Climb Time Details
Climber: byost1717
Peak(s): Group: Belford, Oxford
Route: Belford/Oxford combo

Time to summit:
Roundtrip time:
Total elevation gain: 5,800 feet
Total RT mileage: 11.00 miles
Date climbed: 07/30/2010
Mode of Travel (Ascent): Regular Footwear
Mode of Travel (Descent):  Regular Footwear
Solo climb?: No
Age when completed: 40
Notes: Climbed this with Nicole Yost, Shane and Jill Steinmetz. It was a great cool day with a slight breeze the whole way. Clear and sunny with little clouds the whole way. The start was a cool walk in the trees and in the valley, where my sunglasses were knocked off and lost by some branches. Dang. Shane lagged behind, unaware how long this hike would be. He was constantly taking shortcuts on the switchbacks for the first two hours or so. We reached the summit of Belford in 4:00 on a moderate pace with the occasional "lagging behind" as mentioned. The 1-1/2 mile trek over to Oxford wasn‘t too bad either, taking just around an hour, with a Marmot visiting us there on top. We spent about 10 minutes on each summit. Shane‘s comment on Oxford was "I‘m waiting for the fu#$@&% helicopter". The hike back to Belford was a leg killer, when you realize that you are hiking up a third time to a summit! On the way down from Belford, Nicole and I got a little ahead of Shane and Jill, finishing the round trip in 8 hrs. The other two came in at 8:15. There was only one other person that made the Oxford route, but about 30 people on the mountains total.

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