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 Trailhead:  Nellie Creek
 Posted By:  L_Macalister
 Date of Info:  10/7/2022
 Date Posted:  10/10/2022
Status Update
We made it in an Xterra 4x4 with a couple bumps (probably my fault) but no issues. My first time up this road but compared to some pictures I looked at before I went, I'd say they've improved the road a bit. Some people have said this one is comparable to South Colony road. For me this was not true, I found SCR to be harder in my vehicle. The toughest parts here were the switchbacks right after both creek crossings. Tight and there are some big ruts and boulders on the inside of the corners. On the upper half there was a lot of mud in some places from some recent snowfall. Saw 6-8 other vehicles and a few sideby's over the weekend. There was one new Rav4 that I saw come up to the trailhead, heard them scrape a few times in the 100 yards that i could see them. So I'd say unless you don't care about scraping it's still higher clearance only to the trailhead.

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