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  Spectacular Day! 
By: CliminDave
Peak(s): "Lackawanna"
Added: 05/02/2014
"Lackawanna" 05/02/2014 05/02/2014 3  9 1
  Castle Peak in the Snow 
By: CliminDave
Peak(s): Castle Peak
Added: 08/21/2008
Castle Peak 06/07/2008 08/21/2008   3 2
  Culebra in Less than Two Hours 
By: CliminDave
Peak(s): Culebra Peak
Added: 08/21/2008
Culebra Peak 06/30/2006 08/21/2008  
  A long Day Climbing Capitol Peak 
By: CliminDave
Peak(s): Capitol Peak
Added: 08/21/2008
Capitol Peak 08/22/2007 08/21/2008   4
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