Peak(s):  Mt. Wilson  -  14,246 feet
Date Posted:  08/16/2011
Date Climbed:   08/13/2011
Author:  mattpayne11

 Mt. Wilson and the new Rock of Ages  

Our group hit the new trailhead for Rock of Ages and it was glorious. The trail is pretty easy to follow but there were a few spots that had us confused. All-in-all it is a long day from the RoA trailhead! Thanks to Terry Mathews for the beta he posted last week - it was helpful.

Check out the full trip report:

Mt. Wilson and El Diente

Gladstone Peak

Thumbnails for uploaded photos (click to open slideshow):

 Comments or Questions

Great report
08/17/2011 06:50
I enjoyed the details and reading about the ups and downs of the full trip. The San Juans are mighty and your photos captured it. Those stormy pics with the greens and blues at the end of the report are simply stunning. Congrats on the summit.


Thank you
08/17/2011 13:04
Appreciate it tommyboy! The San Juans are my favorite... too bad they are so far from home haha. By the way - apologize if I offend anyone about those guys in the report. I think we all deserve a little roasting from time time.


San Juans
08/17/2011 14:21
are best enjoyed without photoshop and facebook. All I've gotta say about that.


lord helmut
08/17/2011 16:51
Thank you for those gems of wisdom!


nice TR!
08/17/2011 19:30
Loved the pics!


08/17/2011 21:24
Great photographs. This reminded me why a camera with a polarizing filter would be excellent to bring on a 14er trip. Sad to see all that work without bagging Gladstone or El Diente, but it's probably for the better.

Nice report on the new trail BTW.


Best Trip Report!
08/18/2011 00:33
Best trip report I've read on here, and it's not because I'm in it. Or is it?

I had a great time Matt, thanks again for putting this together! Mom and family back in AZ really enjoyed it!


08/18/2011 01:53
I'm glad you dig it Will. It was great climbing with you man - anytime!

djkest - I KNOW! I guess my third trip down there will be for Gladstone and El Diente. No worries though. I don't count El Diente in my 14er completion list.

Thanks for reading.


Nice report!
08/18/2011 02:15
As always, it is enjoyable to read your trip reports! I did not know you were looking for partners to do Mt.Wilson. We will be attempting those 2 plus El Diente next week. If you are up for El Diente you are more than welcome to join us.
Yeah, those dudes look like something with their tennis shoes and arm cast... I guess they made it safely up and safely down


I'd love to but...
08/18/2011 02:52
I can't! Good luck though - I think you'll do great! I hope they made it OK but one has to wonder...


The Helmet
08/18/2011 05:01
I think what Helmet meant was....”Its better to view them in person than third party”

Lets be honest almost every image you see, portrait or landscape, if published is photoshopped (or similar programmed) before being ”final.” If your image is jpg out of the camera, its manipulated already, and RAW needs manipulation to view online. Now can some be over done, yes without question. But its up to the ”artist” if they want that or not. I gave up a long time ago judging others in their photographic skills or lack there of. This site though has many many judges who are very outspoken, yet the overall theme for any kind of image is ”its a great image” even when its clearly not going to win awards. I'd rather everyone read reports for content, but now a days everyone is a photographer so everyone ”can do better”

Keep on climbing Matt.


RAW is right
08/18/2011 05:22
Thanks for affirming what I wanted to say Jason. I shoot 100% RAW, so I *have* to push all of my photos through Lightroom, or they look completely flat. If you shoot RAW you know what I mean. Do some of my photos look totally fake or manipulated? Duh. It is my artistic/creative touch. Some like it, some don't. Climb on!


re: Matt
08/18/2011 05:43
No problems dude, as an artist, to stand out you have to be different. The main thing is that you like your style and so do others. There will always be those who don't and the purist who still think that in the film days photography wasn't altered. In reality, since the beginning of photography there has been alterations. In film, it was the chemicals in the darkroom. Ansel did it a lot. Yet when someone digitally enhances some, its like the world came to an end and the Apocalypse is upon us.

but....Meh....its the world we live in. Whats your plans for after next weekend climb wise? Summer in mexico = no climbs so far. Epic fail


Best Trip Report Ever!!
09/06/2011 03:41
An amazing trip report. I will refer to it again and again when I finally get around to climbing Mt Wilson. Thanks very much. Vort.


Thanks Vort
09/08/2011 03:17
Appreciate it. I hope you can get down there soon - its a really awesome area!

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