Baldwin Gulch Trailhead


Road Difficulty

Moderate 4WD, long wheel base vehicles not recommended. Good clearance required. 4   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
Easy 2WD dirt to 9,400' at start of the Baldwin Gulch road.
4WD to 12,000' in Baldwin Gulch.
Narrow 4WD to 13,100'.

Driving Directions

From the junction of U.S. 285 and U.S. 24, south of Buena Vista, drive 5.5 miles south on U.S. 285 and turn right (west) on Chaffee County Road 162 - towards Mt. Princeton. Drive almost 12.5 miles on this road (dirt after 10 miles) to reach the signed Baldwin Gulch Jeep Road on the left (also listed as the 277 Road). If you plan on parking here, there are plenty of pull-offs along the road. This is the lower trailhead. Short, high-clearance 4WD vehicles can drive up the 277 road. Above the river crossing (10,850'), there are dispersed camping spots along the side of the road.

Winter Access

Usually closed at the start of the Baldwin Gulch 4WD road.
Status Updates 
Posted By: GW Duncan
Info: 5.2.2007 - Road is impassable after 1/4 mile or less - probably 3 weeks away from having any chance at getting up. Plus there is a very large rock in the middle of the road about 1/2 up that will have to be relocated by some large men or amazon women.
Posted By: SarahT
Info: Drove 1/4 mile up 4WD road with no problem. Few inches of snow. Could have gotten bit further, but not much. Very icy spots. No need for snowshoes for first few miles.
Posted By: centrifuge
Info: We were up there on 11/18/2006, and were unable to get a Jeep Grand Cherokee up road 277 at all due to snow and ice. There were tracks from a vehicle that went up the road 1/4 mile before they stopped. There is a lot of ice underneath the snow, so even if the snow does not look deep, you will most likely be on ice at this point.
Posted By: Chicago Transplant
Info: Despite recent snowfall in the Front Range and Northern Mountains this road remains driveable to the 10,840’ road split at the creek crossing as of 10/28/06. The worst snow is the north facing section at the bottom which had about 4 inches of sustained snow cover. Above that there were actually bare patches and no snow deeper than 6 inches anywhere on the road. In the afternoon sun it melted a bit too. If you have 4WD and your winter driving skills are dialed in, you can make it.
Posted By: zacob
Info: Road is clear of snow to the creek. Above the creek there is a large snow field blocking one turn a few jeeps have dug out a detour, but use it at your own peril it is deep and tricky. The actual jeep trail up the side of antero is clear to past the second switch back and then is pretty much blocked by snow...
Posted By: Chicago Transplant
Info: Hiked Antero on Easter Sunday, the road is currently not passable for vehicles. You can drive less than 1/2 mile up before snow will block passage, we then had to back down because it was too narrow to turn around. Even if the snow melts, there is a very large evergreen tree that has fallen across the road at about the 1 mile mark. This tree will require someone with a chainsaw to remove it. The road above the split but below tree line has a good 3-4 foot thick cover right now.
Posted By: contour900
Info: As of 8/20/05 there are a lot of large loose rocks and soft spots on the 277 road as far as treeline. Use caution in driving through these areas. Active mining is underway near the top of the switchbacks. A backhoe and other tracked equipment keeps the road torn up and very soft in the hairpins.
Posted By: Doug Shaw
Info: As of 26 May, the road is completely clear of snow to the creek crossing at 10,800. A 4WD Jeep tour company vehicle had spent presumably a good portion of the day pushing the road another 1.5-2 miles beyond that point (almost to treeline) although he had to break through some burly snow and ice sections. Follow at your own risk; in a couple weeks it will likely be clear.
Posted By: BillMiddlebrook
Info: The Baldwin Gulch road is still closed even though lower portions of the road have started to melt out.
Posted By: BillMiddlebrook
Info: In winter, the Baldwin Gulch 4WD road is closed. It usually opens up in late May.

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