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 Trailhead:  Capitol Creek
 Posted By:  Chicago Transplant
 Date of Info:  7/14/2019
 Date Posted:  7/15/2019
Status Update
Road has been graded since the last time I was here (2015), and is generally a smooth dirt road with some large water diversion berms. Those and the steepness could challenge lower clearance or 2WD vehicles. Note that parking and turnaround space above the Hay Park trailhead is very limited.

Note that the creek ford to connect the Ditch Trail and Capitol Creek Trail is running about knee deep and must be waded across (no rocks or logs). If you don't want to ford the creek, the Capitol Creek Trail has a bridge but requires 400+ feet of elevation loss/gain at the trailhead to get down there and back up.

Climbed Haystack (12er), so no trail information beyond about 10,000', but to that point there is no snow, just some muddy patches.

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