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 Trailhead:  Capitol Creek
 Posted By:  Cide
 Date of Info:  8/13/2022
 Date Posted:  8/14/2022
Status Update
Trailhead can hold at least a couple dozen cars and on my trip it was filled completely. There is a tougher road above trailhead and another parking lot that had one vehicle in it. Someone mentioned a jeep or toyota rolled over going to that lot the other day.

Area property owners were surveying the parking lot when I got back to my vehicle. They state the parking area is used as a bathroom and they often find toilet paper in the surrounding area. There are wag bags but they state some people that ultimately use them...seal them and throw them back by the bin that holds the fresh ones. They state they are actively seeking Pitkin County help in permitting this peak.

So changes may occur at some point.

Comments or Questions
8/15/2022 8:18am
Can confirm how busy and full this lot was... And unfortunately can also confirm the TP around - pack it out people! Same with the wag bags - carry it out to a trash can at a gas station.

I didn't venture all the way up past the TH as the road was quite steep, and I didn't want to have to back down it, but I could see how someone may roll.

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