Climb Time Details
Climber: Spoke537
Peak(s): Group: Blanca, Ellingwood
Route: Standard Routes

Time to summit:
Roundtrip time:
Total elevation gain: 6,591 feet
Total RT mileage: 14.67 miles
Date climbed: 10/20/2012
Mode of Travel (Ascent): Regular Footwear
Mode of Travel (Descent):  Regular Footwear
Solo climb?: Yes
Age when completed: 39
My Url:
Notes: Start 0621 Time to Lake Como: 1h55m/4.17miles Time to Blanca Summit: 4hr4min Time on Blanca Summit: 9min (cold and strong winds) Time to Ellingwood: 1h28m (via standard routes) Time on Ellingwood Summit: 12min Time from Ellingwood to Lake Como: 1h43min Time from Lake Como to car: 1h28min/4.17miles Time from Ellingwood to car: 3h1m Total time: 9h11mn/14.67miles

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