guidebook, Garratt & Martins' Colorado's High Thirteeners guidebook, maps, txt message from the Silvestro's on current conditions (Thank you Dani!) & Terri's observations from her hike of Music Mtn on Saturday


What's there to say? Carson was down to one last bicentennial, and he left a good one to finish on! I've had the pleasure of joining him on several of his remaining peaks over the past few years, so it was great to be with him on his finisher!
We put a solid crew together, with a solid plan, and we had an altogether solid day. No doubt.

What follows is a picture report of our day. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Welcome to the show....

Sunrise on our approach

Dirty Little Secrets in the Trees

(Photo by Kimo)

Getting Closer

Yes, he's a Happy Guy

The Silvestro's are about to 'ramp up'

Kimo might have Music on his mind

(Photo by Papperson)

Line up, folks! It's going to be one hell of a show!

Stare into the sun

(Photo by Terri)

The Exit

The Star of the Show

(Photo by Papperson)

Time for Tundra

Walking on Talus Time

(Photo by Kimo)

Woody with Music playing in the background

At the saddle between 13,290' and Tijeras, we meet the Special Guests on their descent from Tijeras where they were building their cairn art. But they're fast. Too fast to capture much on film, or, pixels.

I did see Terri giving the Madness beta on some Music though

Time to be Rock Stars

More Stars on the Boulevard

I would be remissed if I didn't include a photo of Stars that I admire & respect

(l. to r., Marlyn Peet, Carson Black, me, & Steve Gladbach)

By the way, B is for Baker. Ya' dig?

What goes up, must come down.

(Photo by Terri)

Back to the valley floor, once beyond the Secrets in the Trees. (It's no secret that spring snow in the trees can be hell though. Right?)

Almost time for this show to come to an end. But there will be more episodes, and I look forward to them. Please stay tuned.

A fine place for a tree or two to lie down

(Photo by Terri)

Goodbye, Tijeras. And thank you! It was a wonderful performance you gave us.

(Photo by Kimo)

Hindsight & Personal Notes

Carson, on behalf of everyone on the trip, once again congratulations on finishing this journey! It was a great day to join you on this mountain, in such a wonderful area...with fantastic people.

I also want to thank you for being a great inspiration to me, as well as a good role model and partner in the mountains. Most important though, thanks for being a great friend to me!

I've shared more summits with Carson than anyone else. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 peaks or more! Correction: Make that 40 peaks and counting!
I look forward to many more summits with you Carson.

One last note. In hindsight, it's easy for me to be able to pinpoint some moments in my life that made a difference in my mountain adventures. One such moment was a trip back in 2004, to Ice Lakes Basin on a CMC trip led by Marlyn Peet. Also on that trip was Carson and Steve.
We climbed Pilot Knob one day, and US Grant the next. (But of course, Marlyn, Steve, & Carson went on to climb other high peaks in the area after the aforementioned peaks!)

Anyway, it was on that trip that I got to see how things should be on a mountain, and off the mountain, just by the way they (as well as Denise and Mary) accepted me into their company and by their quality leadership. (I was just a beginner to our mountains back then.)

Thanks guys! And you too Denise, if you're reading this.

Thanks for reading,


Comments or Questions
05/11/2012 02:34
What a beautiful peak and great crew!

TR puts...
05/11/2012 03:11
a smile on my face. Very nice!

Last Picture
05/11/2012 03:53
That last picture is great

05/11/2012 12:53
Darin, you've done it again! Great TR and excellent photos but what's with that Red Sox cap? Don't you remember the Bill Buckner incident? It's when I gave up on baseball, forever.

The ramp looks prime right now

Summit Lounger
05/11/2012 13:14
Congrats to Carson for finishing the Bi-Centennials. It is a great accomplishment. Looks like a great time was had by all, even in the trees.

05/11/2012 13:15
How VERY cool!

Well-written tribute, Darin
05/11/2012 13:16
Congratulations to you, Mr. Black, on a great accomplishment. Looked to be a perfect day.

Chicago Transplant
Thanks and Congrats
05/11/2012 14:33
Darin - Thanks for posting the great photos, route info, stories and personal reflections! Looks like a great time.

Carson - Congrats on ”making the cut”, it was nice to hike Sayres with you last May. Best of luck on all your future climbs!

Congrats Carson
05/11/2012 15:43
I echo Mike's statement, it was a pleasure to join you on 1 of your 200. Best of luck with future endevours. Oh yeah, Darin, the TR was okay too.

the ramp
05/11/2012 15:50
love the ramp pictures; just screams to be climbed

Kevin Baker
Most excellent adventure
05/11/2012 19:10
Thanks for sharing in Carson's accomplishment, Darin! That ramp looks pretty sweet with snow. Great one to finish on!

05/11/2012 19:17
Thanks everyone for your kind words.

Bill M...yes, I remember Buckner. And I heard that ball sold for a pretty (but not really) penny the other day. Probably a Mets fan.
Besides, the B stands for Baker!!

And after posting the report, I looked at the list of peaks I made that Carson and I have climbed together and it's actually over 40! Most of those were repeats for Carson. ;)

Congrats Carson! Nice Report & Pics Darrin.
05/11/2012 20:10
We hiked the ramp this summer while on our way to Music Mtn. Tigeras is on my list, and I like the looks of the snow on that ramp.

Excellent report, Darin!
05/11/2012 20:31
... and congratulations to you all, and especially Carson!

Very nice
05/12/2012 17:46
Excellent TR and pics Darin!

05/13/2012 21:56
Congrats to Carson!
Thanks Darin for writing this up - it's a pleasure to read!

Thank you
05/14/2012 14:41
Thanks for the great write-up, Darin. But most of all, thanks for inviting me and Papi to join this incredible trip and for introducing us to Carson. He's a true class act. I can see why you've chosen to share so many summits with him, and you're fortunate to have done so.

05/15/2012 03:42
This trip was a pleasure at the deepest and most innate levels. I read the report soon after you posted, and I smiled with joy and satisfaction. Been coming back to view it ever since. It's really tough to put this experience in words. So before time pulls this into the annals of history, I want to say thank you to Darin for telling the story. And Carson, congratulations, the top 200 is a remarkable achievement. Sarah put it right: you're a class act. It was an unforgettable adventure through the mountains with a great group of climbers. I feel very fortunate for being a part of it. Thanks to each of you.

Thanks for the invite, Big D...
05/15/2012 17:46
It was great getting out with you again and meeting Mr. Black. It is not often you get to share a climb with a guy who has a centennial first ascent to his name. I'll remember that day for a long time. Also good to hang with Kimo and Terri again.

But I don't know about that gladbach guy. He caught me naked from the waist down and said I reminded him of a ”dying diseased leper” he once saw. Nice. I'll get him back for that. It might not be next week but I'll get him.

I also thought the meeting of Marlyn and Kimo via headlamp at 5:30 AM was an instant classic:

Marlyn: What's your name?
Kimo: Kimo.
Marlyn: Kimo? Like Kimosabe?
Kimo: Yeah.
Marlyn: You know that means horse's ass?
Kimo: That's a helluva way to break the ice, Marlyn.

Great times. Great people. Great route.

07/17/2012 13:18
Many smiles in this trip report. What a cool looking peak. Nice to see a compilation of photos taken by the group as well.

Well done on the TR Darin and congratulations to Mr. Black.

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