Climb Time Details
Climber: Hobbes301
Peak(s): Snowmass Mountain
Route: East Slope

Time to summit:
Roundtrip time:
Total elevation gain: 5,800 feet
Total RT mileage: 21.50 miles
Date climbed: 07/18/2013
Mode of Travel (Ascent): Regular Footwear
Mode of Travel (Descent):  Regular Footwear
Solo climb?: Yes
Age when completed: Not Specified
Notes: Solo day hike started at 3:22am. Many backpackers camped at the lake, and it caused me to follow the wrong trail for a bit. Climbed/traversed below the Snowmass Peak cliff band to reach the snowmass and continue back on the standard route. Ascended the "snow-free" route and reached summit at 10:29am. Wanted to go for N. Snowmass but I knew I had a long hike back, and I got caught in rain the last 20 minutes of my hike, anyhow. Total RT mileage is a bit longer because of the detour, but I think it was an easier way to the snowmass than climbing up all that scree.

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