Peak(s):  Rogers Pk  -  13,391 feet
Warren, Mt  -  13,307 feet
Goliath Peak - 12216
Date Posted:  12/20/2011
Date Climbed:   12/17/2011
Author:  Papillon
 For A Few 13ers More   

The jumping off point. Elevation 10,600 feet. You could drive a golf cart here in the dead of winter.

Right out of the gate, we found a nice trench that took us five hundred feet up through the trees.

All of the good photos in this report were taken by the dude on the left here. His name is kimo, mr. kimo...

The tourists and the drive-a-neers must love this place during the summer months.

If this photo doesn't summarize everything good about the alpine circuit, give me a call.

Objective #1 comes into view. Goliath Peak.


The Mount Evans Road bisects the Rogers-Goliath saddle. Dry as a bone.

A summit stick in the summit register.

Along with this interesting find.

They evidently like their Yeats in these parts. I'm partial to Rimbaud, but that's just me - a pretentious a--hole...

Objective #2

"Two-Lane Blacktop" - a plug for the Dennis Wilson and James Taylor fans out there.


The Mount Evans Massif

Finger couloirs.

Blocks on Warren. We had trouble identifying the true summit.

Is it this?

Or is it that? Or something else like the bump at the end of the ridge?

Summit Lake

And the road climbs on...

"The lunatic is on the grass." (Floyd)

We reach the split and head for home.

Looks like somebody scalped a Sasquatch.

Things got chilly in the late afternoon shade.

We chose to re-climb Goliath on our return...

Strictly to include this panty-dropper of a shot.

Dos Chappell Nature Center

It's just about Miller time...

"The poet becomes a seer through a long, immense and reasoned derangement of all the senses." (Rimbaud)

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Comments or Questions

Nice day, eh?
12/21/2011 04:29
Funny story: you almost had me as company. On my way to Hoosier Pass for a couple 13ers that morning, I was feeling ill on the drive so I took the Mt Evans road exit and sat at the off ramp stop sign for about 5 minutes. I debated on heading for my backup plan of Rogers and Warren to save gas in the event that I got too sick and needed to turn around. Finally I decided to just continue on.

Plan on heading back for these on New years eve, so thanks for posting this up.


Wish I lived in CO

Photo #30
12/21/2011 13:15
Photo #30 needs to be in the ”show us your most beautiful photo” thread going on in the forum right now.


I cried tears of joy....
12/21/2011 13:52
When I saw photo #30!


It's just about Miller time!??!??!?
12/21/2011 15:57
Holy crap, Pap, you had me scared there ... I actually thought you were going to show a sh*tty beer in one of your photos. (where's that ”sigh of relief” smiley face) Nice to see Mr. Kimo ... it's about time for my ”Kimo fix” come to think of it. 8) And, the smiling Wooderson ... . Thanks for posting. Hoppy trails, my friend.


A Fistful of Dynamite!
12/22/2011 02:35
You'll quote Rimbaud and not do the Leone-style title slides? Man, the nerve! It was a pleasure getting out with you and Sarah again. Your 30-n-60 report was every bit as fun to read as liv'n it. Ahhh, there's nothing quite like the feeling of walking off into the sunset... find three Two Hearted Ales waiting in the car.

I hope you can join us next time, MindyWoo. And Presto, it's been much too long. Cheers to all!


A Fine Trio....
12/22/2011 16:02
....and I'm speaking of the team, since I have not hiked these three peaks!
I almost did these the other day, but suggested a Mosquito run instead. I think I made the right decision. ;)

That's an interesting summit register on Goliath. Did you guys (and chick) leave anything of interest in it as well? Maybe that's where you should leave your High Life bottle caps?


Thanks banditos...
12/22/2011 17:27
@Derek - I was feeling ill as well on the drive in. So much so that I had to sprint into that visitor center right off of I-70. As I frantically stripped layers in order to release the suspenders on my pants, my life flashed before my eyes. Let's coordinate schedules for the ensuing months and try to get something in.

@Anna - We could see all of the blowdown from above. Looked absolutely awful. I am amazed you and Colin made it as far as you did.

@Presto - kimo is the man. Doesn't the vulgarian rulebook spell out the penalty for being in possession of a piss ale? I'm pretty sure it reads ”banned for life.”

@kimo - I had the title slides ready to go (again) but just couldn't pull the trigger. I felt they would cheapen everything. I'll share a summit and post-climb beverage with you any day, man.

@d_baker - Based on your TR, you did make the right call. Let's hit something together ASAP.


Got to keep the loonies on the path,,,,
12/27/2011 15:33
Another great TR. January is almost here, let's get out soon.


Fantastic Beer Choice
12/30/2011 17:36
Simply sublime - wish I had 6 or 12 right now


Indian Fall
12/31/2011 09:35
Gotta take advantage. I got tired of holding out hope for the ski reports, so I browsed through the TR page and saw a string of tales of adventure from you and Woody. Nice job stayin the course. Day after tomorrow is 2012, whats the tally?

Send Lil Pappy my regards. Lets hit the Cricket sometime soon.

Where is Floyd?
07/17/2012 13:18
Regrets I did not join you all! Cheers.

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