Climb Time Details
Climber: MrJohnnySpot
Peak(s): Group: Evans, Sawtooth, Bierstadt
Route: Bierstadt, Sawtooth, Evans

Time to summit:
Roundtrip time:
Total elevation gain: 3,900 feet
Total RT mileage: 10.25 miles
Date climbed: 08/24/2013
Mode of Travel (Ascent): Regular Footwear
Mode of Travel (Descent):  Regular Footwear
Solo climb?: No
Age when completed: 30
Notes: Splits are as follows: Bierstadt Summit: 1:55:57.28 Left Bierstadt Summit: 2:15:30.87 (Summit time = 19:33.58) \"Finished\" Sawtooth: 3:33:21.09 (Travel time from Bierstadt summit to other side of narrows on Sawtooth = 1:17:50.22) Evans Summit: 4:34:20.65 (Travel from Sawtooth to Evans summit = 1:00:59.55) Left Evans Summit: 5:05:44.82 (Summit time = 31:24.17) Back to Guanella Pass TH: 7:15:00.1 (Evans summit to Guannella Pass via gully descent into willows = 2:09:16.19) Total travel time = 6:24:02.35 Total summit time = 50:57.75 Completed with 2 friends, first class 3 scramble for both. Second time for me doing the tour.

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