Peak(s):  Eva, Mt  -  13,130 feet
Date Posted:  06/12/2011
Date Climbed:   06/11/2011
Author:  metalmountain
 Mt. Eva East Ridge...almost   

Normally I wouldn't bother posting a trip report about an unsuccessful summit bid, but this route is pretty awesome and there doesn't seem to be much out there about it. So anyway, without further ado...lets all witness my failure

There was one other trip report I could dig up on this route, and a few postings about it in the forum. From this information I figured out that my best approach route would be to drive up Fall River Road as far as possible, and then hike up to Chinn lake and approach from there. The raod was snowed in just below the turn off for Chinn Lake by a very unassuming drift, so unassuming that I spent 15 minutes trying to get through it in my 4runner, as did the car behind me. Apparently witnessing another's failed attempt is not enough to deter everyone in that situation. Evidenced by the hour myself and some other nice people spent pulling a Jeep Liberty out of the same snow drift later in the day...but I digress.

So Chinn Lake Rd. is nicknamed "Sidehill, screw this crap" rd. As far as I'm concerned, see the picture below for evidence of said atrociousness.

Plaintiff's evidence exhibit 1

...and exhibit 2

But all in all it wasn't too bad, and the views from Chinn Lake are pretty awesome. This is also the first good view you get of the beautiful East Ridge of Mt. Eva.


At this point I continued up to the second lake, soaking in the views and picking up empty beer cans. The views of the ridge get better as you get higher and closer...obviously...but again I was impressed by how awesome this ridge looks.


After weighing my options I figured my best bet was to go around the east side of the tree covered ridge in the foreground. It was some mild bushwacking but nothing to bad. There wasn't a lot of elevation gain here so it went by pretty quick. The snow had been pretty solid up until this point, and would stay that way for pretty much the entire hike. Once I rounded the ridge and popped up on the east side of Slater Lake you can finally see the ridge up close and personal.


Gratuitous "look at me" pic...had to do it.

I continued along the the north east side of the lake, aiming towards the scree field I had seen in the other trip reports that led to a small gully that appeared to give access to the ridge. The next few pics show the route as best I remember it.

This is vaguely the route I took, wine and trip report writing my not be the best combination.

Looking back at Slater Lake just after starting up the gully.



The first difficulty I really hit was the small patch of snow that you can barely see in the picture below. I know it doesn't look like much, but it was in what seemed to be about as bad of a spot as it could be. I ended up working my way up an over hanging rock next to the snow field, crappy hand holds but decent places feet placement were available.

It doesn't look like much...either that or I'm a wuss. Probably a little of both.

Looking back at Slater Lake again.

Looking back down at the last grassy slope up to the ridge proper.

Beautiful views of Fall River Reservoir over the north side of the ridge.

Continuing up the mostly class 2 grass slope.

Looking back at the section of the ridge I just walked up.

So after this I remembered from the other trip report that the crux was a small set of towers with a snowfield that would have to be traversed. and true to form it was right around the bend.

The snowfield seemed a much a better idea than attacking the towers. A slip on this snowfield could have not good consequences though.

The rest of the route to the false summit. Pretty easy stuff at this point.

If anyone knows what this is used for I would love to know! Stumbled across it.

And after the false summit is when I promptly realized that I was not going to make it to the top. The snow up top looked like more than what I really wanted to deal with.

Never ending winter...

I ended up bailing down the saddle on Mt. Eva to the north side into the basin between Eva, Parry, and Bancroft. It was a pretty easy hike back, a mixture of scree skiing, talus hopping, and leisurely strolling across well packed and still insanely deep snow.

Looking back at the saddle I descended.

Awesome day with awesome weather.

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Comments or Questions
06/13/2011 10:36
Great pic's, great hike! Pic #19 is a boundary marker any other type of survey done would utilize this marker as a way point, or hikers could do the same thing. How far back up Rainbow Rd. did you get via vehicle, once you turned off of Fall River Rd?


06/13/2011 11:54
Nice isn't it? I did this in mid winter, end of 2010. Here is the link to my photos - amazing to see how the road and basin has changed.


Very nice!
06/13/2011 13:59
While making the summit is why we all do this, there is a lot of fun in the doing. And it looks like you had a lot of fun!


Fall River Rd.
06/13/2011 14:24
I made it up about 2 miles on Rainbow Rd. There was a drift before the driveway for that big house that is to the north of the road...if that makes any sense. The drift wasn't that big really, but it was deep enough in a spot that it bottomed out my 4runner. If you made it past that you wouldn't get much further though. Its melting pretty fast it seems but there is a lot of it. The road to Chinn Lake is even worse. Probably 7+ feet of snow in spots.


2010 pics
06/13/2011 14:26
Those are some awesome pics! Definitely less corniced back then than it is now. Super fun route though, and all the lakes are nice to hike around.


06/13/2011 15:15
Had to start from loch lamond road this winter. Was a brutal approach but what a solitary a d beautiful route indeed. Our 13ers are not to be neglected.


nice report
06/13/2011 16:16
Great pics; that ridge ascent looks like a no BS challenging good time!

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