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blue skies but crowded 
By: givemejava
Peak(s): Quandary Peak
Added: 08/25/2009
Quandary Peak 08/22/2009 08/25/2009   7
Sniktau - a pleasant 1/2 day walk 
By: givemejava
Peak(s): Sniktau, Mt
Added: 08/10/2009
Sniktau, Mt 08/08/2009 08/10/2009  
Everest For The Elderly 
By: givemejava
Added: 08/01/2009
Grays Peak
Torreys Peak
07/31/2009 08/01/2009   4 1
Whale of a first 13‘er 
By: givemejava
Peak(s): Whale Pk
Added: 07/07/2009
Whale Pk 07/04/2009 07/07/2009   6 2
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