Peak(s):  South Arapaho Pk  -  13,397 feet
North Arapaho Pk  -  13,502 feet
"Old Baldy"  -  13,038 feet
Date Posted:  06/20/2011
Modified:  01/25/2012
Date Climbed:   06/19/2011
Author:  FireOnTheMountain
 George Lucas aint got s**t on the IPW  

Alright everyone, queue the music....

The following trip report will send you whirling into hyperspace, ricocheting around muddled asteroid belts, leaping through cavernous wormholes and arriving in strange galaxies far, far away. It will alsoooo take you on my solo (no relation to Han) trip up the Skywalker couloir and over the traverse to North Arapahoe Peak and finally over to "Old Baldy", but whose keeping track.

For those already annoyed and wondering, YES, THE STAR WARS REFERENCES ARE INDEED NECESSARY!

After arriving on Planet Hoth (Aka the Buckingham Campground, Just go Past Eldora up the July 4th road, hang a right at the 1,546th tree and stop at the rock with bird poop on the left, can't miss it) I traveled around 2 parsecs (miles) to the start of the couloir.

Must rescue the Princess' hair!

I was initially worried that the snow would be curdled yogurt, but all my worries vanished when I stepped out on the snow. Just from the bottom of the couloir I could tell the conditions were going to be great for points, and they were!

A view up

Another View up

Topping out where the cinammon buns reside

Holy Toledo! I thought Ohio was flat!

I'm pretty sure I could of done the climb with one ice axe, but I felt it was spicy enough to warrant a 2nd tool. Low and behold I had one handy.

A look down, where the hell are the buns!?

Now for the traverse.



The traverse has some sweet sections and by sweet I mean mildly hairy, but overall I thought it was quite easy. There were definitely easy ways to get around the harder stuff, but I opted for the tougher sections because I find that stuff fun.

Another look at the traverse after doing it

Topping out on South Arapahoe Peak, I was accosted by an old friend and we reminisced about the old days of escaping tie fighters and dudes with helmets in all black....


I then ventured over to "Old Baldy" after South Arapahoe Peak.
View of Jaba the Hut (Aka "Old Baldy") from North Arapahoe

On the way down, I came across where a substantial sized avalanche had originated and even covered up part of the trail I took earlier in the morning.



Remnants of the Death Star

It was certainly an amazing day in the IPW as it usually is. This year has been especially kind to that area if you are a fan of the snow so go out and get some! I leave you with the following picture...

I gotta get that south face someday

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 Comments or Questions

Ewok isn't it
06/20/2011 22:43
Wasn't that actually an Ewok?


Good Report and Question
06/21/2011 00:22
Very nice report! How were the trail conditions from the trailhead to south arapaho? Just curious if it was hard to follow the trail below treeline and if there was much postholing with the snow still up there. Thanks!!


One of the best written
06/21/2011 00:24
trip reports ever.
And a really great marmot picture.


06/21/2011 03:24
Gotta love it. Your Princess Leia is better looking than the original.


06/21/2011 05:26
nerd alert


Thanks for reading
06/21/2011 14:57
Tradeaaron - Apparently Chewie went to Jenny Craigs and has lost so much weight he got shorter! He was always self-conscious about his weight so commend him next time you see him

Eschuette - The approach to the cooley is very manageable, snowshoes are not necessary. The path is very boot packed.

Nkan02 - I do what I can and congrats on getting Mizzo, hope you didn't get lost again and end up on Elingwood Point

G Man - You're just jealous about my vast knowledge. You are an Eldoran and I bet you didn't know that Planet Hoth was close by. Elingwood Ridge here we come!


06/21/2011 18:54
Is that marmot eating combos?

Rich H

nice marmot man
06/21/2011 21:48
I think that was the same little dude I saw when I crested Skywalker - He is the gate keeper.

Chicago Transplant

06/22/2011 16:46
Hmm, Never realized it before, but Old Baldy really DOES look like Jabba the Hutt, or his head at least.


Very impressive!
04/02/2015 19:45
To do this the very next day after the Mt. Evans Ascent race - that proves it, you are not human, for sure. I bet you left no footprints on Skywalker, you Ghost Alien Elf ;)

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