Peak(s):  Mt. Democrat  -  14,148 feet
Date Posted:  08/04/2011
Modified:  08/05/2011
Date Climbed:   07/31/2011
Author:  divaMel
 DeCaLiBro - 07/31/11  

DeCaLiBro (Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln, Bross)

Start Time 7AM / End Time 1PM

Comedy of a couple errors

Hello to you fellow 14er addicts...or soon to be addicts! I find it most helpful when reading trip reports to offer insight the main trail guide on doesn't offer.

First - the location of the trailhead. If you Google Map to Mt. Democrat, the map will direct you to the West side of DeCaLiBro (exiting at 195 Copper/Leadville). You do NOT want to take this exit. This would invalidate all other information on that is pertinent to the ascent described. You want to exit at Breckenridge/Frisco...Exit 203. This leads to CO-9...which leads to Kite Lake...and ultimately the trailhead.

The sign in town to Kite Lake/trailhead is SMALL. VERY SMALL. It is on the west side of the road. You will wind your way up over a bumpy road to the trailhead. The road is a bit of a challenge in any type of car, but my little 1995 Saturn made the trek - with patience - your car can do it too!

At the trailhead, if you completely ignore the maps at the trailhead and depend entirely on the main route report for the DeCaLiBro combo route, the only indication you will see that you are heading in the right direction is one sign that essentially says "Mt Democrat, Mt. Lincoln this way". It gives no indication the split in the trail and which 14er is in which direction. Regardless, continue heading that way!

After about perhaps an hour of hiking, you will come to the Democrat / Cameron saddle. It can be QUITE gusty up there. The temperature can drop quite a bit. Fortunately for us, it was a gorgeous day - and you could get away with a t-shirt and shorts. None the less - be prepared.

At the saddle, you receive no further instruction which 14er is which way. There is only a sign that reads "trail" with arrows that point both southish and northish.

To the south is Democrat and ONLY Democrat. We chose to conquer that one first. It's a decent hike up! If it's your first 14er (as it was for 2 members of our group) - that sucker can kick your booty! After crossing a mini-snowfield in JULY, the actual summit is still another 20 minute hike up. The view is spectacular. I suggest either sitting to take a snack here, or on Mt. Lincoln. The ambiance is fantastic.

To hit Cameron, Lincoln and Bross - you have to head back down the same way from which you came.

Once you're back in the saddle, start heading-on-up! Dude - Cameron will work your calf muscles! When you get up to the top - well - it is kinda disappointing after Democrat. It's flat. True - the view is undeniably gorgeous. We were kinda cooked after Democrat and especially Cameron, we popped-a-squat on the top of Cameron and nibbled down! We got there round 11AM and clouds were starting to roll-in.

The rest of the trek is fairly straight forward. Continue north and you will hit Lincoln - which is an actual peak! The view is incredible. The clouds were continuing to roll-in so we continued on our merry way.

Head back down the trail toward Cameron and then you will see there is a split in the trail. Do not continue back up the trail to Cameron. You will head eastish for the trail to Bross.

SO - you shouldn't go all the way up to the summit of Bross. The trail is closed. It's private land. It's not under restoration. It is closed.

It was about noon and the skies were getting dark. No thunder - but absolutely time to come down.

Once you get to the decision point in the trail to become a "criminal" or not - there is a trail that leads south-easthish and takes you down Bross to the trailhead. Dude - it is loose rock. This will be NO FUN if you are wearing tennis shoes. You will stop about every 5 minutes and pick rocks out of your shoes not to mention all the slipping and sliding and ankle rolling you will do in tennis shoes. WEAR BOOTS please.

Slip and slide your way down to the start.

FYI - rain/strong sprinkles started at 1PM.

And well done to all! You knocked out 4ish (with Bross in consideration) 14ers!

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 Comments or Questions

08/05/2011 12:51
Good work, gang! I'm one of the two guys you shared nearly every summit with that day. Good work and maybe we'll hike together again someday.


Hey 14er Buddy!
08/05/2011 14:57
How were beers at Breck? We ended up going to Blue Moon Bakery in Silverthorne. Yum!
How is trip planning for Longs coming along?


08/05/2011 23:21
Long's ain't gonna work out this weekend. Others couldn't do it, and I'm not feeling that well. So, that just means I'm skipping work one day to do it! Ha! The beers were great. However, we were so hungry that we could barely even talk to each other. What are you next plans, mountain wise? My name's TJ, btw. We both got in the car, looked at each other and said, ”We didn't get any of their names! We're assholes!”


sherman is next
08/06/2011 19:18
sherman is next for me (and 14er #13). hoping to get sherman next sunday. after sherman, i'm done with the ”close” 14ers.
i'm melissa! and no worries about names. there seems to be a sort of an anonymous camaraderie up in those mtns.
don't be afraid to do longs yourself!


good luck
08/09/2011 03:45
have fun with Sherman! I'll keep my eye out for you guys while hiking in the future. You were a fun crew.

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