Peak(s):  Mt Richtofen - 12,940 feet
Date Posted:  09/11/2011
Date Climbed:   08/28/2011
Author:  slaggbottom
 $312 tow back to Fort Collins...  

In case anyone is interested how much it costs for a tow from Lake Agnes trailhead to Fort Collins....

Mt Richtofen (12,940') is the tallest peak in the Never Summer Range of Rocky Mtn Nat Park. I've climbed to the false summit in early June (lots of snow) a couple years ago, and finally returned to the beautiful Lake Agnes region to bag Richtofen.

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Sample pics:

Turns out I ruptured my oil pan on the drive up the dirt road. I've driven so many rough dirt roads before, so it's kind of embaressing to have an "accident" on such a benign road as Lake Agnes road. I was going a bit fast early in the morning, and a dip popped up unseen, and I slowed, but not enough to avoid a gentle scrape, which surprisingly resulted in a trail of oil on the road. Thankfully, the rangers were a huge help in making me aware of the situation, and enabling me to call for a tow.

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 Comments or Questions

You murderer!
09/12/2011 04:11
You realize that your oil could've harmed or potentially killed a living CREATURE??? Your foul pollutant behavior points directly to your careless attitude about MOTHER EARTH.

I'm just kidding dude. Sorry for your ill fortune, but it's cool that you bagged the peak! At least you didn't have to get a tow off Como road!!


09/12/2011 04:19
It was good that I was overdue for an oil change, so the amount that leaked out wasn't terribly large. And when I got my care repaired, at least I got the oil change done with it...

Doctor No

AAA Plus
09/12/2011 14:17
The tow would have been free - they're worth the money, many times over, that I spend on them.

Sorry to hear about the oil pan - looks like a great hike!


AAA Plus Clarified ...
09/12/2011 16:35
Actually, they would only have towed him 100 miles (that's the per day limit ... I should know ... we've used it ... 8) ). Then, he could have had it towed the rest of the way the second day. But, I concur with you, Dr. No, well worth the money invested (they'll also change a tire, put gas in your tank, unlock stuff when you've lost your keys, etc.). That trailhead was bad news for us too, as we had a rabbit chew through our brakelines ... ... got to drive all the way back to Denver without brakes (the mechanic asked to keep the evidence to hang on his wall .. he'd never seen anything like that before). Beautiful photos. Happy trails!

Doctor No

You're right, Presto
09/12/2011 17:17
I was thinking that it was less than 100 miles.

I was coming back from Grand Junction on a client trip (so driving a rental car), and coming through Hanging Lake, a 2-3 foot-wide boulder came off of the rock wall and hit my left front tire. Totalled the rental (somehow I kept the car under control at highway speeds). We were towed all the way back to Denver - we paid beyond 100 miles (or rather, my company paid - I sure as heck didn't pay ).


09/12/2011 17:25
This tow was 77 miles, so would have been covered on AAA. How much is AAA/year? This was my first tow in 11 years owning the car, so maybe it's a wash... Found out my insurance company reimburses $50 for a tow, without needing to file a claim, so at least I got 1/6th of the cost covered...


Tow ... to slaggbottom ...
09/12/2011 18:15
Wow ... 77 miles ... wouldn't have cost you a penny. Remember, we're talking AAA Plus here (regular AAA does not offer that long of a free tow distance ... in fact, I believe it is very short). I don't know the cost for you (our AAA Plus is for both my husband and I). It is nice because it covers not only the vehicle(s) you own, but any vehicle you are driving at the time. I'm sure getting on their website (or giving them a quick call) would give you all the information you need. Happy trails.

Doctor No

It's something like $80 per year for me
09/12/2011 18:25
It's been a few months since I renewed, so I don't remember for sure, but I guarantee that it's under $100/year.

Actually, the renewal was a few weeks after the incident I described above, so it was an easy sell.

The other (major) time I've used it was when I was professor in Salt Lake City, and visiting Boulder on spring break. Driving back on I-80, I was low on gas, and expected to get gas in Cheyenne, but the I-25/I-80 junction turned out to be nowhere near any gas stations. Thinking quickly, I grabbed my map and decided that I could make it to Buford.

I-80 was much hillier than I'd remembered, but I managed to coax my Ford Ranger all the way to Buford, and I pulled up to the only gas station in town...

Which had BURNED DOWN.

Anyhow, AAA Plus brought me five gallons of gas - free - and I was able to continue on my merry way.


07/29/2013 18:29
You got dealt a bad hand on this one (bad 14er cards joke).

Anyway, I kinda can relate. I've had 3 flats this summer. Those Michelin Energy LX4s don't seem very rugged in the backcountry.


bad 14er cards joke
09/13/2011 00:16
Yeah, it did feel like someone dumped the Queen of Spades on me that day...

Doctor No, great story about running out of gas. I suppose $80/yr is a good deal for some piece of mind. Just need to have cell reception, or friendly rangers to drive you to a visitor's center land line to call...

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