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 Trailhead:  Silver Crk/Grizzly Gulch
 Posted By:  GuiGirard
 Date of Info:  8/23/2023
 Date Posted:  8/23/2023
Status Update
CR 30 until the split with CR35 (just past Mill ck CG) is excellent, after which it is very rough and requires 4WD or AWD or high clearance of some sort. Fine with Subaru Outback with X-mode, technically. The note of caution is that uphill right of way appears to be a vague concept in Lake City, and more than once driving up on Monday afternoon I had to back up and ended up in very bad lines (uphill has right of way for many reasons, guys!). I even ran into a downhill-bound 4-runner who was struggling to get less than 6 ft from the edge and was trying to force me to back up in a gnarly line so they could come down... until I got creative and passed them on the wrong side of the road getting 3 ft from the edge. I won't mention the state this vehicle was registered in b/c it is embarrassing. A nightmare driving up at 4PM with tourist rush hour traffic. I can't think of what it must be on a weekend. I drove it down this morning with some traffic coming up, it's a piece of cake to spot uphill traffic and find a pullout to give them way. There is a washout in the making at the end of the shelf section that concerns me.

Comments or Questions
Come on, mention it
8/23/2023 6:50pm
We could use more Texas shaming around these parts.

Starts with a C ends with an O
8/24/2023 7:53pm
Title says it all...

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