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 Trailhead:  Nellie Creek
 Posted By:  backtothejack
 Date of Info:  8/12/2023
 Date Posted:  8/16/2023
Status Update
Drove up in a Subaru Outback Onyx (non-turbo) with after-market splash guards and echo the previous comment that the road is Subaru-able, if only just barely. If youre a confident driver, go slowly, and pick your lines carefully, your vehicle should sustain no more damage than a nice coating of mud. That said, an inexperienced or nervous driver could easily rack up thousands of dollars worth of damage, so go at your own risk and know that your mileage may vary. X-mode was a must and I couldnt imagine driving this road without that capability. I also concur with other commenters who say that if you can make it past the first section, you can make it to the top. The streams are rather shallow and were by far the easiest obstacle. Despite doing the improbable, I would never drive this road in my vehicle again because the margin for error is frighteningly slim and mathematically the risk compounds the more you attempt these things. If you consider hiking Uncompahgre to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, driving this road in a Subaru should similarly be a singular experience. Drive safely, keep your wits about you, and have fun.

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