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 Trailhead:  Loveland Pass
 Posted By:  Omatt89
 Date of Info:  6/1/2019
 Date Posted:  6/7/2019
Status Update
Started at 4am.. mostly dirt for the first .2 miles then light coating of wind blown snow. It was descently firm snowshoes helped. Made it to grizzly by sun up. Hiked in snowshoes entire time with snowboard on back and boarded down all the ridglines..(do this ). Saw many bootpacked paths.. Snow on griz going down was hard still. By 7am on torreys I ran into a few spots that caved away, I just re routed and made it up at 8am. Saw some gray clouds rolling in, didn't look to big so I boarded down the saddle to grays. Took the bootpacked switchbacks up grays fine. It was kind of shaded. Summited grays at 9am. Boarded down ridgline. They most fun. Back up torreys and back down other side.Was super woorried about making it back up the big face of griz facing torreys which sits in sun. Was blessed with some clouds and snowy weather patches. Made it back up griz fine around 11 or so. Hiked ridgline all the way back. Dropped in towards abasin at the safest most mellow spot and regretted it bc the snow was so slow and grippy. Got a hitchike up. Back to car at 120pm it was sunny and beautiful.. Cornices everywhere were huge...hit with 40 mph winds on way back at the end... dangerous.had to knell down at one point. That sucked. I took too long. I was lucky. Don't do what I did. The ridgeline is easy and safe to follow especially in the dark. If you go understand how many times your going to be going up and down each side of a giant mountain. However the riding and views are awesome. Start at 2 or 3am. The views of the stars and milky way are pretty much worth it.. Then before you know it You see the sunrise just after 5am....#wow.. Your above 12000 the whole way. Be in shape.


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