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The Allure of the Weminuche - Adventures on the Rio Grande Pyramid 
By: Chris P.
Added: 07/16/2012
Rio Grande Pyramid 06/29/2012 07/16/2012 3  1 4
A Heavy Dose of Mountain Beauty 
By: Chris P.
Peak(s): Maroon Bells Four Pass Loop
Added: 06/25/2012
Maroon Bells Four Pass Loop 06/23/2012 06/25/2012   8
Missouri, Iowa and Emerald via Missouri Gulch 
By: Chris P.
Added: 09/08/2010
Missouri Mountain
Iowa Pk
Emerald Pk
09/04/2010 09/08/2010 1  10 3
13,285 and Other Ramblings 
By: Chris P.
Added: 05/15/2009
PT 13,300 A
San Luis Peak
05/15/2009 05/15/2009   6 5
Tour de Scott Gomer Creek drainage 
By: Chris P.
Added: 07/06/2007
Mt. Bierstadt
Sawtooth, The
Spalding, Mt
Gray Wolf Mtn
07/06/2007 07/06/2007   2
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